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Can I use a second wireless access point to extend my wireless network?

Can I use a second wireless access point to extend my wireless network?

It depends on what you’re planning.

If your access points will be wired together, you’re probably okay. But if
you’re looking to use the wireless access point to avoid more wires … well,
as odd as that sounds, maybe not.

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If you plan to have both access points wired together, and perhaps placed a
fair distance apart then this should work. This diagram illustrates that

Working Wirless Setup

The important thing is that the access points are actually wired to each
other and, say, your internet connection.

On the other hand, if you want to connect some computers and the internet to
one wireless access point, and then connect some wired computers to the other
access point as in this diagram:

Non-Working Wirless Setup

And you’re expecting the access point to access point wireless connection to
act as a virtual extension cable then this will probably not work. Access Points
typically do not communicate with each other.

A better approach for small installations might be to set up a computer with
both a wireless card and an ethernet card, and then use connection sharing to
share the wireless connection to other computers on the ethernet connection.
The only drawback here is that you stand a good chance that these other
computers will essentially be “double NAT-ed” – which means that they are
effectively behind two NAT routers. The bottom line to that is that some
software will not work, and there’s a slight performance penalty.

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114 comments on “Can I use a second wireless access point to extend my wireless network?”

  1. Hi!
    There actually are special access points that do this by talking to each other on a different frequency, thus creating a kind of wireless “backbone” between the access points. But those are professional, and more expensive than the SOHO type.

  2. I have the exact setup as in the top diagram: two groups of computers each connected to a router, the routers wired together, one router connected to cable modem/internet. My problem is that the computers on the router NOT connected to the internet drop their internet connection constantly… on 10 mins. off 2, etc., regardless of whether the other group is being used or are even turned on. I have a 50 foot ethernet cable just plugged into a port on each router, do I need some sort of signal boost or ???

  3. 50ft seems fine. I have longer here at home. I’d make sure it’s the “uplink” port on the second router that’s being connected to the first, and that you have DHCP turned off on that one. Basically it needs to act as a fairly simple hub or switch only.

  4. Thanks, but I cannot find any mention of an “uplink” port in the router literature, only have WAN and ports 1-4, and is turning the DHCP off the same as turning it off on the computers? (One is a PC one is a Mac)

  5. Also both routers have wireless capability too if that could contribute, although we did try a hardwire only router for number 2 and no difference.

  6. The WAN port is the uplink port. (Same beast, different name.) Turning DHCP off means turning it off on the (2nd) router – routers provide DHCP, and you only want one of the two routers providing it … the one connected to the internet.

  7. On the second diagram, couldn’t you just use a bridge instead of the access point on the one that is connected to the ethernet?

  8. I’ve got two wireless routers hooked up with a 50 ft. ethernet cable. The first router has one of it’s LAN ports hooked up to the second one’s WAN port, and the first one’s WAN port is hooked up to a modem. The second one has DHCP disabled, and wireless enabled. My wireless computers seem to refuse to grab an IP address from either router, although either router hands out IP addresses just fine over ethernet.

    Any ideas? If it helps, router 1 is a D-Link DI-624 at (assigning between and and router 2 is a Microsoft MN-500 at, although it seems to like taking an IP dynamically from the first router.

  9. I am trying to do the second diagram with a MS MN-500 as the remote WAP. In the documentation it says this is possible “Adding to existing wireless networks” and that to put it into bridging mode. I haven’t been able to get it to work though.

  10. The comments above are largely on-target, but I thought I might be able to add a bit.

    I’ve got two wireless access points connected together to extend my network. One key is to connect the two together with a crossover ethernet cable, from one of the 4 ports on the first to one of the 4 ports on the second; ignore the WAN port on the second one – no connection should be made there.

    Other key points are that the ssid should be the same on both access points; set one access point to channel 1, the other to channel 6; set WEP configurations identically; and, turn off the DHCP server function on the second access point.

    Check out this link for additional pointers:

  11. Coming back to original diagrams. In the second situation yes is difficult if not impossible with some hardware to span a network with two access points. But replacing the 2nd wireless access point with a wireless bridge the network can span to both sides and provide WAN access to all clients.

  12. Hi,

    I have got some questions.

    I want to setup WLAN. Do WAPs have limitations on how many client PCs should be connecting to them over an Ethernet. If they do, how Pcs per a WAP?

    I recently implemented in-door WLAN and I had arround 660 pcs to be connected however the whole setup failed. The PCs were intermittently connected to the WAPs. All WAPs had the same SSID. The WAPs were first on roaming then I had to switch to dedicated.
    Does it mean I didn’t have enough WAPs to cover the whole PCs or the WAPs deployed were just too many? (FYI, I had taken into consideration the channeling method)

    WAPs used Dlik 2000AP+ (G) and Lynksys (can’t remember the model but it was B version)

    Adaptors used Dlink PCI Aiplus G, D-link PCI B and Lynksys WUSB B

    Appreciate you could assist me on this.


