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How Can I Make the Text on My Screen Larger?

There’s a right way and a wrong way.

There are several ways to adjust the size of text and items on your screen.
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Increasing Text Size
I am “old” <grin> … so I need to use a magnifying glass to read a lot of words on the screen. I suppose that they are in a six or eight-point font. Can I make the screen text larger? Say to a 10- or 12-point font?

I know how you feel. My eyes aren’t all they used to be either.

The good news is, it’s easy to make the fonts bigger, though the setting is often well hidden.

The bad news is, it’s also easy to do the wrong thing and end up with something that seems better but isn’t.

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Increasing text size

  • Windows 10 & 11 allows you to change the scaling of everything displayed on screen.
  • CTRL+ and CTRL- work in many apps, like email and web browsers, to make text larger and smaller.
  • Changing screen resolution is not a useful way to make text bigger.

The wrong thing

Changing the screen resolution isn’t helpful in this regard.

In the past, this was an approach that worked fairly well on CRT-style monitors. With the rise of LCD screens, running at anything other than the screen’s native resolution can have unintended consequences.

For example, let’s say your display is capable of handling a resolution of 1920×1200. That’s its native resolution, meaning there are physically 1920 dots or pixels across and 1200 dots up and down on the screen. It’s the resolution at which it works best.

To make things appear larger, you then change the resolution that Windows uses to 1280×1024. Either of two things will happen:

  • The 1280×1024 image will be stretched by the monitor to fill the 1920×1200 pixels that make up the display. You’ll note that’s not an even multiple, so the display now has to “stretch” each pixel that Windows gives it across 1.5 pixels horizontally and 1.17 pixels vertically. Because there’s no such thing as a part of a pixel, the monitor just does its best, often resulting in images that are indeed larger but also significantly fuzzier.
  • The 1280×1024 image won’t be larger at all; instead, it will be centered by the monitor using 1280×1024 physical pixels on the screen and surrounded by a black border of unused pixels.

Neither effect is great and can make the situation worse.

Fortunately, there is a different approach.

The right thing: scaling

In Windows 10 and 11, right-click on your desktop and click Display Settings. In the resulting page of the settings app, you’ll find settings for the screen resolution — which we’re not going to change — and something called scaling.

Windows 10 Scale and Layout
Windows 10 scale and layout settings. (Screenshot:

(In Windows 7, right-click on your desktop and click Screen Resolution. Click Make text and other items larger or smaller for a roughly equivalent DPI setting.)

This setting changes the size of everything, including text. For comparison, here are 150% (the default/recommended setting for my display) and 250% side by side.

Scaling example in Windows 10
Scaling example in Windows 10. Click for larger image. (Screenshot:

When you make this setting change, you may need to log out and then log back in to Windows before it is fully applied.

Advanced settings

If the scaling options aren’t enough or the results look wrong, click on Advanced scaling settings (directly underneath the scaling drop-down). There are two settings to experiment with.

Advanced Scaling settings in Windows 10
Advanced scaling settings in Windows 10. Click for larger image. (Screenshot:

“Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry” does exactly that. If you’re experiencing blurry text, I know of no downside to turning this on.

“Custom scaling” lets you enter a scaling factor that may not have otherwise been available in the recommended dropdown.


This concept of scaling what’s displayed on the screen has been a component of Windows for a long time. Applications aren’t supposed to ignore the setting, and most do not. Most play by the rules.


Unfortunately, you may encounter an application where the scaling setting is used inconsistently or has no effect. Blame the application; it’s not playing by the rules.

And finally, if you make things too big, you may get a warning from Windows that the setting may make some things inaccessible. For example, if things are scaled so large that a dialog box is too big to fit on the screen, its OK and Cancel buttons may not be visible. That’s something you’ll simply need to compensate for. Either go back and reduce the scaling, or determine if there’s another way to accomplish what you want without having things appear off-screen.


Many, many people have commented that they use the CTRL key and + or – to make text larger or smaller, respectively (or use CTRL plus the mouse wheel).

This is a very effective approach when it works.

CTRL+ and CTRL- are not a part of Windows. They are a convention that some applications — most notably web browsers — choose to implement.

But they don’t affect the size of text in other applications or in Windows itself. The techniques outlined above are about making everything — regardless of what program you are running — larger (or smaller).

