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4 comments on “How Do I Reactivate an Old Email Account?”

  1. @Betty,
    Something is off on your computer. You probably need to do a bunch of stuff like check for viruses, make sure that all updates have completed, clear your browser cache, etc.

    The easiest and quickest thing to do is download and try another browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

    Here’s an article from Leo on Clear browser cache

  2. If in order to reactivate your account Hotmail asks for a telephone number to which to send a reset code, don’t include the initial “0” (at least outside the US) or it won’t work: I’ve known people to be foxed for weeks by this…

  3. I got locked out of my Hotmail e-mail address for logging in using another IP address! And since I never lose my login credentials anyway I did not bother with trying to remember my security question or keeping my safety e-mail account. Hotmail is stupid. One of the reasons I mostly use e-mail addresses from is that they allow me to log in from any IP Address I want without them bothering me.

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