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The End is Near!

The World Won’t End!

I reflect on the realization that Windows XP’s end-of-support date came and went and nothing happened, and the implications of that for Windows 10’s end of support.

Merging Partitions

Can I Make C: Bigger by Taking Space From D:?

Changing the layout of the hard disk make the C: partition bigger requires a few steps and occasionally special tools.

Change what ... does

Tip of the Day: Control Your Laptop Buttons

Risks Ahead

What Does “Unsupported Software” Really Mean?

“Unsupported software” can refer to different things. I’ll review variations on the theme and revisit the question of whether unsupported software can be used safely.

CHKDSK needing to be run on reboot.

Where Do I Find CHKDSK Results After a Reboot?

CHKDSK must sometimes be run at boot time. I’ll show you where to find those CHKDSK results.

Move, Copy, Make a Shortcut

Tip of the Day: Move, Copy, or Create Shortcut

SFC - The System File Checker

SFC: the System File Checker – How to Run It and Why

The System File Checker is a little-known, simple-to-run command-line program. It validates that Window’s operating files are undamaged.

Save As Location

Tip of the Day: Where Does Save Save?

Windows File Explorer

Tip of the Day: View the Full Path in Windows File Explorer

Hide the TaskBar

Tip of the Day: Hide the Taskbar

Sendto Notepad

Tip of the Day: SendTo Notepad

Hotspot List in CMD

Tip of the Day: View Remembered Wireless Networks in Command Prompt

Remove the FAX

Tip of the Day: Dump the Fax

How To Keep Using Windows 7 Safely After Support Ends

How To Keep Using Windows 7 Safely After Support Ends

Yes, it’ll be possible to keep using Windows 7 after it’s no longer supported. However, doing so safely will depend on you.


Tip of the Day: The PSTools Suite of Command Line Tools

Windows File Explorer

Tip of the Day: Restart Explorer


Tip of the Day: Get Speccy

The End is Near!

Hey! The World Didn’t End!

I reflect on the sudden realization that Windows XP’s end-of-support date came and went in April 2014 and… nothing happened.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Is Microsoft Security Essentials supported on XP or not?

Microsoft Security Essentials is throwing scary warning messages now that Windows XP support has come to an end. How serious is the problem that MSE is alerting you to?

Will April 9, 2014 be a Very Bad Day for Windows XP Users?

Will April 9, 2014 be a Very Bad Day for Windows XP Users?

Prior to the end of support for Windows XP some are concerned that malware authors are sitting on a pile of malware ready to be unleashed that targets it.


What Email Program Should I Use After Outlook 2003?

There is an easy solution, and a not-so-easy solution. It’s going to depend on how much money you want to spend.

Windows XP

What to Do About Windows XP

I recently posted a video summarizing my opinion of the options available to those who are currently using Windows XP, and those who plan to continue using it past its end-of-support date.

Windows XP

What about all those cash machines running Windows XP?

The end of support for Windows XP could create security concerns way beyond personal machines. What about banks, and small business systems?

Windows XP

Windows XP Must Die! Long Live Windows XP!

Windows XP’s time is coming to an end. Like it or not, it’s time to move on. If you can’t (or won’t), I have some advice for you.

Cutting the Cord

Could I just keep using XP for storing pictures and playing games?

Limiting the use of an old XP machine could make it less vulnerable. Heck, you could just turn the computer off to keep it safe… but how useful is that going to be?

Windows XP

Will Existing Updates Still Be Available after Windows XP Support Ends?

Someday, Windows XP critical update files will cease to be available. You can continue to use them as long as they are available, and I’ll show you a permanent solution.

Windows XP

Will Windows XP Keep Working after Support Ends?

The end of support for Windows XP means that Microsoft will no longer be issuing security updates. But there are ways to continue using an older machine safely.

How do I defragment a hard drive on Windows XP?

Defragmenting a hard drive absolutely has its place. There are several ways to get to the controls in Windows XP.

How Do I Copy Preinstalled Software To Another Machine?

Yet another reason I so strongly recommend making sure that you get installation CDs for all the software that comes pre-installed on any new machine. There are just so many scenarios where no having that can be a really big pain. Like this one.

How Can I Control The Size Of My Start Menu?

The Start Menu can grow over time to be exceptionally large. Armed with a little knowledge there are easy steps to control or organize its contents.

How do I get the entire Programs menu to always display?

Well, I think I get what you’re asking about. But even if I’m a little off, what I’m about to explain actually covers several things. In fact, most people don’t realize that there’s a plethora of customization options related to the Start menu.

How Do I Get Administrative Privileges on Windows XP?

If you have the password for the administrator account, you can easily elevate any other login account to have administrator privileges.