That being said, CTRL+ and CTRL- (and CTRL with the mouse wheel) are very convenient as long as all you care about is the webpage or email you’re viewing.

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123 comments on “How Can I Make the Text on My Screen Larger?”

  1. This does not work well if you have a laptop because laptops are kind of locked into the screen resolution. But if you have a desktop or tower PC you might want to also try changing the screen resolution to a smaller number.

    In Windows XP,
    Control Panel
    “Settings” tab

    In the bottom left corner of the screen is the “screen resolution” slider. Slide the button to the left, or “less” side. For example if it is set to 1280×1024, try sliding it to 1024×768 and hit apply. If everything is still too small, try sliding it to 800×600 and hit apply. This will make everything much bigger onscreen. This solution solves this problem for 99% of users.

    A lot of today’s laptops are build with “native” resolution of 1600×1200 or higher, which makes everything so terribly tiny! This works really well for folks who want very detailed game screens when playing games, but it makes it terribly hard to do real work (in my opinion) for us old folks because the text and windows are so darn tiny! The “screen resolution” slider can help on laptops, but it also can cause everything to be kind of blurry once you change a laptop screen away from the built in “optimal” resolution. But worth a try!

    This is why when Kathleen and I bought our new dell laptops recently we stuck with XGA (or WXGA) resolution. We don’t play games and need our text crisp and large!

    Hope this helps,

    • I find it easier to hold down the Ctrl button and roll thr scroll wheel fwd to elnarge the fonts or backwards for smaller font. Works the same on very web page.


      • Agreed! If you don’t have a 3- button mouse with a center thumbwheel, I highly suggest getting one.
        They’re cheep now and the extra functionality you get is well worth the tiny investment.

    • This is the method that Leo explains in the paragraph after the heading The Wrong Thing.
      The computer has to split the pixels that you want to see across a number of screen pixels. Unless you happen to use a resolution that is EXACTLY an integer division (1/2) of the screen’s resolution, it inherently makes for a more fuzzy picture than the resolution that you set it to.
      Read the remainder of Leo’s article to see how to make things larger without making it fuzzy.
      If you have a monitor on your desk, get a larger monitor with the same resolution.

      FYI: I am past the age where I could retire and have worn glasses since the early 60’s. I use a standard 23″ 1080 monitor but temporarily (to test it for special work) am using a 43″ 4K monitor. The pixels on a 23″ 4K monitor would be too small to be useful.

  2. With regards to browsers and not to pour gas on the fire but Firebird has a wonderful function that ignores the stylesheet and infinitely scales text (you can make it so one letter fills your screen if you like) with a quick [ctrl] [mouse wheel]. IE will not scale if font sizes are hard coded in pixels which leads me my next point and pet peeve. I urge developers and designers not to use pixel units for font-size and instead use ems which are based on percentages of user’s text size settings and not restricted by monitor resolution. As a former print designer I understand the frustration of web design never looking exactly as you intend across all platforms and browsers. But more the reason not to bother with trying to hard code font size especially with the popularity of Firefox taking off. I won’t even go into the 90s design craze of turning all text elements into graphics of miniscule bitmappy fonts. All that careful font hinting by typographers for naught.

    On the bright side web designers are wising up. For more info on the W3’s Web Accessibility Initiative

  3. Don’t forget about the accessability viewer – Hit Windows-U and it allows you to start the magnifier tool. The magnifier sits on top of the monitor and shows a magnified version of the screen around the cursor. It’s not perfect (and it recommends you get a professional mangnification tool), but it’s something.

  4. Ever since i studily fiddled around with the remove and add programs section, i seem to have deleted some key functions of my computers appearance, everything seem visually larger, more hazzier, a bit irritating as well, as were all used to with the sharp crystal clear images and fonts.

    Please help me.

  5. Hey, I need help Leo!

    I changed the Screen Resolution on my computer and now when I turn it on, it goes black, is there anyway to change it back?

    Please tell me there is a way…


  6. I believe that if you boot into safe mode, it will use a resolution that will work. You can then change the resolution that should apply when you reboot in regular mode.


  8. The change DPI setting as outlined in the article should do it for you.

    Many websites do not support the font-size setting in Internet Explorer. But the DPI setting in Windows should still work.

  9. I have a Dell laptop. I can get a somewhat acceptable font, however, I cannot change the font on the AOl. The letter are extremely small and now even the “News” window (page openned to)have the letters extremely small.