  13. Hi

    Thank you for your very good site. your site is so helpful.
    I have an question,we have a Ethernet lan Cat5e in a building with 2 switche D-Link 10/100 and a File Server and a Internet Server.
    We want to connect this Lan to 4 bulding that is 850m further. If the main Building is A, other bulding are B,C,D,E. The distance between this bulding is : A->B=580m, A->C=700m, A->D=835, A->E=840m, B->D=270m, B->E=280m, D->E=195m, E->C=150m. They are in direct vision.
    We want to use wireless lan card for computers that are in 4 building and connect them to main Lan.
    we want to use 2 access point for each bulding. one access point inside a building and one access point on the Antenna (for 4 building)and one access point for the main Lan for connect to the switch.
    In alll of 4 Buildings we have Maximum 20 computers.
    Is it a true plan? Would you please help me? Should you suggest the better map? Do 2 access point need for every building?

    Thabnks alot

    your sincerely,


  14. My initial reaction is that the buildings are too far apart for standard wireless to work to get the connectivity to each building. There are wireless solutions for the situation you describe, but they’re not as simple as just setting up an access point. If possible, I’ll seriously look into a wired solution to get the network to each building. Then, within each building wireless sounds great, but the number of access points will depend on the size of the building and any other radio interference.

  15. My company is trying to make me set up a WLAN so that 2 DWL-AP2000+ wireless routers are basically sending the exact same signal, the intention is that somebody connecting on a laptop can simply walk from one room to another, and seamlessly pick up the signal from the 2nd router. Is this possible?

  16. I have a home network with a DSL modem feeding directly into a wireless router with 4 ports in the basement. Connected to this router via Cat5 cable are four computers, one of which is on the second floor. My kids are getting older and will soon need their own computers on the second floor (which is not within wireless range of the router in the basement). I have a second wireless router in hand and was wondering if I could use this as an access point/hub for the second floor so that any new computers could access the network/internet via a wireless connection?

    I have also noticed that if I connect a hub to the wireless router in the basement, I lose port #1 on the router. So, if I can do the above, can I plug a hub (which I have) into one port of my basement router and from this connect my hardwired computers as well as the cable feeding the wireless router on the second floor?

    I think I’ve tried to make this simple problem as complex as possible, but I would like to see if I can use equipment I have in hand to save $$$.


  17. I have a issue… I have a laptop that has wireless g & B.. My home has a G access point and my office has a B access point. I installed everything and worked fine at the office. Connected to B just fine. I then went home, installed the new software and connected to G just fine. Now when I go back to the office I cannot find the B access point. Is there any way to get my laptop to work with both B & G upon transferring my laptop from home and work?

  18. Alex: You should be able to add the accesspoint to your setup, yes. Because it’s also a router, make sure to turn off DHCP on it … the router connected to your DSL modem will provide that.

    You should also be able to connect the hub as you described.

    All sounds good.

  19. Dear sir,
    i am from a multinational comapny..and iam from IT department, actually i am locking for wireless access point and Wireless LAN at wide area please send me info about my reauarement thanks
    Afzal Bhutto
    IT Department

  20. With regard to the second diagram. You say that “this will probably not work. Access Points typically do not communicate with each other.”

    This seems to imply that it is possible?

    Under what circumstances will this work. It would save me a lot of work if this can be achieved.



  21. Hi
    Im adding a voip phone to my system. However Im not hardwires via ethernet. My wirless signal is good. My question is whenther Im able to plug my voip to my unused ethernet card? And feed my voip hardware from my wireless router.

  22. Duncan: you really want the VOIP equipment to be as close to the source of your internet as possible. So wired, and probably right off of your broadband connection.

  23. hi.
    I have a problem with connecting two dlink wireless access points. I have tried using one as a repeater and other alternatives yet i couldn’t get a solution to it. I want someone to put me through the steps involved. Also how can i make the two wireless access points to communicate with each other.

  24. Dear people,
    I have two enterprise level wireless bridges Master and Slave to connect two LAN segments. The distance between two wireless bridges are 800ft. Both the bridges are connected to high gain antennas. The problem is it works for a while and automatically gets disconnected. But after doing a powercycle it comes back up. I have tried upgrading firmware too but problem still persists.


  25. well i got a situation here..

    i got two Dlink DI-624 wireless routers.. Router A and Router B ..i have Router A connectected to the cable modem and everythings i want to connect Router B upstairs..where the signal strenght is not good..very low..( yah i know i could have got an AP only ..but forget it now ) Router B goes upstairs….
    now the problem is how do i connect these two.??!!

