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Disk Partitions

Can I Delete a Partition Without Losing Data?

Deleting a partition is a destructive operation, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the data it contains.

Partitions on a hard disk - conceptual.

What’s a Disk Partition?

Partitions allow a single physical disk drive to be treated as if it were multiple disks.

Should I partition my hard disk?

Should I Partition My Hard Disk?

Partitioning, or splitting a single physical hard drive into multiple drives, has pros and cons. I’ll look at those and make a recommendation.

Disk Management interface

How Do I View the Contents of My Hidden D: Drive?

Partitions may be hidden for good reasons. Here’s how to peek inside.

Disk Partitions

Do I Need All These Partitions?

Newer machines often come with multiple partitions. While it’s tempting to remove them, there’s little to be gained.

Shrink Volume

How do I create a new partition on my hard drive?

Multiple partitions can be useful at times. I’ll show you how to create a new partition by “splitting” an existing C: partition.

Disk Management

What’s a Dynamic Disk?

You probably have a basic disk and don’t need the functionality offered by dynamic disk support… even if that functionality is kind of cool.

Disk Management

Can I Make My C: Partition Bigger by Taking Space from D:?

Changing the layout of the hard disk make the C: partition bigger requires a few steps, and occasionally special tools.

Why does my 31 gig drive have only 10gig of space after formatting?

The part that concerns me most is why did the behavior change? I assume that you were able to access the partition we’re talking about without problem before that. Unfortunately in reformatting, you’ve probably lost any data that may have been out there. That’s partly what reformatting commonly does: erase the contents of the drive … Read more