    Thank you,

  10. I am a senior lady of 86. I recently had a problem with my computer and had a couple of “experts” [friends] in to help me. I could do every thing but SEND. The last person filled my whole screen with the result that all the printing top and bottom is now so small I can hardly read it. Johanna Tait

  11. hello please help
    i changed the screen resolution and now my screen is blank when i start the computer back up.please help how do i get my screen back?

  12. I just bought an HP pavillion desktop media center PC. I’m having a problem with the text on all pages being too small. There has to be a way to make the writing big enough to read without all this eye strain. Can you help me? Iv’e gone to contro;l panel but there is no settings tab.

  13. My DPI setting is greyed out. I am running XP Pro SP 2 on an 32MB ATI Graphics Adapter.

    Please help, Can i change the seeting in the Windows Reg Program?

    Many thanks

  14. Once I visited a site that had small text, hard to read. There was a button on the screen to click if you wanted bigger text. I click the button and the fonts increased in size making it easier to read. All the text on the page was bigger. I wrote the site’s name down but lost it. I m now doing some web sites and thinks this would be a good idea if a person that had some site problem. I look at the view source and it looked like the HTML code made the text get bigger. At the time I could not understand it. So I wondering it there were two pages, one with small text and one with larger text. I was going to borrow the HTML code for the this text in-largement thing. Has any one see this or do you know how to do it or where I can find the code.

  15. To increase the font readability: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Accessibility Wizard. In the Accessibility Wizard, click: Next, then choose the text size you desire.

  16. I tried all that you suggessted. Some areas have improved, but the fonts in my email and web sites are still too small to read. (As is this that I’m typing now). I had the same problem on my Dell Laptop, but solved it by pressing 2 keys – FN F7 – I don’t see anything like that on my desktop.

  17. and my 2and againstI read the article and I am thrilled that this can be done. I have Macular Degeneration and I am determined to use my computer.Yiy dud notmention “vISTA. willyour suggestions work on this or are there other things to do with it.My 2 sons ere against me buying a computer becaauase of my eyesight and I sure would like to show them that the font can be enlarged Thank yooooooooou for your hlp…I hope it can help mePlease excussse the typos)

    Hash: SHA1

    Windows Vista has the same tools, though occasionally by different names and in
    slightly different location. The DPI setting is in the display settings still,
    though, and tools like Windows Magnifier are under Start->All
    Programs->Accessories->Ease Of Access.

    Good luck!


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


    Hash: SHA1

    Depends entirely on what email program you use to compose
    your email. Begin by making sure you’re using HTML or “Rich”
    formatted email, and most will have a toolbar that allows
    you to select the text and make it bold.

    But like I said, the specifics depend on what program you’re


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  20. the new screen has a column for hotmail, then a column for contents of message, except that column is so narrow cant read it properly and no way to enlarge that area. Our we stuck with this? It is certainly not an improvement.

  21. DPI setting does not affect “everything”, least not on Windows XP up to SP3. Some programs just ignore it, leaving some small non-scaleable text areas to struggle on with (e.g. HTML messages in Outlook and Outlook Express). Is the only proper fix to change apps, e.g. Thunderbird and Firefox…?

  22. I am subscribed to ”ask Leo”..but never asked this question. I would like you to e-mail me the answer if possible.I can make my fonts bigger to write a letter, and it also comes in an e-mail answer the way I set it. What I can’t change is eg: the game free cell….I can’t make it bigger’s so small to see the cards..same with any writing besides not ok.. Can you understand what I’m trying to explain? Thanks…Lorrie

  23. Great !! I hit some wrong buttons yesterday and the text wasn’t fitting in my screen anymore…small fonts and the result was a headache, i have been searching in my PC for over an hour untill i gave up. AFterwards i just googled the probelm and i found the answer on your page CTRL +…that simple life can be ;-) thx a zillion

  24. This article was somewhat helpful to me; I tried the Custom setting and increased it from Large (125%) to 150%. But what I really wanted to find is if it’s possible to tell webpages that use serif fonts (like Times New Roman) that I really want them to use sans-serif fonts (like Arial). I find serif fonts much harder to read even when I increase the font size dramatically.

    BTW, I use Firefox.

  25. You can get an add on for Firefox called No Squint. I had the same problem. Got tired of adjusting the size on every page. Now it’s all the same. Hope this helps.