    Router A has its base address as and its DHCP range to…
    from whatever i have read in the understanding goes like this…

    1) login to the Router B and disable the DHCP server it in .. ( so far so good )
    2) remove the default IP of the Router B and give it another IP within the same subnet of Router A ( for eg.
    3) leave the WAN port of Router B as it is ..
    4) connect any one of the LAN ports of Router A to one of the LAN ports of Router B .. with a …HERES MY BIG CONFUSION..DO I USE A STRAIGHT CABLE OR A CROSS CABLE ???? ( i was gng to use cross )
    5) the SSID of both the routers should be same.. BUT the channel should be different ( channel 1 in A and channel 6 in B) OR SHOULD THE CHANNELS BE SAME TOO ??!!!

    heres my confusion …

    1) should the base address of Router B ( should be in the range within that of Router A ( – ?? or start from 0.51 only

    2) when the wireless PC connects through Router B ..what should be the default gateway of the PC ?? ( base address of Router A ) ??

    should i be able to use the Internet and the LAN from the wireless PC via Router B now ???

    thanks in advance …

  26. Hi,

    Why bother using the wired cables to connect the access point. Use the wireless repeaters/extenders.

    1. Netgear Wireless Access WG602 54 Mbps Wireless Access Point ($70)


    You can use either of them without having to connect the ethernet cable from your existing router or hub. It will solve problems of all of you guys.


  27. Is there any access point made that can connect wirelessly direct to a wireless router, rather than to another access point? In other words, I want to plug a CAT-5 cable into a wireless device, and have that wireless device talk to my network as if it were a wireless card in a PC. The end-user machine in question is not a PC, so putting in a LAN card is not an option. I would like to avoid having 2 wireless AP’s talking to each other. I want:
    [wireless router] [ap] [end device]
    [wireless router] [ap] [ap] [end device]
    So, does any suitable AP exist for this purpose?

    thanks and kind regards

  28. To answer Rei’s question. What you need is a AP thhat can act as an AP client. I have used the excellent Dlink 2100AP which you can connect to the end user machine using an ethernet and then set it as in AP client which in affect tells it to act as a wireless network card.It can also work as a repeater and connct to another AP to extend your network range which is what I am using it for




  32. In your second illistration you show the two wireless routers completely seperated.

    I am wondering if it would be ok to have one wireless router connected wirelessly to PC A and from PC A also having a wired NIC card wired to another routher which would be wired to PC B, could this give the other PC a share of the Internet connection which is connected to the wireless router connected wirelessly to PC A??

  33. I would not suggest doing that what i did was connect router a to my dsl modem and router b to router a with a network cable from upstairs to downstairs. What this will do is extend your wireless internet coverage and also give you 3 more wired ports to go to other pc’s or what ever you want to use the other 3 ports for. If you wirelessly bridge your wireless network is 10 times slower. Its best to go wired on the routers and then wirelessly connect any laptops or pc’s that you might want to hook up to the network.

    Also getting two wrt54g routers is hughly reccomended. Then upgrading the routers firmware so you can get a broader wireless internet coverage on both routers. This firmware will boost the wireless signal 1500 feet or more.

  34. HI I have a router WRT54G upgraded firmware, downstairs, and I would like to extend the wireless range upstairs to third floor without them connected by wires. The Router has a DHCP enabled from and upwards and has a static IP of I have bought a wireless access point to go upstairs, I have set this up as a repeater which points to the routers wireless MAC address. Both have the same SSID, separate channels, same WPA encryption key. The AP has a static ip of and gateway I can’t ping the access point from the router and for some reason I dont see the SSID of the access point.. and the range upstairs is still the same.I am really confused and would really like your help. Thank you

  35. I have managed to connect two routers/access points together wirlessly. What you need:

    1.WDS option enabled
    2.Turn off DHCP on the second router.
    3.Give second router an IP address withing the range of first router.
    4.Put first MAC address to the WDS onto the second and vice versa.
    6. Use same Security on BOTH (keys/channel etc).
    7. You can add more access points to it using the above.

    P.S. Linksys WRT54 routers can be upgraded using non-linksys firmware to enable WDS.

    Best regards

  36. I have an existing wireless network setup with my neightbours. This is configured as a bridge to bridge and the access point is on my side connected to my modem/rounter. My neighbours have purchased a second PC (Laptop) and want to tap into the network. How do I achieve this? At present sometimes the laptop taps in and someyimes it doesnt. I am under the impression it shouldnt be able to at all…..

  37. Ok I have a netgear wireless router and a Linksys wireless access point router. The netgear router is upstairs and is connected to a cable modem. I want to be able to access the netgear router without hardwiring them together- to get on the internet from downstairs. Can I use my Linksys WAP router to work like a wireless network card? I have tried to access the network through the Linksys router connected to my laptop with an ethernet cable. But cannot seem to establish communication. Is it possible to do this? I have searched but not found a way. PLEASE HELP.

