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Can I move Office 2010 to another computer?

Question: Can I move Office 2010 to another computer? I’ve got it on one computer and I want to move it to another. If I uninstall from the first, can I just use the setup again and install in on another computer? I really don’t want to have to buy it again.

Most licenses allow you to do pretty much what you’ve described. You’re allowed to have Office installed on one computer at a time. You will need the original installation media that you used to install Office 2010 the first time.

I’ll walk you through it.

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So, let’s assume that Office 2010 is on computer A and you want it on computer B. The steps are actually fairly simple. First, install Office on computer B using that original media.

You won’t uninstall Office from computer A just yet. You’ll see why in a moment.

Entering the product key

As part of that installation, you’ll have to enter the product key. That determines the ownership of the product.

If you don’t have the product key for your Office 2010 installation, you’ll need to use a program called Belarc Advisor on computer A.

Belarc actually does an inventory of programs on your computer, but it will also report the product keys for the versions of Office and even Windows that are on computer A. That way, you can grab the original Office 2010 product key.

Office 2010Activate Office

Now, this is where things could get interesting. I really don’t know how complex the Microsoft Office activation really is. If it detects that you’re actually moving it to a new computer, they may have you call in. Typically, it’s an automated system, but don’t let it frighten you. Just do the activation.

Once you have things installed and activated on computer B, then run the uninstall program on computer A and you should be good to go.

Do this

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26 comments on “Can I move Office 2010 to another computer?”

  1. Leo

    My windows 7 premium came pre-installed. I ran Belarc Advisor. However, I got the message re product key: “This is the manufacturer’s factory installed product key rather than yours. You can change it to your product key here for Windows”

    When I followed the instructions at the url there is no option to change the product key!

  2. I’ve just done this, and it worked. I didn’t have any issues with activation – the key was accepted online by MS even though I was over my seat limit having not removed Office from my old PC at that point.
    I wouldn’t have thought it would be that easy.

  3. Hello, Leo.

    Several years ago, I purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 which contained 3 home pc licenses. License #1 was downloaded on computer A which recently experienced a hard drive crash and is no longer a functioning computer – that license is obviously a goner. License #2 is located on computer B, a laptop that is about to be retired due to old age and poor functionality. Can I uninstall the suite from computer B and re-install on my newly purchased desktop PC? I would like to retain unused license #3 for a new laptop to be purchased in the near future. Thank you so much for your important and valuable feedback. Carl P, aka, Nottatechie.

    • If you have different activation codes I’d just try using the first again. Chances are it’ll just work. If you have a single activation code – well, same thing. Install it and I’ll bet it’ll just work without impacting your ability to use that third one.

  4. Hi Leo

    I have Windows 2010 Family Pack (x3 computers) –
    Computer 1 – Dropped, permanent hard drive damage – can’t remove Windows 2010 licence
    Computer 2 – Want to keep Windows 2010 on this one
    Computer 3 – Little netbook, no disk reader, had to download program online, only had access to USB mobile internet device at the time – can’t use Wi-Fi on this one.

    How can I remove the Windows 2010 licence from Computer 3 and re-install on Computer 1 (repaired with new hard drive)? When I tried, it advised I already used the licence on 3 computers and wouldn’t let me proceed.

    • Since Windows 10 has not yet been released, you have a preview license. You don’t need to remove it. Just get a new preview, or get Windows 10 when it releases.

  5. Windows 10 crashed my computer so I had to buy a new computer. I am trying to load my copy of Office 10 on the new computer. It keeps telling me that my product code doesn’t match Office 13. I don’t understand why it doesn’t recognize that the disk is Office 10

    • There was no reason to buy a new computer. All you had to do was reinstall Windows on the old one from scratch. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice for the office product code problem.