  26. Thank you so much. Ha it was kinda simple to change the setting. I guess I just wasn’t looking good enough. Thanks again, now I can read up on National Geographic!

  27. i used to have a font or whatever there called at the bottom right of my screen, now its gone to where i can enlarge my desktop screen to make my words bigger, now when i try to enlarge my words the only thing that gets bigger is the icons how can i fix this i can barley read me e-mail

  28. so simple . press ctrl and + & you can enlarge screen to huge proportions. To reduce just press ctrl and =. Hope this helps

  29. @Josephus
    Ctrl+ and Ctrl- work for most browsers, some email programs and a few other programs, but they don’t work with all programs. For example, in MS Word Ctrl+ formats the text as subscript.

  30. Dear Leo, Like many others my eyesight is failing. Your tip on how to enlarge text is just the ticket. I no longer cry eveytime I open my computer. May you be blessed.
    W. Heckroodt. Snr.

  31. i am unable to read my screen, and therefore wondering if you could help me make all items large

    Actually that’s exactly what ther article you just commented on describes.

  32. Well, I used to make big text with words on my computer screen, but now I forgot. It was easy, all I remember is typing [ and closing it ] but I don’t remember what to write in it. Do u know that trick?

  33. I’m sure I’m not the only one that knows this, but I just hit control and + or – to make the fonts bigger or smaller. May just be a temporary fix.

    That only works for certain applications, and only works within the specific application you use it in.

  34. Re: Article C2226 – This is in response to “I am old . Me too (pushing 80), and the way I change the text size in Windows 7 is I click on the sunburst or whatever the heck you call it in the upper right hand corner. This brings up a window with Print, File, Zoom etc. I click on Zoom and at the bottom is “Custom.” You can then enter any number that’s best for your viewing. I find that 112 works for me. Hope this helps.

    That works specifically in Internet Explorer, and only affects Internet Explorer. Other programs remain at their default size. Changing the DPI changes everything.

  35. I totally agree with Mark and Jerome about making the text larger or smaller using the ctrl + or – keys or the ctrl and the center scroll wheel on the mouse. They are only temorpary while you have that particular browser up and running. Works the same with the MAC also.

  36. sorry i have tried your way but there is a problem with programs and internet windows not displaying the whole page it is so much easier to change your font and images this way
    right click on your desk top click on peronalize,
    click on windows color, look down to the dtop down box and click on icon, change the number to what you want to see your icons at and then change the font size this way no problem with programs or the internet

  37. I have a similar problem but not with my Desktop computer (XP) but with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. But then not on everything only on some “Twitters” & some e-mails. Any suggestions?

  38. I changed DPI in Vista rt clicking DT -> adjust font size -> DPI scaling. All the icons increased in size and wouldn’t fit the desktop. Reversed the change but now the icons are in different locations. This also occasionally happens after an update. Can I restore the previous arrangement with a file from my True Image Backup. Other than a complete image restore of course.
    Thanks – Bob

    Not that I’m aware of, no.

  39. I’m running Windows XP Service Pack 3, IE 8. Under “View” there’s an option to change text size, from smallest to largest. If that isn’t enough, use the Zoom option to make text up to 400% larger.

  40. The only problem with following Microsoft’s procedure is that ANY choice other than “small” will, as MS itself admits, mean that generally some parts of the text will be too big and will become unreadable. In addition, text may be overwritten in some cases (they don’t mention that though) The only way I have found to fix this ridiculous problem ( especially pitiful on 13in. laptops) is bypass “themes” and choose the “Classic” screen. Eventually this will get you back to the setup one had in XP where the font of individual elements can be set. (Of course this thing is not fully functional!!)

  41. I.m trying to deal with this new-fangled OSX by Apple – iMac. I can’t get the letters larger. I’d like to keep everything larger all the time. It’s hard for me to see now that I’m older. Please advise. By the way, there’s going to be a million of us real soon!

  42. My screen size is set at 1366/768 This is recommended. I have it set at 125% yet the writing is very small and there is a border of about 2 inches at either side. It was always ok. How can I make screen bigger to fit. Would appreciate your help.