  38. This might help a little bit. I just sucessfully configured my wireless routers this morning, on my first attempt,thanks God. Here are what you should do,
    1. Configure the first wireless router as it is supposed to be.
    2. Connect the second wireless router via cable to computer, and enter its IP address to configure.Reset all settings to the original and set SSID and channel similar to the first router and lastly at LAN IP set IP to any valid range. In my case I set to because the valid range for my first router was thru 299. Dont forget to unchecked DHCP, save and turn off.
    3. Pull your second router to your room and connect the other end of the cable to the first router. Power up and enjoy. I have excellent conncection

  39. My setup is like top diagram except the present router at left side of diagram, in the library, is not wireless. To use a laptop in library it must be connected to router by ethernet cable.

    The library, where the cable modem and router are located, is isolated from rest of house, and wireless signals do not penetrate the library walls.

    The WAP at right side of diagram, connected by cat 5 cable is an 802.11b Orinoco RG-1000, with DHCP turned off to act as pass-through. That WAP has wirelessly served all of house except the library for years.

    To carry a laptop in and out of library, I have to connect or disconnect ethernet cable, and reboot computer, to switch between ethernet connection (in library) and wireless connection (out of library).

    I want to replace current non-wireless router in library with a wireless ‘b/g’ router. I want to connect the existing ‘b’ WAP to the new ‘b/g’ wireless router, just as it is currently connected to the non-wireless router, with cat 5 cable.

    My hope is that I will then be able to seamlessly carry a laptop in and out of library, getting wireless signal inside the library (from new ‘b/g’ wireless router) and outside library (from existing cat 5 connected ‘b’ WAP).

    Will this work?

    Will I be able to carry a laptop in and out of library without losing signal?

    Will the laptop switch back and forth between the ‘b’ and ‘b/g’ WAPS as I carry it in and out of library? Will laptop lose signal as it switches back and forth between ‘b’ WAP and ‘b/g’ WAP?

    Will the laptop have good signal when it is in an area simultaneously covered by signal from both ‘b’ WAP and ‘b/g’ WAP, or will it get “confused?”

    Should SSID and channels be set the same on both WAP’s?

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

  40. Dear Adnan,

    What is the 2nd wireless router/access point you bought? This is exactly what I need to do. I want to connect 3 devices in my basement using a 2nd wireless router/access point.

    ==your post===
    I have managed to connect two routers/access points together wirlessly. What you need:

    1.WDS option enabled
    2.Turn off DHCP on the second router.
    3.Give second router an IP address withing the range of first router.
    4.Put first MAC address to the WDS onto the second and vice versa.
    6. Use same Security on BOTH (keys/channel etc).
    7. You can add more access points to it using the above.

    P.S. Linksys WRT54 routers can be upgraded using non-linksys firmware to enable WDS.

    Best regards

  41. My main network with an Actiontec router in the basement with 2 wired systems and a wireless Wii connection. I have some wireless dead spots in the house so I want to add my old Dlink DI-624 directly wired to the actiontec router, and use it as an access point in the attic to cover the whole house. I have all settings made and everything works fine. But before I turn on the wireless on the DI-624 My question is, can/should I use the same SSID and passkey for both? Will they “fight” if I am in range of both wifi’s with a wireless laptop?

  42. I am using my neigbors access point for my internet useing a usb wireless adapter and i would like to know if i can somehow hook up a router using a usb adapter without haveing a wired ethernet connection.What i am trying to do is hook up another computer in my home using a linskys wireless router which connects to my neigbors access point using a wirelless usb adater.

  43. Dear Experts,
    I have two Networks one is on the 3rd floor of my office building & 2nd is on the 7th floor.

    I’ve connected my 1st wirelss router with wireless LAN CARDS. Now i want to connect my another router which is on 8th floor.

    I need you help that how do i connect my 2nd router ?

    1. Through a Ethernet (Switch) to 2nd Router Ethernet port.

    2. Any Other Suitable Way?

    If 1st is ok then i’ve one more problem i want to assign Statically IP to my all Computers Adapter.

    Please help me out from this problem.

    & send me as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards


  44. hey jack
    can you post the exact sets you took to have the two wireless routrs to conect each wirelessy>
    include ip addresses, for computers routers etc, also the features that eed to be turned on both routers

  45. hey jack
    please explain this step;-
    4.Put first MAC address to the WDS onto the second and vice versa.
    please indicate how to carry out that instructio

  46. Well Guys. I have actually used two wireless routers without physically connecting them and extended the wireless range greatly.

    I used a basic netgear router and then an old BT hub and it works great.

  47. Hi Leo, I just upgraded my internet connection to a wireless one. I was talking to one of my neighbors and he said he was able to connect to my internet from his laptop but with not too much signal. He asked me if it was ok to connect to my internet if he bought a WAP for better signal. Can he do that just by buying an Access Point and plugging it in HIS house.

    Than you,


    A plain WAP would need a cable back to your house. There are repeaters I think that he could use, or depending on the specific wireless card he has, he might be able to put a larger/stronger antenna on it.

