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My computer lights up and turns on but nothing happens, why?


I’m having problem starting up my computer. When I press the Power button, it lights up and everything inside it runs, but nothing appears on my monitor. I don’t know what’s the problem. I already cleaned it and had reset the CMOS, but nothing works.

Well, I’ll put it this way: just because the lights are on, doesn’t mean anyone’s home.

I get this and similar questions often. You turn on your computer. It makes noise, you can see lights – perhaps even blinking lights – and assume that it must be running.

It might be.

Problem is – it might also not be running at all.

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Lights and noise mean … nothing, really

The phrase “everything inside it runs” is actually impossible to prove just by looking.

You might very well hear the fans all start to blow, disks might start to spin, and you might see some lights come on, but about the only thing that you can say by all of that happening is that the computer has power.

…don’t read too much into blinking lights, spinning disks, and running fans.

I’ll put it another way; if you actually removed the CPU or the RAM (don’t), the fans would blow, the disks would spin, and some lights would come on.

And the computer would have exactly zero chance of actually working.

So don’t read too much into blinking lights, spinning disks, and running fans.

The good news is that the computer appears to have power. The bad news is that you simply can’t assuming anything more.

Did it beep?

One of the more underrated and useful diagnostic tools for problems of this sort is the beep.

You know, the single beep your computer makes after you turn it on?

That beep is generated by software; specifically, the BIOS installed in your computer.

If you hear the beep, that tells you that the CPU is working, the BIOS seems intact, and at least some RAM is working.

That’s a start.

If you don’t hear that beep at all … well, then you have problems. One or more of the CPU, RAM, motherboard, or some other component isn’t working. In fact, it could still even be the power supply.

Open Desktop PCBeep codes

If you hear more than one beep; if it sounds like your computer is beeping out a Morse code letter with multiple short and/or long beeps, then it’s trying to tell you something.

It’s trying to tell you that something isn’t working.

The POST (or Power On Self Test) has detected a problem and is using a pattern of beeps to try and tell you that something is wrong. What beep codes mean unfortunately depends on the BIOS manufacturer. There’s a fairly comprehensive list “_blank”>here.

Why beeps? Because the BIOS may have detected a problem before turning on its video display hardware and software. Or the failure might have been in the video display hardware. With no way to show you the problem, beep codes are the only way that BIOS has to talk to the outside world.

One beep, but no display?

If the computer gives you that one “all’s well” beep when it starts up and you still don’t see anything on the monitor, then it’s time for a very fundamental test of your own.

Check the monitor.

More specifically, check that it’s turned on, that it’s connected, and that the connections are good.

If everything looks OK, this is a great time to borrow a monitor and connect it as an external monitor to your laptop or temporarily swap out your desktop monitor. Borrow a cable, too; they can and do fail. If the borrowed equipment works, then you know that it’s your monitor or cable that needs repair or replacement.

If it doesn’t, then things point back to the computer itself. And unfortunately, while you might prioritize looking at the video card as the most likely suspect, pretty much anything from RAM problems to power supply problems could still be at fault.

Sometimes, you just need a technician

Just like you sometimes need a mechanic to repair your car, sometimes you do need a technician to diagnose your computer. Not only does a good tech have the experience to deal with this type of problem, they also have the equipment that allows them to look at things the average consumer can’t see, and a collection of replacement parts that they can use to quickly test individual components on your machine.

81 comments on “My computer lights up and turns on but nothing happens, why?”

  1. I like your advice to plug in another monitor. I had to find this out by trial and error and now find this laptop runs quite well with a separate monitor. It only works though if you find the right setting on the CRT/LCD switch. I found this out the hard way too.

  2. I found that the most common failure is the power supply in a pc that has fans running but no beep. These supplies even test good (I don’t have a load tester) but when replaced, the system comes right up. In fact about 9 out of 10 systems I see with bad power supplies have this problem rather than just being completely dead.

    I repair computers for a school district and see this 3 or 4 times a week. (We have quite a few computers that are more than 3 years old).