  43. At age 85 I too have poor eye vision. I have a desktop PC with Win 7 and 23 inch LCD monitor which uses the normal screen resolution resulting in text which is too small. I also have a 17 inch lap top with Win 7 that uses the normal screen resolution of 1600 x 900. In both computers I use Windows Magnifier in Windows 7 Accessories/Accessibility which provides different levels of magnification. I have selected 150% and pinned it to the Taskbar on both computers for easy access. It works perfectly for me without making any changes to screen resolution or dpi.

  44. how can I make my text bolder instead of the blue which is not good when you dont see well.

    That’s not a global Windows setting that I’m aware of. You’d have have to choose one of Windows high contrast themes perhaps, or work with the specific applications that are giving you difficulty to see if they can configure their text characteristics.

  45. A couple of other ways, if you have a mouse with scroll wheel, the pressing CTRL and using the scroll wheel increases/decreases the font size, good for things that are smaller than usual.

    The other way is in the advanced settings of: Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance where you can change the Font & Size for differing object on the desktop etc.

  46. Changing the zoom level is easy with my Windows 7 OS, and (because of my eyesight) I normally use 150%. Yet in the newly-designed “Ask Leo” web site I can’t see all of RECENT ANSWERS using a zoom level of 150%.

  47. On my PC, I have always been able to enlarge the font and text on almost any page by doing a Control and + at the same time, and do it as many times as needed to get the page as large as I need it. I count how many times I do it so that when I am done looking at whatever it was I can then do a Control and – to go back to normal. No adjusting the settings and then going back to find the settings to reset them.

  48. Sorry Leo but what you said is bullshit, changing resolution was and is still the best option. But changing just the size of the text especially in windows 7 make problems with display in many applications especially i do lots of programing in java and javascript and i always have to strugle with this when i use them on different text size while if the resolution is changed everything work fine. I want to remind you that there are still many people use computers for advanced things and not just for stupid facebook but microsoft think we’re all idiots and do only chats online

  49. Easiest thing in the world: Hold down the CTRL key and use your mouse wheel to increase or decrease the display size. Don’t know about a Mac, guess you’ll have to get a PC.

  50. For those who use “control” plus either the + and – key, or with the scroll wheel (or “petting” the scroll area of their touchpad), I’d like to suggest that returning to “normal” from a modified view is normally just a matter of using control plus “0” (your zero key).
    Also, it looks like Firefox (and maybe others) remembers these zoom modifications on a site-by-site basis. This is nice if you find you need more magnification on some sites than on others.
    A final point — using F11 will make more reading space available for larger text.

    • Frank,
      You are thinking of changing the size an individual window only; that’s the part that is missing. CTRL along with + or – will change the size of text in a browser, and also in many program windows. Many people have also suggested using the scroll wheel on a mouse, and actually there are numerous other ways of getting a particular ‘window’ to display text larger. However, a person might want to make text on an entire computer larger… hence the article on those options.

  51. Just wondering if you answer questions about a mac rather then a WINDOW based question,i do understand of course that your background is Window based,
    But if you know anything about an old emac or indeed any mac i would pay for finite coffee’s within reason,i have an old really old e-mac BUT it works really well so am reluctant to upgrade as yet, so if you have any knowledge about the os that runs the mac that would be really cool! how can i send you a voucher/money/coffee for your help Help me please,
    I will explain my problem if and when you reply,
    Thank you Leo you are a mine of information and appreciate any help you can give me,will explain
    the problem if you get this message

  52. If a document is opened by browser then ( for me using Mozilla) Ctrl + always works.
    If somebody sends you an email with the text so small it is hard to read then just
    start by (pretend) forward the email. In the forward mode you can now edit the email
    so simply enlarge the text to easily read it.
    Good luck.

  53. I have a program called “Magnifier”. have had it for many many years and have no idea where I obtained it. Adjustment in degrees from 100% to 1500% and it works perfectly.
    I hope someone can find it for you all.

  54. Extremely easy way to increase or decrease font size on any internet site using Firefox, try a free add-on called NoSquint. You can right click on any website and set the magnification in 5% increments and Firefox remembers it when you open that site again. Also, you see the magnification in the status bar at the bottom. I use it every day.

  55. I wasn’t having any display issues until I installed the latest Win 7 updates this morning. I have an HP laptop with an Nvidia display adapter. I’m using 1920×1080 resolution with text set at 150%. Now, for example, when I start Quicken, I get a low resolution warning message and the text size is not what I should be seeing. I’ve tried adjusting the display settings several times to shake things up but I’m still unable to change Quicken. When I boot the computer the icons on the logon screen seem smaller but then the desktop seems fine. Should I restore my Macrium backup from yesterday or try something else? Thanks.