  6. My original desk top computer (A) came with “Office 2010” and I also paid to have the program (whose name escapes me now) that does charts and graphs and math, columns etc. When I had everything moved to a second computer (B) They told me the couldn’t move the charts and graphs program and I would just loose it, but they moved Office 10. Many of the icons in Office 10 wouldn’t open and they told me there was nothing they could do without the key. A couple year later I bought computer (C) and once again paid to have everything moved from (B) to (C). Now nothing in “Office 10” will open. I have heard that many people who upgraded to Windows 10 (as did I) could not run Office 10 and thus went back to Windows 7. Long story short, is there anything I can do to be able to open my Office 10 icons or to find my charts and graphs information. I still have computer (B) but not (A)

  7. I had an old computer that we paid for Office 2010. After 7 years of use the computer started acting funny and crashing so I backed up everything on an external hard drive.

    Shortly after my computer took its final breaths…lol!

    I now have a new computer with office 2016 on it.

    I hooked up the external hard drive and copies my office 2010 over to the new computer but it wont let me open my office 2010 because 2016 is installed, but its just the 14 day version.

    I assume they are forcing people to upgrade but I don’t have my original disks, they are somewhere in storage.

    anyway to bring my Office 2010 and get it to run in place of windows 2016?

    • Copying the installation from one computer to another won’t work, unless you mean you copied the installation files. Most programs must be installed from the original installation files to work.

      If you mean you are trying to install it from the installation files, and Windows won’t let you because of the installed trial version, then you can uninstall the trial version. It can be uninstalled the same way any program is uninstalled, by going to Programs and Features in the Control Panel and uninstalling it.

  8. I have run in to the same problem as Mr. Jones. It is part of a persistent practice in the computer industry to force perfectly acceptable applications into obsolescence. For some period of time, I intend to see what it’s like to live with OpenOffice.

  9. @Mark Jacobs RE: original installation files. Poster should have no trouble has long as they have the proper Office 2010 product key) on this Microsoft page to reinstall earlier versions of Office.
    Product key must be entered, and this will link to correct download page. I used this when migrating Office 2010 from a dead laptop to a new Surface Pro 3 (which has no optical drive) & again after the Surface was serviced under warranty.

  10. I just spoke with John Microsoft Tech who said I can’t uninstall off a computer that has used MS Office 2010 over 6 months. WHAT?
    I have original disk FPP 3 X and all three are on computers. I need to take off one with Windows 7 and put on another with Windows 10. Note: I have uninstalled the trial off of the W10. John also said he needed to access my computer. WHAT? Sounds not right to me.

    • Because you have to register it with them. In order for the internet to work all the millions of computers involved need to be able to recognize each other so they can “speak”. It has to be designed transparently that way. Your computer can get to the Microsoft site because it can recognize that site, and the Microsoft computer can also recognize your computer when you come so that you communicate. Microsoft doesn’t really know who you are exactly as a person. But can recognize which computers hold its licenses.

  11. Leo, I have a slightly different version of this issue. I’m not actually moving my installation of Office 2010 Professional Plus to a new machine, but I believe the net-net is about the same. My HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium has become infected to the point that I am going to reformat and start over. While undertaking such a pleasant task, I’ve decided to also upgrade my drive from the OEM’s 320GB to a 1TB drive I’ve purchased for this machine. In your license transfer process, you advise not uninstalling Office from Computer A until after it has been activated on Computer B. How should I modify the process since the hard drive that represents Computer A will no longer be viable?

  12. Hey Leon,
    I had Office 2016 installed and activated on my old PC. The calculator is now broken and I can not start it anymore. How can I deactivate or delete the Office 2016 license of the old PC in order to re-activate Office on the new computer?
    would it be sufficient to delete my old machine from the list of my devices on the Microsoft account or is there a special area for licenses?

  13. Microsoft will not allow it, we have 2010 wanted to transfer to a new one had the key and product ID, but although we took a photo from the key and the product ID, Microsoft claims in disregard of the photo proof, they do not have such a key. So we used a key finder and they gave exactly the same key and the same product ID, still Microsoft says not such a key. They took the money quick enough, but service that does not seems to be on their mind (never was, from experience).

  14. Hi Leo,

    I have Office 2010 installed on my desktop which recently crashed beyond repair. I’ve since purchased a new laptop. My question is, since that copy of Office2020 on that crashed PC is still valid, can I just use the installation disc to re-install it on my new laptop using the same product key? Or, how can I de-activate the copy on that crashed PC and then reinstall a new copy on the laptop?


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