  3. I have found that inline power supplies are often at fault, even so called robust ones. With the PC turned OFF turn the monitor OFF, then after 5 seconds switch on again. You should see “No Input” even if its not connected and the PC is off. It will disappear after a fews seconds. If you see this message then the computer graphics section or card is probably faulty. Try the monitor on another PC.

    Another problem often overlooked is power strips which have power save sockets ( save the earth etc !) , i.e. 1 or 2 sockets are for the main unit, i.e. the computer itself but the others are for monitors, printers, routers etc. When the computer is switched on the circuitry built into the power strip “senses” the load and turns all of the sockets ON and everything powers up. When it is switched off all the other bits of gear also switch off.

    HOWEVER… quite a lot of these strips fail or don’t quite do what they should and one or more of the sockets remains OFF, I have one such strip. If the monitor is plugged into it no power is made to the socket and the monitor stays off no matter how much I swear at it or pray to the intel god’s etc etc. Simply remove the monitor from the strip and plug it into a known to work wall socket.

  4. Laptops often don’t beep at all. My personal laptop works great but once in a while if I unplug something from a USB port by accident when moving the laptop, when I turn it on the screen will stay black as a safety precaution for about 10 minutes and the capslock button will stay lit blue, in this case all I have to do is wait 10 minutes and reboot and the computer will run normally again. I first noticed this because one day I dropped the laptop and was worried that the LCD power Inverter broke but after 15 minutes it worked again. I found out its a built in safety feature that keeps the screen from coming on right after some type of trauma or action(such as removing the running external hard drive).

    • You are right.. 9/ 10 it’s the power supply. I had the same problem with my machine and “walah!” Now it’s running great.. thanks Mr Rogers for the one line solution.. and thanks Leo for this blog..

  5. When this happens I always disconnect all USB devices, except keyboard and mouse and try the reboot again. I can’t even guess at the number of times I have seen something on the USB bus cause this. From flaky web cams to corrupted printer drivers the problem is always the same- PC seems to boot up but the display never comes up. If that’s it, it’s just a matter of plugging in one at a time and rebooting until the problem either clears or you find the suspect device.

  6. On my laptop there is a small pin that is pushed down when the lid is closed; this shuts off the screen display. Sometimes it sticks down so the screen doesn’t show anything. A pair of tweezers (or some other suitable gizmo) can be used to prise up the sticking pin.
    I hope it is that simple for you.

  7. I had the exact same problem that contimued for a few weeks. I would have to power off for a few minutes and power back on and the problem would usually go away. Later, because of “time” display probems. I installed a new battery…and this fixed “both” problems.

  8. I have an IBM ThinkCentre running Win XP Pro.
    Occasionally when I turn it on, the monitor stays black, the fans and normal computer sounds seen to be twice as loud as normal. I hold the power button down and turn it off. I wait a few seconds and turn it back on. it does the same thing. I learned this, that when this happens and I turn it off, if I then UNPLUG the power cord, then plug it back in, the computer comes back on for a few seconds, then turns itself back off. Now when I push the power button, it will boot up normally.

  9. Thank you Leo for all th info U give us not-so- bright pc users.
    I get frustrated when I press th ‘power on’ button several times before it will power up th pc. Also had it not to shut down until I unplugged it…..jt

  10. I have Windows 7 and sometimes it can be frustrating. I also turn it off for a few minutes and power back on as Mike R does and it works for me too. But it still scares me when I hear of all the computer crashes wherein you lose everything. I have a separate external hard drive but I have not yet figured out how to smoothly save to it. I wonder if I should replace the battery like Mike did.

  11. I had the same problem a year or so ago.
    Somehow some of the connections on my add-on video card had come loose form the circuit board. I have no idea how that happened but it was a fustrating weekend figuring out what was worng.