  56. God bless you Leo. I am cursed with low vision and have fiddled with screen resolution for years without success. I applied your suggestion and can now see things on my screen much more easily.

  57. Before re-installing XP I had somehow gotten rid of that annoying ad space to the rt. of my Hotmail window and had a full pane . I have no idea how I accomplished that , but have read that it is impossible and must purchase the paid version . It can be done !

    I had to change zoom to 75% to see all of these comments on this Ask Leo ! I see no scroll bar at the bottom .


  58. I believe the author of this article to be incorrect in implying that “screen resolution” adjustments are improper or second class or cannot work with LCD screens. In the past, with Windows XP I successfully used “screen resolution” adjustments to make things easier on the eyes. Now, with Windows 8 I find that (as described in the article) reducing “screen resolution” merely results in a reduced image surrounded by a black frame.

    This article also implies that with some setups it is possible for “screen resolution” to enlarge everything. However, instead of telling how to get that effect, this article dismisses that method.

    The DPI setting suggested in this article is almost worthless because it only affects what you see on the desktop and browsers–which easily and more precisely could be adjusted in other ways. If you do online trading or use other software, the DPI setting probably will not help.

    I am now using the “magnifier” setting on Windows 8. It is a shabby substitute for changing “screen reslution” that should be available–and used to be available. I have to set the “magnifier” on “full screen” and “follow text insertion point.” And the magnified text has exactly the pixellated effect that the author of this article claims to be the drawback to adjusting “screen resolution.”

    This article is helpful but mainly in the sense of informing us of the narrow-minded attitude of increasingly non-user-friendly programmers who seem blandly to assume that the needs of people should adjust to the needs of computers as decided by computer programmers.

    Many people have worsened eyesight from using computers. Ever-larger screens should have mitigated this problem. In the past, they did. In the past, I have adjusted “screen resolution” on LCD screens and successfully gotten large, crisp text. Now, seeking “help” because I can no longer do this, I find an article blandly assuming that this never could be done and certainly not thinking that perhaps it should be a capability. Rather disappointing.

  59. Two weeks ago I bought a new Dell laptop computer and my local cable company set it up for me. However I am like others on these posts in that the font is very small. I am 82 years old and although I have another computer this one is confusing. I can’t understand why computers cannot be set up simply, so anyone can at least get started using them. All the fixes recommended about enlarging the fonts don’t seem to apply to my setup. Why is there not a zoom menu that shows different settings as I have on my Dell desktop. Too simple maybe?

  60. I am getting lots of pop up ads which were not there until the last few weeks and although Norton tried to help with live chat they are still there and make viewing websites hard and drive me crazy. Is there any easy solution without using a perhaps unsafe website ?

  61. Sorry forgot to post last question on the Question page so it IS unrelated to the discussion! Due to poor sight age 75. Good for my age the optician said pityingly- LOL .
    However I obviously have deteriorating eyesight and was looking at the advice on enlarging text. I want to get BOLD text in emails and it is unbelievably hard to do this it seems. I found a place on control panel of my Sony Vaio laptop where different fonts are shown and you can choose one but cant get it to work on my computer. Why do they make it so hard – in fact impossible? I asked my tech. helpline but they also said it was not advisable as it could mess up my computer! Help!

  62. This was no help at all, I don’t want to know how NOT to do it. A simple example will do. I hate Windows 8!!!!!!! Can’t get any help! my words went from medium to small, I can’ get them back so I ca’ hardly read my emails, UNREAL nobody knows how to do this.

  63. Leo,
    I am now on firefox and cannot get all my screens to a larger print. Please help me. I went to view and zoomed in and out and cannot get anything to work. ALSO, I see grey vertical sides to my screen on both sides and cannot get the body of the screen to widen out and get the grey away. Thanks for your help

  64. Hello, Would you please make this email of mines more larger than it is now. This email words from all that I receive is very thin and I have a hard time reading all of the emails when I get on this computer over here in Las Vegas, Nevada. So please se if you could help me in this computer. Mr. Wendell Wood Abbey

  65. I have a Dell Latitude Laptop w/Windows 7.
    Before I had to replace my hard drive, I had a button in the lower right task bar that allowed to change the screen size from, I believe, 100% to 500% in 25% or so increments. Did not have to open any other file/program – just click on the button.

