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Are You Always Learning?

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17 comments on “Are You Always Learning?”

  1. One Word ? No need for it to be a known word is there ? No – so how about—-


    There have been times, many of them, when only your explanations have saved my sanity and my work and from which I have learnt a lot more.
    Thanks Leo. Don’t give up and Never Give in.

  2. One word? “Techno-Therapist”. If you think about it, most Therapists (at least the few I’ve met) went through their own therapy, where they worked through whatever emotional issues that had plagued them. As a result, they were drawn to use what they learned to help others. And they are good at it because they had experiences similar to their clients. In my experiences with technology, it’s not necessarily the Microsoft Trained Tech who has been the most help to me. But rather it’s the guy/gal who has run into similar problems and discovered one or more solutions.

  3. Openmindedskepticism. That’s my word. :D

    And since you mentioned it in the video — My impression of the side-angle camera shots is that they’re distracting. Visually they only make sense when there is an interviewer present. Just my 2 cents… As always I appreciate your content and your spirit of experimentation.

  4. I will always remember a comment from a classmate, when we graduated from college many years ago. After he got his diploma. He commented “ I finally reached the point where I don’t have to learn anything anymore”.

    I replied to him that the primary purpose of a formal education was to teach us how to learn, and continue learning.

    In my early school years. We had the three R’s, reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic ( some spelling license was taken).

    For years, I’ve preached the three L’s for seniors – Laughing, Loving, and Learning. It is unfortunate that most seniors don’t want the last “L”, which is a mistake.

    I feel that “Learning” is as important now as it always has been. I’m 90, and every day, I make sure I learn something, usually more than one thing. And I try to convince others how important that is.

  5. My One Word – Curious. My grandpa told me, back when I was but a lad, “Pat, you’d take apart a concrete block to see what makes it tick.” I replied, “Grandpa, if it’s ticking, I want to know why.”

  6. One Word: “Geek” And proudly so. :-)

    The two camera setup is good, but I recommend you turn to the camera that’s recording. With the side shot, it’s disconcerting to see you talking to somebody else.

  7. My “one word” is a simple phrase that everyone understands during conversation and pretty much tells them what and how I feel on some subject. That phrase is “Frankly……….Scarlott”. They just automatically finish the sentence for me and laugh. You made a very fine post and video Brother Leo.

  8. The phrase that I use is: “Keep Moving.” I think of it as Keep Moving Forward. It applies to all that I do. Whether it by my role as instructor (which requires learning on an almost daily basis), or my desire to remain healthy. Even to my technology needs. Do I back up? Yes! I have 4 internal drives in my PC, 1 a 1T SSD and 3, 4T hard drives. All backed up to 4 external drives. I have had too many HD failures over the years, and learned he lesson the hard way. No more!
    Thanks for all you do, I enjoy reading your answers and watching your videos. There is always something new to learn.

  9. What Leo does is sustainable on virtually every level: Socially, economically, et al, etc. times anything educationally conceivable found by, through, on, or of a computer (or computing device, and I know I’m leaving Leo short on even more things sustainably affected by him in positive ways). So, my phrase is “Vegan for Life”, because it is my top sustainable action ( helps); and only positive, sustainable actions will preserve a world for kids.

  10. I think that I would us the same phrase “always learning” as my lifelong summation of one of my characteristics. I really enjoyed the video and your thoughts.

  11. The single word most important to me as to how I plan, decide, and act is “skeptical”. (“Curious” is a close second.) Hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive emails – too many from those who should know better – that are obviously untrue and patently absurd. In this age of immediately-accessible information, why anyone with an ounce of curiosity or skepticism would send me such garbage is a reflection of their intelligence and an insult to mine. Even sadder is that they get quite defensive if you point out the error(s). No “thank you for setting me straight” from them – they’d rather remain ignorant.

  12. My one word is: Learning! My Grandfather, Wm T. Harms, sat me on his lap and we paged through “Popular Mechanics” back in the ’30’s. That started my life long love of learning. Over the years, I have realize that I am happiest when I am learning something new. And that is just the way it is. Thanks Leo for all the new things I have learned about computers.

  13. A few dayas ago I remembered your blog about how you would describe yourself. Well I am solving problems, whatever. And then I remembered the teacher of my 10 years old sister at that time, some 60 years ago, who told me, she never bebore met someone like me, who collected methods to solve problems. At that time I thought it to be just normal behaviour. To say it in one word, I would not know.

  14. My word is “explore.” I am totally blind so access the computer via a screen reader. A screen reader is a program which conveys screen content through synthesized speech, and the screen reader I use is JAWS. It is amazing and, at times, frustrating, how JAWS interacts, or fails to interact, with my applications. When JAWS can or does not read something, the content is “gone” … to me. I always have to remember this when facing computer issues.


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