    – Leo
  48. hello,i want to use a wireless router into my cable networking that i’ve installed.
    i’ve made a connection like this:

    Internet –> ASDL Modem –> 8 ports ethernet switch –> Wireless router –> Laptop

    The problem is i can’t connect to the internet via the wireless router.but i can connect via cable from the ethernet switch.
    What’s exactly the problem?
    I’ve turned off DHCP and UPNP on the wireless router.also give a spesific ip address to it.
    My default gateway is and i give the wireless router
    i’ve plug the ethernet cable from ethernet switch to ethernet port on the wireless router (not the Internet port).
    is that correct?
    or maybe i forget something important?

  49. hi leo,
    i just wanna ask u something about my wireless access point.
    here we have many access point but i have this big problem.
    the A access point connect to B access point using transiver.
    then i can ping both of access point.
    but now problem is, when i connect to A access point i seen that cant ping the B access point.
    when i connect using B access point i cant ping A access point.
    u have any idea how to solved this problem??
    thanks for ready my post.

  50. Hi I have a laptop connected to my router with ethernet. can i use the laptop as a wireless access point. My router is also wirless but does not reach to where my wired laptop is.

    hope you can understand what I am asking . thanks steve.

  51. I am trying to set up my network to equal the first diagram. Two wirelss access points connected to the same router. Can you tell me the specific settings for the two access points. Do the WAP have to use different SSID names, and broadcast on different channels. I sure these are all very basic questions.


  52. This is completely wrong.
    I have setup long distance wireless LANs using Linksys WAP54g access points.
    I have a home office with cable internet and I had to tie in a trailer at a construction site about a block away. I used 2 Linksys WAP54Gs with External Hawking directional antennas. It worked perfectly for over a year until we moved the trailer. The key is to use the same brand/model at each end.

    I’ve since used the same WAP54Gs at home as external wireless NICs for an old iMac that I didn’t want to upgrade with an airport card. I’m now using the same WAP to connect my Direct TV HD Receiver to the wireless network to download my On demand movies. I can easily stick a switch on that end and add as many devices as I want.

    It’s do-able and easy. Leo, you should check your facts before publishing that this would ‘probably’ not work.

  53. Great bit of advice, and I hadn’t even thought about the negative translation effects. However I believe manufactures could design a router that allowed the router to logon to one network location, then you could setup a new LAN. In fact it probably wouldn’t be that difficult. Not much of a demand though.

  54. Hi Leo
    You say that using a WAP as an extender works when wired to a router adsl modem but maybe not wirelessly. Is this really impossible? I want to extend the wirless range of the router but wiring in the WAP next to it doesn’t do that.
    TIA Rex

    Something called a “wireless repeater” may be able to.

    – Leo
  55. Access Point could be used as a repeater to extend coverage of a WLAN. More APs could be added to the chain, as long as they are configured as repeaters apart from the root(first) AP.

    So guys, Edy specifically. Dont panic, it is possible to use many APs to extend the coverage. According to Leo’s theory, extending Wireless coverage with wire connected between APs doesnt really make sense to me.

    Guys just search for how to configure them as repeaters and how far you need to put them apart.

    hope this helps,

  56. i use an engenius ap contected to my router to extend my wifi and until a few days ago it ran very well, but i am having problems staying connected now, the ap has the dhcp turned off as it gets this from my router is this the correct way to have it set up? my friend lives close by and uses my ap to go on the net she has an ethernet bridge set up to get onto my ap that has a fixed ip so she dosent use dhcp and she has no problems staying on line, can you please addvise me on the best settings to use, thank you.

  57. I have a D-Link Dir-625 connected to my modem on my top floor with the wireless network set up. I have a laptop 2 floors below running off the wifi. My question is I have 2 wired desktops in the basement next to the laptop. Is it possible to use my D-Link Di-524 and connect that to my laptop, therefore sharing the wireless connection from the laptop to the wired desktops through this router- I would like to do this rather than spend money on a dedicated wireless bridge, as the desktops are only on when the laptop is on.

  58. Similarly to David way back in December, I’m considering either having two access points or one access point and a repeater. If the coverage of the two signals intersect what kind of interference problems can occur? Could there be a problem with the requesting computer receiving the same packet multiple times?

  59. Its possible i connect internet & sharing network to my office and my house?

    this is the set up. My house near from my office its around 150 meters away i have a dsl in my office.but in my house i have no internet connection its possibly i connect using AP to AP connection? In my office i have 3 computers 1 router & 1 AP.In my house i have 16 port HUB & 1 AP 1 computer…pls help me… thanks

  60. I’m trying to setup something like the second diagram in the article except by using wireless routers which cannot be wired together. My situation is kind of strange and I need to have my router provide a way for my two hardwired computers to access the internet. Any ideas on if this is possible and if so, how I’d set up my wireless router?

  61. Toyang:

    I’m trying to do this. On this momment I have two 2.4ghz antennas looking to each other on a 900 feets distance. I had some problems with the routers I got (ALFA NETWORKS) I have to solve this problem until the weekend so you can email me next week and I’ll tell you how I solved this configuration.