  12. Thank you, Leo, and everyone for a very useful article and commentary.
    A year ago a friend came to me with a computer in this condition. I tried changing the video card without success and almost gave up. He insisted that it happened after he had tinkered with some setting. “Could it be the BIOS?” I asked myself: I had never seen an entry there for switching off the video output. Nevertheless, I tried removing the battery and shorting out the contacts for half a minute to flatten any residual charge, as well as using the reset jumper, to restore it to the default settings. Much to our amazement, upon restarting all was back to normal!

  13. I had this same thing happen to me, traced down to a dead power supply. I changed it out and all cam back OK. (CAUTION) Voltages in power supplies are very dangerous, do not attempt a repair. Power supplies are very cheap Very easy to replace not worth your life.

  14. In regards to the beep codes, newer laptops can now have flashing light codes instead of beeping. All the lights, power, caps lock, num lock etc flash at the same time in patterns similar to beep codes

  15. For God’s sake, folks — yes, even you, Leo! — if you don’t see anything on your monitor when you start up your computer, the absolutely very first  thing you should do is to check that your monitor is plugged in, that it is turned on, and that its cables are tightly connected at both ends.

    IMPORTANT: And yes, I did say “cables”  — plural — because a monitor has TWO  cables! One carries the electric power, and goes from the monitor to a wall outlet or power strip; the other one carries the video signal and goes from the monitor to the computer. You must check them both, because a failure in either one will certainly mean a dead monitor!          🙂

    Hope this helps!          🙂

  16. I work in IT and found this same thing happening to many of our PCs. I found a simple fix for ours. First, unplug the PC. Then, hold the power button in until there are no more lights showing or any sounds. Then plug it back in and you’re ready to power up. This fixed the problem and it didn’t reoccur on those PCs.

  17. It was my video card when this same thing happened to me. Sorry I am just now adding this, but I have been dealing with a new computer and haven’t had much time to read all my emails.

  18. i have this one too. . the monitor is OK cause i used it to my other computers . . just the CPU. . video card is OK ..RAM is OK . .power supply is OK. .so i see its the mother board this time . . i changed it immediately. . then its OK. . mine works. .repairing comp is just an easy task to do if you have equipment . .so i say if you aren’t sure just get a tech to help like LEO said. .^^ hope it helps. God Bless and good luck!

  19. I just build a custom pc. It has a gtx 760, 8 ge of ddr3 ram, Intel i5 4670k, MSI Z97 Pc Mate, thermal take 600w. So I put it all together and I powered it up lights come on and fans run and I understand that that may not mean the power supply works. I have tried everything out there. I Googled this issue many times found the same fixes and tried them. Nothing works. I don’t know what to try now. Please get back to me.

  20. Hi
    I tried to add another 80 Giga internal HD to my computer with XP OS, the system and fan run but no beep and monitor is black.
    Removing the internal HD didn’t help and still the system is screwed up.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  21. Simply unplugging the power cord and press the power button for 2mins. Replug the power cord and you are okay. [Sometimes].
    Mr. Leo if u can help. I’m laptop keeps crashing mostly when its plug. It seldomly crases in safe mode and on battery. I clean the heat sink and replace the fan. But still.

  22. I have a hp pavilion dv7-1103ea laptop and when I turn it on – all the lights come on on the casing (light next to caps lock and at top of end and Pg up both flash), and the screen remains blank and takes up to 15 minutes before the screen all of a sudden comes to life! Any ideas please? The date is correct, but the time was an hour behind.
    Thanks in advance. Monya

  23. Hay, first of all I say thanks to you for such great details and I want to ask a quarry about my system
    First ) when i start my computer with GPU is sound 1 short beep which is OK but did not get any display all things starts up all fan spins GPU fan also spins
    My GPU is working in my friends comp.
    And other low level GPU in my comp. It work my motherboard is g31m es2l rev1.1 and my GPU is gt 730 v2 gddr5 1gb plz help me sir.. I really In tension

  24. thank you so much for that article it really helped. I think I believe my computer is fried, no beeps, the power light goes on, the fans go on, but nothing comes on on-screen, time for a new computer! thank you,very helpful. Jay

  25. I got a probblem with my acer aspire 5745 after bios update and changing settings my laptop only flashes power,numlock and capslock lights non stop but never turning up what should I do

