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Leo’s less formal, more random and occasional commentary on all things technology, business and Ask Leo! related, along with some philosophy at times as well.

In Search of Perfect Security

Perfect security is a myth. So what can you do? The solution is as simple as realizing that all security is a trade-off, and paying attention to the trade-offs you make.

The Death of the Security Question

Security questions, as a way of verifying your identity, are falling out of favor. I’ll review why, and what you should do as a result.

Encryption, Padlocks, and Back Doors

Government agencies are increasingly pushing for a “back door” to encryption. I’ll look at what that means, and why it’s such horrible idea.

An Update to My Internet Security Book

It’s time for me to update my book “The Ask Leo Guide to Internet Safety”. Now’s the time to let me know what you think should be emphasized, clarified or covered in the new edition!

Another reason I don’t do negative reviews

A site similar to Ask Leo! is being sued, and it reminds me of one of the (sad) reasons I don’t often do negative reviews.

Stopping Spam is Harder Than You Think

Spam is a much more complex, much more widespread, and much more global in nature than most people realize. All that adds up to it being VERY difficult to stop.

Let’s Talk About Ransomware32

Ransomware32 is the latest threat currently making news. It’s a toolkit for malware authors to make more malware more easily. I’ll discuss what I think you should do about it.

Does “End of Support” Mean “End of Life”?

With versions of Internet Explorer prior to 11 going out of support, I’ll review what that means, and make recommendations as to what steps you should take.

What Your Email Address Says About You

It’s not as bad as it once was, but which email provider and what email address you have can cause some to make assumptions about who you are and what you do, or don’t, know.

Keeping the Neighbors Out

A question I received reminded me of something important that everyone needs to do: secure their router.

2015 in Review

A look at the most popular Ask Leo! articles of 2015, as well as an overview of those that got the most comments (hint: you’ll nod your head in understanding on why one topic, more than any other, might generate so much discussion in 2015).

You Can Use Free Email Safely (But Most People Don’t)

Free email is popular, ubiquitous … and risky. Free email accounts are lost regularly with no hope of recovery. I’ll review how you can use free email accounts safely.

Your Windows 10 Experience – Survey Results

The results were quick and the trends were clear, so I closed the survey a little early to bring you the results.

Terminology Matters

When it comes to technology it seems like there’s a whole ‘nother language to learn. And yet, using the right terminology is important to getting yourself understood, and getting your questions answered and problems resolved.

Thank You! (For being here)

It’s Thanksgiving time around here, and I’m very, very thankful … for you!

Updating the Windows 10 Recommendation

I’m starting to detect what may be a patten in Windows 10 update failures. I’ll outline my current recommendation, and what steps, if any, you should take when updating to Windows 10.

Tip #5: Have Fun!

Five Tips to get the most out of your technology.
Tip #5: Have Fun! – You can, and if you choose to you’ll see that it helps make tips 1 through 4 even easier!

Tip #4: Stay Safe!

Five Tips to get the most out of your technology. Tip #4: Stay Safe – I discuss the most important security software you have.

Tip #3: Back Up!

Five Tips to get the most out of your technology. Tip #3: Back Up! (You knew this one was coming….)

Never Stop Learning

Five Tips to get the most out of your technology. Tip #2: Never Stop Learning

Coping with Change

The first in a video series “Five Tips to get the most out of your technology.” – Tip #1: Coping With Change

You’re Never Too Old!

“I’m Old” was a common comment in recent survey results. So? I talk a little about how that mindset might get in the way of the incredible opportunities technology presents…

Can I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been out for 2 months. Is it time to upgrade? Maybe not….

Reflections on life

Some reflections on life resulting from the untimely deaths of two of my internet entrepreneurial friends.

Coping With Change

In processing just a few of the responses to my survey of a few weeks ago it’s apparent that dealing with change is a bigger issue now than ever. Unfortunately since I embrace change so readily it leaves me at a disadvantage trying to help people cope. That’s where you come in.

Jumping to Conclusions

I’ve noticed a couple of patterns in the questions I get, and both boil down to a form of jumping to the wrong conclusions.

What Makes Ask Leo! Different?

I’ve been doing Ask Leo! for over 12 years now. What is it that makes Ask Leo! different?

My Turn: a Question for You!

This week, I have a question for you!

The Magical Power of CTRL+S

TV and movie computer users are often clearly fake. There’s one key sequence (CTRL+S) that identifies the all-too-experienced computer user.

Chomping at the bit for Windows 10

In anticipation of Windows 10 people are falling into three camps: never-ever, patiently waiting, and OMG!!!!. I have some advice for the OMG! crowd.

Change for the Sake of Change?

I hear often from people complaining that the latest update to their favorite software is just “change for the sake of change”. No. Simply …. no.

Why Tech Support is like Buddhism

There’s a not-that-surprising parallel between tech support professionals and Buddhism.

Knowledge is Power

You have a problem. You want an answer. But what you need may be something more…

A Peek Behind the Curtain

A little peek behind my video curtain as I describe my video recording set up & my office…

What is it about YouTube and comments?

Youtube comments seem to bring out the absolute worst in humanity. I’ll explain the approach I’m taking to my Youtube videos.

Answers to a couple of questions I asked

I asked, and you responded! In one case things went pretty much as I expected, but in another, a jest turned into a landslide.

Facebook Fan Friday Fallout

Facebook Fan Friday comes to an end, thanks to Facebook. The question is, what, if anything, to do instead?

What Backup Program do You Use?

I find myself looking for a new candidate backup program to add to my stable of recommendations – and you can help!

How Can It Be Safe to Give My Information To Anyone?

Based solely on news reports, we might never leave the house, much less go online. I’ll review why that kind of thinking is opportunity lost, and how to stay safe.

Would You Give Your Wallet to a Stranger?

Many people seem more than willing to let a complete stranger access their computer. Honestly? It’s safer to just give them your wallet.

What Those Words Mean

You can still register for my free video series “What Those Words Mean”, featuring lots of good information to help clarify some of the confusion around backups.

Lots of Feedback on Backing Up

I asked what was preventing you from backing up. Boy, did I get responses! One theme? Terminology is a problem. Let’s fix that!

A Different Approach to a Book About Backing Up

My recent survey kinda depressed me, but I have hope. My next book tries a different approach to writing about backing up – and you can help!

On Reducing Email: Do You Really Need to Reply?

One way to reduce the amount of email you get is to reduce the amount you send. One way to do that? Think twice before replying.

If You Hated Windows 8 … Give Windows 10 a Chance

Many seem to be forming opinions on Windows 10 without having seen it, based solely on their (often limited) experience with Windows 8. That’s just wrong.

May I Share a Link to Your Post?

Do you need to ask permission to share a link? No. Do you need to ask permission to share content? Probably; I’ll explain.

Everything is Awesome!

A movie I watched recently reminded me: we are surrounded by awesome. I need to do a better job of reminding myself, and you, of all the awesomeness I see.

Why do People Create Free Software?

Free software exists for many different reasons, ranging from pure altruism to pure deceit. I’ll review some of the other reasons as well.

Let’s Get More People to Back Up

Nothing can prevent or side-step issues like properly configured backups. In this overview I want to encourage more people to back up. You can help.

Why I (No Longer) Avoid BitLocker

BitLocker is fine encryption if used properly. The problem is that it’s too easy for the average user to skip steps that could result in data loss.