    Its possible i connect internet & sharing network to my office and my house?

  62. Hi Leo, I’m trying to setup a wireless connection in my home, is it possible I can use a accesspoint as my internet connection.I have wireness router and accesspoint connected on the same network.I wont to use my wireness modern to commicate with my wifi and I wont to connnect my desktop to my wireless moder using a ethernet cable.will this work

  63. You can extend an unsecure wireless signal as long as it is on the same channel and use the same SSID. But that will still be leeching and is illegal in some countries.

  64. Ethan, for the second diagram to work, the second wireless access point must function as a repeater. So it must be able to function as a “client” and a “server” concurrently. Most wireless routers don’t do that but there are wireless access points that have that functionalities. Linksys & Belkin calls them Range Extender and DLink calls the Repeaters but they refer to the same thing.

  65. Dear Mr. Leo

    i have problem to configure my network
    i have a desktop with MSI motherboard have two ethernet with XP OS and i installed wireless card for my wirless enternet.

    the wirless is ok with me and working fine, but i have issues when i want to connect my desktop with my brother desktop wire network.

    i already configure the IP adress for both computers and it was connected but when i want to open the other computer to see the sharing files that i already shared it wont open and i noticed it use the wireless network for searching not the ethernet that i already connected it with the other computer.

    but in the end it manage to open the other computer from the wirless network (the other desktop have also wireless) not from the wire network.

    please help me in this i dont know what to do and i searched alot but unable to find a solution for this.

  66. I have acquired a bw-54r11 wireless-g broadband router. i was told that it can act as a client and server concurrently, is this true? If so, how can i set it up as a second WAP to extend range?

  67. I have a slightly different but related question. The best place for me to connect my internet ASDL moden router is in a room surrounded by thick walls. I therefore struggle to pick up a connection from elsewhere in the house. The alternative of putting it on the end of a very lond telephone extension somewhat weakens the signal. I need to be able to connect one PC, 3 laptops an Xbox and a PS3 (kids just love technology)

    I seemed to have collected 3 routers over the last year and have at my disposal: a Belkin N Wireless Modem Router Part Number F5D8633uk4A, a Netgear DG834 v2 wireless ADSL modem router and a
    D-Link DSL-2640R Router.

    Now the question is – can I connect one of my routers at the telephone point and then use one of the others to extend the range of my wireless (possibly using homeplugs 200mbs).

    Not particularly technically minded, but there must be a simple way of giving coverage to most if not all of house. Have tried all three routers individually, but none can get to all areas of the house and if using homeplugs don’t really want to be bound by wired connections. Could I use homeplugs to get the signal upstairs and then use one of the other routers to extend to the rest of the house??

    Any help much appreciated.


  68. I have a wireless access point which connected a home netword there is 10 pc and i want to connect a second access point how can i do this please help me

  69. I use a mini yagi antenna to receive a wireless signal on my laptop but the cord keeps me limited. Is there a router or device that accepts the yagi’s usb male end that I can use to broadcast the signal around my home? And then recieve with my built in wireless card?

  70. id like to have someone e-mail how i could set up a 2nd wireless router.i got the new one runing all 4 of the desk tops and the wireless is working good…i want to set up the 2nd router so i can let the cottage renters use that wireless router . the main router is a Linksys WRT320N..i have a cat 5 wire going from that to the netgear switch to another room for the 2nd router that is a linksys like to run a cat 5 wire down to beach house off from the 2nd router so they could connected hard wired also…but mainly it be used wireless….thanx for any help you can give me .

  71. Good article. Want to confirm following: will both APs have same SSID;same channel; same WEP key and same IP subnet. I have one DLINK 2640(DSL modem+AP+router) and DWL 3200AP. Can you suggest best solution; further the cat cable connecting two APS is crossover or straight cable?

  72. I have two wireless access points i would like to connect that for extend the network throw wireless access point pls help

  73. I am trying to set up an extended wireless network with an additional wireless router. The main router is a Linksys and the Second Router is a Netgear WNR 3500. I am going to try and hook to the linksys port and run a cat 5E about 300 feet to the Netgear wireless router. Can you help expain to me how I will accomplish this feat. My goal is to extend my wireless network 300 feet away with the Netgear router. thanks

    You really want to add an access point. This more current article has more: How do I best extend my wireless network for laptop access?


  74. I am trying to find a way to get the internet in a different room. my network is setup like this. the modem is in one room of the house it has a wired computer hooked to it as well as wireless, my laptop is connected in a different room via the wireless, I have two computers in this room that are wired computers I have a d-link DI-524 router I want to share the internet from the laptop through the router to the other two computers. please e-mail me if you have thoughts of ho to get it to work. thanks

  75. Hi – can you tell me how to connect a wereless router to another wireless router without using an ethernet cable?
    I have a modem / router downstairs that the wireless laptop and Wii run off. At present I have a long ethernet cable trailing through the house to the upstairs where I have another router (without modem) connecting my office desktop and xbox via ethernet. I want to emiliminate the trailing wire if possible – downstairs the router is a Sagem (from Sky) and upstairs is a Belkin Wireless G router. I have tried setting that up as a wireless bridge, but althoug it says it’s connected – I can’t ping the IP of the sky router. I hope you can help! Thanks.

