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9 comments on “Should I Worry About Old Lost Email Accounts?”

  1. I was going through my Yahoo! mail recently and noticed that the spam I was getting was all being sent to my old Geocities account (anyone remember Geocities?). I had forgot that Yahoo! bought Geocities. Being curious, I logged in to Yahoo! and looking through my account settings, I found that Yahoo! is treating old Geocities email addresses as a forward to my Yahoo! mail address. I simply had to delete the forward and that closes off the Geocities part of my life, never to get spam again, since the address no longer exists.

    So if anyone is wondering how to close down an old Geocities email, this should help.

  2. I had a Geocities account and a Geocities email address. When Yahoo took over Geocities and gave an option of porting all Geocities email accounts to Yahoo, I was locked out of my Geocities email because I already had a Yahoo email address with the same username as my Geocities email address.

    • That’s probably how I ended up with my Yahoo email address. It was so long ago that I’ve forgotten the details. Yeah, they probably just ported me over to Yahoo and that’s probably how I got it. I don’t believe I had a Yahoo account before that. Now I just use it for signing up for services or newsletters.

      • That’s what I use my Yahoo account for. I like to keep my real emails separate from newsletters. I have a second Yahoo account for signups and catching spam. Funny thing, I don’t get much spam. Maybe because I’m careful.

  3. How many of email providers permit the recycling of previously used email addresses, even if the account has been closed ?

  4. s mentioned above, use the ‘lost password’ function to try and recover the account. But, since you don’t have access to the account, if the system sends reset instructions to your old account, you would not be able to retrieve it. You can then try to contact the administrator or support through email (use ‘contact us’ link) and explain that you can’t access the old address and need to have the reset information sent to a new email address. This request may sound suspicious to the admin folks and they may ask you for verifying information. I have used this approach to recover passwords to software I own but purchased with an old email address.


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