How do I boot from CD/DVD?

I burned DBAN to a CD and then rebooted the machine with the CD inserted in the drive. To my surprise, it just booted right back into Windows. What gives? How do I get the computer to boot up from the CD?

This is actually a pretty common problem with a relatively simple solution.

Your computer’s BIOS needs to be instructed to check for a bootable CD or DVD before it tries to load whatever is on the hard drive. Right now, your computer is configured to either ignore the CD/DVD at boot time or check the hard disk first.

And because there’s something bootable on the hard disk – namely Windows – that’s what it boots into.

As I said, a simple solution conceptually.

The devil, as they say, is in the details.

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What does NTLDR is missing mean?

I’m using Windows XP and I’ve gotten an error message, “NTLDR is missing. Do a Ctrl Alt Delete”. Please help! I’m going to change to Windows 7 but I need to get into my system.

NTLDR, more commonly referred to as “NT Loader” is the name of the file that contains the boot loader for Windows. In other words, it’s the program that begins the initial Windows booting process. Without it, you can’t boot.

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Did My Boot Defragmenter Tool Actually Fix My Boot Problems?

For about a month on both my Acer and HP (they’re both about 3 years old) laptops with Windows 7 Premium, my boot would fail about 1 or two times a week sending me through the Windows repair process. I tried a number of things to no avail. Then about a month ago, I found and used a boot defragmenter tool on the advance tools section of Glary Utilities. I like and have used Glary Utilities software for several years but I’ve never defragged my boot before. For the last month, I’ve not had a single boot problem on either of my laptops. Could just using this single Glary Utility’s boot defrag tool have totally fixed my boot problems?

It’s possible, but my suspicion is that it didn’t really “fix” anything. I think it just moved things around, which ultimately is what defragging does after all. You might still have an issue that’s waiting to bite you later in a different way.

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My computer lights up and turns on but nothing happens, why?


I’m having problem starting up my computer. When I press the Power button, it lights up and everything inside it runs, but nothing appears on my monitor. I don’t know what’s the problem. I already cleaned it and had reset the CMOS, but nothing works.

Well, I’ll put it this way: just because the lights are on, doesn’t mean anyone’s home.

I get this and similar questions often. You turn on your computer. It makes noise, you can see lights – perhaps even blinking lights – and assume that it must be running.

It might be.

Problem is – it might also not be running at all.

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How do I remove boot choices that I no longer want?


I have a annoying problem on my PC. I have 2 partitions on my computer. On the main partition I have Windows XP Pro and I tried to install Windows XP Media Center on my second partition.

All went well until my installation froze, so I had to reboot.

Now every time I boot my PC, I keep having the choose to start with my original Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Pro Setup. And if I choose for the setup, my computer crashes.

Is there a way to remove that choose and all the other installation files from Windows Media Center? I’ve already formatted the second partition.

It sounds like you’ve already gotten rid of the installation files by reformatting, so all that’s really left is getting rid of your boot choice. If the installer worked as I expect it did, it should be easy to fix.

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My Computer Locks Up and Won’t Boot. What Do I Do?


My computer locks up and won’t boot. What do I do?

Your computer locks up, crashes, stalls or otherwise fails to completely boot up into Windows. That’s particularly painful, since most all of our diagnostic tools require that Windows be running. Diagnosing the problem with a computer that won’t boot can be difficult.

In this article we’ll look at some of the resources that you do have available, and try to gather a little information about the type of problem you might be experiencing.

I’ll start at a successfully booting Windows, and work backwards to a completely dead machine.

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