  76. Practical need for AP to AP.

    I have a RV with mostly metal clad siding. I pull into a RV/camping place that offers WiFi. Due to the metal I have to, many times, use my laptop outside of the RV. I would like to use an AP, extend the rubber duck, to the outside of the RV and then inside just cable my laptop to the AP. What I’m looking for is an AP that can be setup, like a PC, to be an end point (or wireless client).

    I understand that you can, with some brands, setup master/repeater modes but this requires configuring both the master and slave.

    Is there an AP that would support this configuration?

    You’re not really looking for an access point. There are standalone repeaters that do pretty much what you’re looking for. Just search amazon or other store for “Wifi repeater”.

  77. I have a wireless network outdoor( Zyexl )that is already connected to ADSL internet connection and broadcasting very well to all client wireless, i have configured the DSL as DHCP to the Access point (Zyexl) and the clients
    my question is
    1-how can i extend coverage of the internet connection more far connecting to the Zyexl access point ?
    2-How can i use same SSID ?
    I tried to connect another access point (D-Link) as WDS+Access point but the internet connection cannot be extended

  78. Hi,

    I have a scenario very similar to the one you’ve depicted in 1st figure. With a slight difference. I need the AP to “tell” to client to dissociate from itself and join another AP, the calculation being performed based on a metric I define.

    Is there any way I can communicate from AP to client to do that? What changes would I need to make in Windows Wireless API at client side?

  79. My question is how can we plus 2 DSL like 1mb each and than we will get 2mb from both ?
    and which device is useful for access point ?

  80. I actually have a question. I have a Verizon Fios router. My desktop works with the router, but the laptop has no internet access outside of the room where the modem is plugged and the ethernet cable is plugged into the laptop. If I uplug the cable and leave the room, I no longer have any internet access. I want to use the linksys router to enable me to have internet access in other rooms in the house. This way, I am trapped in this room. Verizon has been no help? I am desperate. Can you help me?

  81. Weel i used two tp link routers to extend my network annd I was successful. I enabled the wireless bridging entered the mac addresses as specified turned of DHCP on the secondary router then named it something different to stop that conflict. the downside is when i get into the other network i have to switch ssid but that can be easily fixed by choosing to join network automatically.

  82. I have three home computers connected via a HomePlug network to my Wi-fi Router. I get a connection speed of 100 Mbps via my domestic power cabling. But two of my computers also have built in Wi-fi. If I leave this on I get 65 Mbps via the Wi-fi connection to the router. Am I in fact getting a throughput of 165 Mbps? Or is it an either/or situation where data either goes at 100 or at 65 Mbps? Would you advise leaving leaving both “channels” on or switching of the wifi?

    It varies, but in general it’s one or the other. I can’t see anything wrong with leaving them both on, but in your shoes I’d probably turn off the slower of the two.


  83. Use DD-WRT or Tomato firmware to get the client bridge setting on a lot of wireless routers. They are both easy to set up with this option and there are some videos on youtube about it.

  84. sir,i have access point in house on first floor which is connnected with ethernet to PC,..and now i bought new PC which is placed in basement of my house.QUESTION-now,i have to buy new access point TO CONNECT PC WITH ACCESS POINT or there is any other way, …if yes,,from where i order new access point ,,plz telll me

  85. @jagit
    Connecting to the wireless router on the first floor from the basement will depend on distance, and if there are any interfering electronics between the two. Very likely, you can connect easily from the basement as you are under the router.

  86. Do you know any other way around this issue? This is my situation. I have 3 buildings, lets say A,B and C. I have my router (connected to my ISP) on building A and I need to provide internet to building B which is 50 feet away and building C which is about 80 feet away. I don’t want to use wired connections, what would be your solution to this configuration? Thanks
    Gabriel Bento
    Internet Marketing Services

    Search for better antennas and/or “wireless repeater”.

  87. I would like to pursue your diagram #1. We have Charter’s router connected to the internet – can we just purchase a 2nd access point from Best Buy and connect it via rj45? Any other considerations? We have brick walls in our home preventing signal sharing through to the other end of the house. Thank you for your feedback. Dave

    Yes you can. You’ll want an access point, not a router.


  88. I purchased a wireless router to connect to my landlord’s network. (comes with the rent). I can connect my desktop with a usb device, but cannot get the wireless router to pick it up. I want to use the router in order to hook up my internet phone line. The router keeps asking for a modem, the landlord has the modem etc. in his part of the house same level but the front unit. I cannot figure out how to get the router to pick up the signal. Can you help?

