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Windows XP Home or XP Pro?

Windows XP Home or XP Pro?

I get this question fairly often. It’s not immediately clear to most what the differences are between the two.

The big bullet features that Windows XP Pro includes that Home does not are:

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  • Remote Desktop
  • Encrypting File System
  • Multi-Processor support

In my opinion, Remote Desktop is worth its weight in gold. XP Pro is my default recommendation for almost everyone.

Microsoft does provide a more detailed comparison at Windows XP: Which Edition Is Right for You?.

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23 comments on “Windows XP Home or XP Pro?”

  1. >The big bullet features that Windows XP Pro
    >includes that Home does not are… System
    >Restore & Device Driver Roll-Back

    XP home *does* include system restore and device driver rollback, as you can see in . The article you linked to was referring to XP Pro’s inclusion of a backup program, thereby providing the “more robust options for backing up and restoring data” the article referres to (sytem restore does not backup your data, only system files).

  2. Could you help me with my screen graphics–i had a hard drive problem and had to format the hole drive with a new O.S i had XP home and a back up disc but the disc was damaged so i used XP pro gold had to start all over again finding drivers and all that i have the latest updates for my nvidia card and usb drives E.T.C.

    The problem is my screen res is crap if i play a game its great it’s just my desktop and the way it looks serfing- it is set to 800 by 600 32 bit color!

    my pc speck is
    3.0 GHz 150 hard drive
    1024 ddr
    nvidia geforce FX 5200

    thanks in advance
    for any help

  3. I read that XP Pro does not require registering with a key number when installing whereas XP Home does. Is this correct?

  4. I have windows xp and want to change my true colour from true 16-bit to 32-bit but cant because i only have 16 and 24.What do i need to do to change this

  5. If I understand your question correctly: that’s a function of your graphics card. You’ll need a graphics card / video adapter that supports 32bit.

  6. My xp pro disc is damaged and I cant install it I am always building (messing with) new PCs and never kept my disc in its case I tryed to repair it but its still messed up Microsoft wants 30 bucks to send me a copy but I think thats a rip
    after all I already bought the thing can you help
    I have a cd key all I need is a copy op xp pro ??

  7. I am trying to figure out the file diffrences between xp home and pro actual file diffrences like startup file ect. can you help me i cant find else whear. thanks

  8. >Remote Desktop
    >Encrypting File System
    >Multi-Processor support
    >In my opinion, Remote Desktop is worth it’s weight in gold. XP Pro is my default recommendation for almost everyone.
    In my opinion I will use LOGMEIN for free to do remote desktop – goes through most firewalls and does not need proxies like XP Pro does.

    Dont need encrypted files
    I will save over $60 for each machine I build.
    XP Home is just fine…
    So what is the difference between the two versions? $60… thats it.

  9. hello i needed to know the diffrence in windows xp and xp home edition what maked the two os so diffrent? not just the price but the one that would be better for me to run a business on at home?

  10. XP home can only network maximum 4 computers. XP pro = at least 64. An important issue for small business and, indeed, many homes!

  11. dear sir,

    i lost xp home edition cd key before installation, if there is any way to view cdkey from cd please inform.

  12. when i log onto explorer my computer slows way down and then a bunch of screens pop up and freeze.why is this?how do i fix this problem?


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