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Captions and Caption Options on YouTube

Tip of the Day: YouTube Captions

YouTube Search

Tip of the Day: Remember the Second Most Popular Search Engine

What is it about YouTube and comments?

What is it about YouTube and comments?

Youtube comments seem to bring out the absolute worst in humanity. I’ll explain the approach I’m taking to my Youtube videos.


Does downloading use the same amount of bandwidth as just watching a Youtube video?

Streaming video sites often have some special features that make the answer more complicated than it would seem. I’ll explain what’s happening in each of these cases.

Why do Youtube videos start and stop when they didn’t used to?

Fast really isn’t what it used to be, but there are ways that you may be able to keep from upgrading all your equipment just to enjoy online video.

Video Progress Bar

How Can I View Online Video Without the Starts and Stops?

Online video is becoming more and more popular, but it often assumes you have a fast connection. If you don’t, video playback can be affected.