    It’s unclear how you’re connecting to the your landlord-provided internet. Wired? Wireless? A normal router requires a wired internet connection.


  89. DSL connected to wireless router which is configured with SSID, default gateway, security, etc.. Desktop computer connected via ethernet cable to router. Two laptops connect wirelessly.
    Now, run another ethernet cable from router to the opposite side of house and attach an Access Point there with a static IP address (outside the DHCP range of the router). When I configure that AP, do I use the same wireless settings (i.e. SSID and security) as in my router? What do I *NOT* configure?

    If you can let the access point use DHCP to get an IP address from the router, it’ll be less problematic in the long run.
    There’s conflicting advice on SSIDs with multiple access points. I run my with different SSIDs (so I can see what I’m connecting to), different channels to reduce interference if possible, but with the same security settings.

  90. I have a Cisco Linksys Wireless-G Home Router wired/connected to a PPPoE connection. I am able to connect my laptop or any device to the router via WiFi. But, if I go to other floors of the same building, I don’t get the signal. What will solve this? Please help.

  91. I said: DSL connected to wireless router which is configured with SSID, default gateway, security, etc.. Desktop computer connected via ethernet cable to router. Two laptops connect wirelessly.
    Now, run another ethernet cable from router to the opposite side of house and attach an Access Point there with a static IP address (outside the DHCP range of the router). When I configure that AP, do I use the same wireless settings (i.e. SSID and security) as in my router? What do I *NOT* configure?

    Leo replied: If you can let the access point use DHCP to get an IP address from the router, it’ll be less problematic in the long run.
    There’s conflicting advice on SSIDs with multiple access points. I run my with different SSIDs (so I can see what I’m connecting to), different channels to reduce interference if possible, but with the same security settings.

    My wrap-up question:
    So, Leo, in your environment with different SSIDs, if you ‘walk around’ with your laptop moving from one network zone to another, will your laptop automatically connect to the stronger signal of the different network? seamlessly? w/o loss of connection/data?

    Thanks again!

    It will disconnect and reconnect. I’m not sure, but that may well be true of the access points have the same SSID. I could be wrong. It’s certainly never been a problem for me.

  92. Hello Leo.
    I have read through most of the questions and answers that everyone has said here but I seem to be a little confused and even people from TP-Link and Cisco give the same answer as you have in regards to the wireless accesspoint to wireless accesspoint not working. But what is the difference between my wireless pci card in my workshop accessing the accesspoint in my office while also while at the same, the pci card is connected to a switch in the workshop in which I can have up to 16 computers connected at the same time. And it works.
    Because of that setup, the pci card is acting as an accesspoint for my network in the workshop which is connecting to the accesspoint in my office which then connects to the internet. I know I have to have the workshop computer turned on for this to happen but it suits me because I may need to use my computer anyway. So in a sense, the pci card is an accesspoint. Why can’t this be done the same way with an actual accesspoint to accesspoint setup.

  93. @Ceej – your connection will drop if you have same SSID different AP and you move around with a laptop the only to prevent this that i have come across is a box dedicated to Internet connection. what this box does is kind of like a router but for internet only (you can probably put on firewall and other services on it like mail server without impacting the speed of downloads too much). So what happens now is that this box sits right at your internet source and watches all traffic and caches internet requests and responses. so you want to download a file and click on a link. the box intercepts the executable (or other types of files) and downloads it to itself and then when it is finished prompts you like a normal download would this methodology will a) keep the connection active if the file is being downloaded b) download from the box to you will be fast and future attempts to get this file would be from cache and without wasting internet bandwidth c) even if you disconnect the resume enabled nature of local fine transfer will keep your download going as you walk around the house with your device in your hand. Of course what i did required a lot of hardware and lots of time maintaining it but for a hobbyist or a professional that is just the cost of getting a feature.

    @Dennis access point to accesspoint wireless connection can be done with some AP’s, wireless bridge as mentioned by Leo in other articles and using customized software on old routers. however this kind of connection is prone to several problems which may make it a nightmare to implement. a) wireless connections between the two AP’s will be very sensitive to average density of mass between them. meaning that even if you pass by between the wireless AP their communications can be disturbed, as in temporarily lowered bandwidth or at worst a momentary disconnection. b) even if the connection does not drop the wireless spectrum will be interfered with by other devices specially in the 2.4 ghz range e.g microwaves. However in your case if you have not seen any troubles you might be able to setup the wireless AP. my suggestion would be to use two old cheap routers from ebay or kijiji and load ddwrt, openwrt or tomato etc on them. then use the AP setting to control how you would like your setup to be. it should be a fairly painless and cheap solution. i’d expect around $50 total and 2 hours to setup. see wikis on the site for whichever version of firmware you choose for your routers.

  94. Thanks Leo. Your article was very clear. However, I need a step-by-step configuration of two WAPs in a home network.



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