    After replacing the hard drive and restoring through Carbonite, the button is gone.
    Can you tell me how to restore it?

    • I’m not aware of such a button in Windows itself. There are such buttons or controls in specific applications, but they apply only to those specific applications. It’s possible that it is an application that’s part of your video device driver or video card software. You might want to look into potentially reinstalling that.

  66. Using Win 7 Pro. I was adjusting the “Make text and other items larger or smaller.”, and now the “Large – 150%” radio button has disappeared. Is there away to restore it?

  67. Why can’t I enter Microsoft to play their games? I have tried and tried, but to no avail…

    Why have a website if there is no entry to it?

    AND….no TEXT place to enlarge somewhere………

    My addy is {email removed}

    Discusted for sure……

  68. What caused my fonts to become smaller on my desktop??? All I did was restart my computer ???
    I was able to enlarge the icons by using the CNTL and mouse wheel but cannot figure out how to get the font size larger?

  69. I spent a whole day trying to figure out why my split panes disappeared as I was typing my emails
    in a webmail. The pane grew bigger and my emails disappeared. I called customer support.
    He did his best without resolution. He told me to re -install google chrome. That was when I
    turned to google for help. I was directed to this site. Immediately I saw the solution that says use
    the CTRL + minus keys to reduce and CTRL + plus to add. My problem was resolved.
    Thanks Leo for your help. Now I know where to come and look for stuff.

    • And therein lies my problem. MY screen keeps going down to 30%. Like right now. I can make it 90% like now, and in a few keystrokes, it goes right back down. How can I make it stay where I select using CTRL + or setting the size in the Menu Drop down? Annoying!

  70. On occasion I will use the ” tools app/gear wheel” to increase or decrease the size of the print.
    My problem is the print of the” https-E address- file- edit- view- favorites- tools-help etc.
    How can I enlarge the print? At 72yo the eyes with glasses still need help in other ways.

  71. why do the print so small as we grow older we are unable to see such small print what can you do about it if you enlarge it it becomes too large and if you make it smaller than 100 it is too small , that is not very fair to treat older people that way . this is the only occupant that they have what do you guys want us to do go and set in the cornor some where

    • You do have several options, depending on what operating system you are using. Try working through the several options offered in this article and you will find that you can fine tune many of the settings.

    • If you are having that problem in your browser as the original commenter mentioned, holding down the control key and hitting the + sign will make the text in the browser (and also some other programs) larger. Otherwise follow the instructions in this article.

  72. I have had brain surgery. I can not see even medium size writing .please help U do not have a coomputer.
    I can not read anything on my IPad.

  73. Did you read the paragraph titled The Wrong Thing? That describes that method and why it makes your screen fuzzier.
    The following paragraphs then tell you how to get the same effect with a sharp screen image.

  74. have you typed Control 0 (hold the control key down and press the zero key)?
    If you adjusted the zoom on the browser back to normal size.

  75. I know this article is an update for a previous one. Anyhow, Windows 10 version 1809 brought back the ability to make text larger. Go to Settings, then Ease of Access. Under Display you have the options to make text bigger, as well as making everything bigger.

    • Robert C. Sollars
      March 8, 2019 at 5:23 pm
      The font overall is too small. I need it 1 and a half times to 2 times larger.

  76. Leo, you wrote:

    “…This setting changes the size of everything, including text.”

    The problem with enlarging everything, is that you end up with things that no longer fit your screen! When viewing a web page, for example, you’ll find that the whole page will no longer fit on the screen. You’ll need to alternately drag the page contents right and left in order to vew the portions of the page that are now too large to fit the screen all at once. If what you happen to be trying to do is to read text, you may need to repeat this “drag-back-&-forth” motion many times!

  77. I have a related question, posed from a fairly unique setup.
    My laptop has two screens – one 3840×2160, one 3840 x 1100. I also plug in a large 1920×1080 screen for work purposes
    If I use windows standard scaling, the main screen suggests 250% (I use 225%), but the bottom screen ‘tops out’ at 175%. This is a little small. The external monitor sits happily at 100%.
    If I override the scaling, ALL scales are set the same, even for additional monitors.
    Is there anything I can do, or do i have to ‘live with’ the disparate settings?


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