  26. My laptop it doesnt display it started by
    jerming the buttons i used on screen
    keyboard then it just went off when i
    press on it shows that light that is
    telling you that its on but theres
    nothing on screen its black as in off

  27. Guysss pleaseee help me!
    What ticked me off was my USB keyboard disconnecting and reconnecting constantly… Followed by the windows prompt sounds..
    So Much so I couldn’t do anything without getting angry! Gaming typing music nothing!!
    I looked up for a solution on Google n many many other sites but…Nada :'(
    Most solutions involved buying fresh new hardware.. Where as I tried multiple USB keyboards but nothing changed..
    Finally I try one more thing.. (I wish I hadn’t)
    Uninstall the USB hub or something in Bus controllers.. So that it gets reinstalled on rebooting.
    Just two beeps! :'(
    Should I try fiddling with the internal hardware components.. RAM n stuff??
    Help is appreciated!

  28. in my CPU power light is blinking, but not the red light!! can u hall Leo.. but the CPU is booting but no display..

  29. Hi!
    When start my pc it gets on and again resatarts in few seconds on its own….
    I removed tthe ram n checked for the beeps they are working fine….
    What could be the problem and how could i solve it?

  30. My dell computer is powered and all the led seems working but it does not show any display . I have borrowed all the neccesary equipment to detect the fault but it wont work. The power light that always bright high as light green has now turn dim to orange what should i do!!

  31. Solution fo recovery bios Dell N5110

    1. Download the latest firmware from the Dell support
    2. Save the .exe and create a shortcut with the following parameter: ”

    /writehdrfile” by right clicking the shortcut icon and going into the properties

    3. Run the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.hdr file rename the file

    to N5110.hdr
    4. Create a shortcut .exe file with the following parameter: ” /writeromfile” by

    right clicking the shortcut icon and going into the properties menu.
    5. Start the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.rom file rename the file

    to DQ15A11.rom
    6. Copy both file “N5110.hdr” and “DQ15A11.rom” to a FAT formatted pendrive’s root

    7. Remove the charger and Battery from the laptop
    8. Plug In the pendrive
    9. Press & hold END
    10. Connect the charger (still hold END)
    11. The notebook starts automatically and shows the recovery screen
    12. Press enter and wait until finish the flashing
    13. Press esc to restart
    14. Hopefully problem solved

  32. Hello I am Mithesh. How to on the laptop when i press power on the poweron light will glow but the display wont come. My Laptop Model is HP Mini.Pls help……….

    • If you use the search function here on the Ask Leo! site, and search for “computer won’t boot” you’ll find lots of articles about what to do when a computer won’t boot. You may find one that helps you solve your issue.

      • hi i have a noise monitor put in my home by the council but they said the start there is no other light does this mean its on and wont turn of what can i do

  33. when I on my monitor and CPU …the CPU works properly but my screen didn’t show any thing,when I lighted with torch on screen …it show but very lightly….

  34. I have my dell Latitude E6500 laptop and the mouse is always randomly moving diagonally over the screen.I need to know how i can be helped.

  35. I have a laptop windows 7 computer. it is about 3 years old. last night i was on line and all of a sudden it made a loud noise and screen went blank. i pushed the off/on button to shut it down. after a min i turned it back on. all the lts on the key board came on but the thing that would come up on the screen was a white file strip saying windows is loading files. then the screen would go blank and come on and say micro soft corp and go blank again then come back on with only a very bright blue screen. i always sat the computer on my lap and about an hour before it went down,i almost dropped it but it did jerk. could you,leo or anyone out there help. thanks

  36. my pc is on..and gpu is working and display win 8 logo..few minits display is black..not show window..but gpu fix this problam.

  37. My hp laptop is not booting. When the power button is pressed, it shows light but there is no noise as usual and in less than 10seconds the light on the F8 goes out. What do I do?

  38. i have a toshiba satellite c660 which wont boot up..when the power button is pressed, the power lights turn on but fan wont run, nothing at all happens then it will go off again..any help?

