How Can I Make the Text on My Screen Larger?

I am “old” <grin> … so I need to use a magnifying glass to read a lot of the screen words. I suppose that they are in a six or eight-point font. Can I make the screen text larger? Say to a 10- or 12-point font?

I know how you feel. My eyes aren’t all they used to be either.

The good news is, it’s actually easy to make the fonts bigger, though the setting is often well hidden.

The bad news is, it’s also easy to do the wrong thing and end up with something that seems better, but isn’t.

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How Do I Print Pictures from Websites So They Look Good?

I would like to know the simplest way to print a small to medium image from a web page and have it print out as a crisp picture to fit an 8-1/2″ by 11″ sheet.

This is a simple question that turns out to have both a very simple and a fairly complex answer.

The simple answer: you can’t. Not most of the time, and not with what you’re asking for.

The complex answer, of course, is: it depends.

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How Do Pixels and DPI and Resolution and Picture Size and File Size All Relate?

Please explain the relationship between bytes (resolution), pixels (understood as size), and dpi (e.g. 300 dpi resolution for printing purposes). I need to explain to colleagues at work why their reports uploaded to our website take so long to download – because they are too big and contain many high res photographs and pdfs!

It can be very confusing.

Understanding some of the details about how photographs are stored on disk, how they are displayed, and how they are printed, can allow you to make a dramatic difference in the size of documents, web pages, emails, and more.

The details aren’t horrific but they can be a little confusing if a couple of fundamentals are skipped, especially because there are two different types of “size.”

So, I’ll start with the fundamentals.

It all starts with pixels.

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Will My Old CRT Work with a New Computer?

I have a Compaq Presario that I purchased new in 2006, which came preloaded with Windows XP. Due to the loss of support for Windows XP, I’m looking to purchase a new computer, but with limited funds available at the moment. My question is this; if I do purchase a new CPU from HP, will my current CRT type monitor still be able to work with a newer computer?

First of all, be aware the term “CPU” actually refers to only one chip that’s inside the box. We typically refer to that box that I think that you call CPU as “the computer” and the external monitor, “the monitor”.

Will the old monitor work? Well, quite probably. It’s not an unreasonable scenario at all.

I’ll review what you need to look for and what you might be missing out on.

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Is There Software that Will Transform Poor Quality Images and Videos?

Hi, Leo. I’ve recently come across a number of apps that claim they will transform your poor quality media files into a higher quality format, such as HD for video files. Now, I don’t know enough to say that it’s just not possible, but I do remember a golden rule from my photography days. If it isn’t on the film from the start, no matter how skilled you are in the dark room, it won’t be on the print in the end. That was in relation to the exposure in the film; if you don’t expose the film sufficiently to form an image, then all was lost. Surely, this implies to computer files also. Or am I missing something?

Fundamentally, you are absolutely correct. You can only have so much information in an image. When you take a picture, that is all you have. You can’t enhance it to create more information than what’s in the existing image.

It really annoys me when a police drama on TV has a scene where somebody enlarges an image and zooms in on a tiny area… to find that area is now all of a sudden enhanced and crystal clear.

In real life, it just doesn’t work that way. Still, there are some things that can be done. Let me talk about that for a minute.

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Why Does My Monitor Stretch and Distort My Display?

Do all widescreen monitors distort and stretch the image out sideways? If so, I will sell my monitor and get a smaller one, but I suspect a new video card might cure my problem. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from any computer store and I’ve called a bunch. Can you please recommend a video card for me to buy? I have a new low-end Lenovo desktop PC. I don’t do any gaming; I just want a card that can display images on my new 27-inch widescreen monitor at the recommended 1920 x 1080 resolution without the image looking all distorted and stretched out sideways like it does now. My current video card will not support 1920 x 1080 resolution. It’s now set at 1280 x 960. I do have all of the latest drivers installed for both monitor and video card, but that didn’t help.

The fact that your video card doesn’t support 1920 x 1080 is the root of the problem here.

The issue is something called aspect ratio.

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Troubleshooting Computer Monitor Problems: the Sideways Stretch


I’ve installed 22″ flat screen Optiquest Q2201wb monitor to replace my several-year-old 17″ CRT ViewSonic E771 monitor. Everything seems stretched out sideways: the icons on my desktop are now rectangular instead of square; all the letters in my posts seem wider; the people on the screen seem shorter and fatter; etc.

My neighbor thinks I need to replace the video card(?) in my computer tower. Is this true? Need I do any other things to accommodate the change in monitors. If ‘Yes’, can you tell me what to do and if they’re things I can do rather than taking the tower to the shop where I got it?

I’ve seen this computer monitor problem myself. In fact, if I so choose, I can make that problem happen on my computer monitors without much effort.

Naturally, I choose not to.

The good news is that it is, likely, just that – a choice. But exactly what choice depends on the capabilities of your monitor and your video card.

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My window is too large and wider than my screen. How do I resize it back?


Something was downloaded to my computer while I was away this week. (My husband probably thought it was ok.) Now when I open an email thru Outlook it’s huge – it goes way off the screen to the right. I don’t know how to resize this or fix this.

Can you please tell me in simple one and two syllable words just what to do?

Oh, those husbands. Can’t leave ’em alone for a minute, much less a week.

The too-wide window could be the result of a download, but it’s also possible that it’s not his fault. Even though it’s not supposed to, sometimes it can happen for other reasons. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to fix.

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