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Giving Thanks

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13 comments on “Giving Thanks”

  1. Thank you Leo for all the support and help you’ve provided over the past years.
    Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving too!

  2. Right back at you. Your informative posts and direct support have been a great source of knowledge about all things technical that we deal with every day.
    I don’t know exactly how many people I have pointed at your web site for information on their problems.
    Thanks again for all you do.
    I want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that is using AD-BLOCK ………. to turn it off for the ASK LEO urls
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  3. I look forward to your weekly emails, you always provide information in a clear manner that is easy for us non-techies to understand. And you provide good info on how to keep us safe as we surf the net! Keep up the good work!

    Hope you and your family have a nice and Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Leo,

    Yours is one of my go-to sites to learn unbiased tech information. Simply put, I trust what you say. Please consider that I huge compliment.

    Midwest Guy

  5. I really do appreciate your generous spirit in helping those of us less techy folks find the answers we often don’t have the ability to find on our own. Thanks Leo, and God bless you

  6. Hi Leo,
    Through your newsletters I feel I almost know you. Over the years I’ve had not just the benefit of your knowledge, but also the pleasure of your company. That’s something to be thankful for.

  7. From and aged priest in Australian Anglicare Residential Care I send my thanks for all the enlightenment I have received from your Ask Leo each week. I still do much research on theological and philosophical and archaeological fields and your tips and PC guidance have helped me to gain some skill with this ‘modern’
    Thank you, Leo; keep up you PC teaching ‘vocation’!
    Canon Emeritus,
    Fr Peter W Patterson

  8. Hi Leo,

    I have always enjoy your videos and have learned a lot from you. My wife and I live in rural Alaska (-10 out right now) and we don’t make it to the city more than once or twice a month. We moved here from Houston 8 years ago after living all over the lower 48 during my career as an engineer. Now we do all our socializing on the internet, especially with family in Texas and friends scattered all over the states. I agree completely with your statement “I see technology bringing us together in ways that we’ve never been brought together before”. I would have lost track of many friends without the internet and social sites.

    Prior to finding your site I never backed up. Ever. And I was lucky and never had a crash. But out here there’s no one to turn to if the computer crashes or I get hacked. I’ve installed Macrium Reflect on all our laptops and now backup religiously. We have everything on our computers. All our home videos, photos, music and documents. I now feel secure that I’ve done everything I can to keep our data safe and don’t have to rely on some “geeky squad” if one of our computers crash. Sure, I may have to drive into Anchorage and buy new parts or even a new laptop but I know my data is safe. After I left my last job in Anchorage where I regularly backed up my work desktop I had to go into one of those images to recover some of my data and it worked like a charm. I couldn’t do a fully recovery on my home laptop but didn’t need to, just wanted select documents.

    Anyway, I’m rambling longer than intended so I’ll just say thank you for your site and all the great articles you’ve had. What you do matters. It really does. Please keep up the great work.


  9. Greetings Leo,
    Many many heartfelt thanks for your assistance over the past years with every sort computing query.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a great (and prosperous) 2017
    Best regards Rick Hollinshead

  10. While I cannot disagree with any of your thoughts, at Thanksgiving my thoughts do not go to business. I am most grateful for family, friends, and to live in a country where we have the opportunity to be free. That is what I am thankful for at Thanksgiving. And yes, thanks for the great advise on computer management, I have learned a lot from your columns. you are the best at what you do.

  11. Me too, I’m terribly grateful for your skilled lessons, dear Leo. I’m almost 80 but I’m still keeping reading all your newsletters eagerly. Thank you for your wonderful work!


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