    • It could be so many things. Without looking at the machine, it would be impossible to diagnose. You’d probably have to bring it in to a technician.

  39. i changed my power supply of my PC after it could not start now its spinnng everythng inside but no display Im confused now

  40. I have a Lenovo T400 that turns on but nothing happens eventhougth the fans turns , the hard drive spine, the memory is ok since i have tested it in another laptop. then somethings it comes on and function well without ceasing, then when you put it off, it won*t work at all again,, pls i need help,

    • It’s not possible to diagnose a problem with just that information without looking at the machine. You’ll probably have to bring it to a technician to look at it.

  41. when i turns on the power switch, the PC does not come on and i cant hear the fan, there is no power light on and i hears no beeps or other sounds coming from the system……… WHY?

    • That almost sounds like it isn’t plugged in. The first thing I would do is check the power cord. Sometimes they can jiggle loose.

  42. Starting last night, my Latitude E6500 will not boot. On pressing the button, the CPU light sometimes blinks for just an instant, but never for long. After that, I hear the fan running for a few seconds while the power light remains on, but nothing is on the screen whatsoever. Then, the fan stops, the power light goes off, and I am left with solid Caps and Scroll lock lights and a flashing Numlock light. This lasts for about 30 seconds or so, and then also goes off, leaving the computer completely off. I was able to successfully charge the computer (it had a half charge when this started), and it now has a full charge. What could be wrong? Thank you.

    • Please read the article you are commenting on again. It discusses all of the possible causes which can be determined without actually getting your hands on the machine.

  43. was playing a game on my dell latitude e-6500 den it got freezed up so i unplugged the ac so as for it to go off, removed the hdd for few minutes reinserted the hdd plus the ac and tried rebooting but only the fan wil start turning then stops power light goes off, and I am left with solid Caps and Scroll lock lights and a flashing Numlock light. please tell me what to do. thanks in advance

  44. Um hi i just get here got a question when i turn on the AVR monitor functioning but when i turn button on it did’nt show any display again my keyboard didnt work but mous and dvd player are functioning???

    Someone know how to fix this?

  45. Starting today, my lenovo will not boot. On pressing the button, the CPU light once it blinks and off. After that, I will check the fan, but its not running.
    Also i’ll check the power cable ,it is ok.
    What could be wrong? Thank you.

    • Read the article you are commenting on. It covers everything which can be determined without hands on the machine.

  46. sir i my hp pavilion g4 laptop lcd broken and i change it butt screen is lack i attach old lcd this time old lcd remain black i change the video cable but the screen remain black no wifi light show on keyboard and also capslock light is not turn on on pressing.

  47. I have an HP Pavillion h8-1214, w/AMD FX-6100 Six-Core processor, 10GB DDR3, Radeon HD 7450 graphics card w/1GB DDR3 dedicated memory, and a 1.5TB HD….oh and a Blackweb keyboard. I was using the computer last night and it was fine. I woke up this morning it was in sleep mode, as it should be. I usually tap the space bar to wake it up and the keyboard should light up, the mouse and the monitor as well, while the computer roared to life……except NOT this morning,
    The tower lit up, by the power button and the disc drive, but that is all…no wifi light or yellow disc load light. I used the kids’ computer to look up causes/fixes.
    I tried a Linux Live CD, to diagnose, and I disconnected the HD, and used the flashdrive that I downloaded FalconFour onto… powered up the monitor, keyboard and mouse, but it wouldn’t go any further…”No boot disk has been detected or boot disk has failed”….I disconnected the FD, and reconnected the HD, turned on the power, and same as before. Shut it down (by holding the power button down) and reconnected the FD, and I wouldn’t get the same results as the first time…dead.
    I also disconnected the mouse, keyboard and monitor……if the HDMI for the monitor is disconnected, the monitor says check connection, so I plug it in, then it goes pitch black. The keyboard, when I plug it in, flashes for a second, then nothing……….fans run but minimally
    I NEED help!!

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