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What is it about YouTube and comments?


So what it is it about YouTube and comments?

I’m Leo Notenboom for

Last week I mentioned at the close of my video that I would be turning off, I would not have comments on YouTube and that in fact I would be directing you to to leave comments on that video. I’ll be doing the same again today.

The issue is comments on YouTube quickly and frequently and often devolve into, the best word I can come up with is a cesspool. Especially if you are female, the amount of ugly, nasty comments that end up getting posted or if you have a controversial view of any sort or something that people just don’t agree with instantly and even sometimes if you do, then it seems like if you’re not a cat video or you not some kind of humor parody video, it’s going to get tons of comments from trolls; everything from hate speech to profanity to who knows what.

I don’t want to deal with that. I just don’t.

I don’t know what it is about YouTube that brings that out in people but it does. YouTube’s this huge platform. Comments are essentially unmoderated. I don’t know that there’s anything that I can do at the individual comment level if I were to have them enabled.

So, what I choose to do instead is direct you to my platform – to my website Ask Leo! On Ask Leo! you can post your comments on this or any video or any article for that matter and

A) it will be read. I will read it or one of my assistants will read it.

B) It will be moderated.

The way we moderate is a little different than many sites. What we do is we actually post the comment live pretty much immediately. You may have to hit “refresh” in order to see the comment right away but it will appear, and then within 24 hours, one of us is going to read it, one of us is going to weed out the spam and the trolls.

That leaves the commenting in my control and your control. In other words, you and I get to decide what gets said on my website. Trolls are not allowed. Spam is not allowed except for the occasional one that makes it through the spam filter and those get weeded out pretty quick.

That’s, I believe, the right way to deal with it.

I also don’t want to involve third parties. Now there are comment moderation or comment handling systems like Facebook. There are a lot of places where you go to comment you have to login with some kind of Facebook account or there are other third parties where you end up having to create an account if you want your name to show up with your comment.

That’s nice and all that; I just don’t want to give up that control.

Ultimately, I’m a control freak. I want our conversation between you and me. I don’t want some third party involved in that. That’s why at then end of this video, at the end of other videos and at the end of every article, that’s where I’ll be directing you to to leave your comments.

So, with that having been said, I should post a link right up here that will be to this article to the post containing this video, on

There, leave a comment. Let me know what you think. What’s your theory about why YouTube is such a mess? What do you think we ought to be doing about it? What’s the right answer? Is the approach that I’m’ taking a reasonable one? There are some costs involved in doing it this way, but I think that they’re an important cost to be paid. I think that having a rational discussion, a thoughtful discussion between individuals is important and I don’t want things like trolls and spam to be getting in between us so let me know what you think.

Go to the website, leave your comment there and I look forward to hearing from you. They all get read. I may not respond to absolutely every one of them but they absolutely all do get read and I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

That’s it for this week. I’ll see you again next week.

I’m Leo Notenboom for

Have a great week.

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95 comments on “What is it about YouTube and comments?”

  1. This is a great way to do this.
    I think “Youtube-comments” is just a playground for trolls.
    Keeping the option to moderate, on your own site, saves your audience from having to swim through the vile bile.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. You tube is a playground for trolls. I made a comment on some obscure video and I thought it was between me and one person. Come to find out my comment linked and it is the first thing anybody sees when they do a google search on me. The vitriolic comments made to me and about me were hateful. I cant imagine making a character assessment about somebody based on what they find on the internet anyways. There is a lot of false information out there. Hackers, spammers and people who live on the computer need to get out more and meet people face to face rather than take anonymous potshots at someone. I think most social media has become a bully platform and it has been known to destroy reputations. The internet acronym WWW truly does stand for the wild wild west. Anything goes on the comments section.

  2. Hi Leo,
    I agree totally with your approach to the problem but I’m not so sure it just applies to Youtube.
    I have been on other sites where the vitriol is so prevalent.
    I’m not sure what the reason is but I suspect it may have something to do with the anonymity of these postings.
    I also suspect that alcohol consumption may play a part, and here I am not trying to moralise because I myself enjoy a drink but it can bring out the worst in some people.
    I am not sure if it will ever go away but removing inappropriate comments is a reasonable solution.

  3. Excellent choice, Leo. You Tube has gotten out of control. This will be better for all of us thanks to your decision. btw, I’ve been a subscriber for many years and get a lot of good advice from you!

  4. That is a very wise way to do it, if, as you do, one has the resources.

    My main beefs with Youtube are their “Comment ranking system”.
    And the fact that since they tied it into G+, I can no longer make any comments on Youtube….
    I have had a lot of people look into it, but no one can figure out what is wrong.
    I have not been banned, and my Gmail and G+ and Youtube accounts are in good standing.
    The “system” merely doe not work.
    BUT: If I make a comment on G+ about a video I got through a G+ link, the comment appears on youtube.
    It is very mysterious.
    I actually think it was far better before they merged the two platforms.
    There were people who were trollish, yes, but since the comments appeared in the time order they were made,
    the silly ones eventually vanished, and people could complain about them, and they would be taken down. .

    But today, Youtube seems to have become the Wild Wild West. And that is sad.

    Take care Leo. Thanks. You put out good stuff.

  5. Noticed this on an electronics video I was watching. Usually the comments are pretty ‘on topic’. He made an offhand comment that he found it odd that the US has ‘in God we trust’ on your money, and immediately he got attacked

  6. I love your website, your newsletters and your videos! I cannot stand the horrible trolls and the spam so IMHO you are doing what you have to do to keep your pages peaceful and intelligent and where we can learn what you have to teach. Maybe someday there will be a way to keep spam and trolls from ruining it for the rest of us and I’m positive you will either be the one to find it or you will invent it! Keep up the wonderful work you do (for everyone’s benefit, thank you very much) and for being a kind, level headed compassionate teacher that has gifted everyone with your tried and true tech experiences, research, information and advice. Thank you Leo! Well done!

  7. Hi Leo
    Well done with your way to weed out the trolls
    The internet has become an outlet for people who are angry with life
    to let fly.
    If you read any comment section about anything or even in some technical forums
    when somebody asks a question about something that they would like to know but do not
    hence them asking the question
    The amount of abuse that they get, being called stupid or worse is shocking
    so best of luck with your way to control comments
    also thanks for all your hard work to educate those of us who would like to learn more.

  8. This vlog (video blog) discusses something I’ve often thought about when I’m moderating comments. Apart from the large amount of spam which is almost completely filtered out through the spam filter, there is an infinitesimal amount of trolling or even off topic comments on Ask Leo! Somehow Ask Leo! readers have good netiquette.

  9. I love you doing video! More, more, more (sound of clapping)! And-YES! I agree with you about YouTube-it can be an offensive, hurtful venue.

  10. Excellent solution; wading through offensive vitriol gets so tiresome. Really appreciate your efforts in providing useful tech information!

  11. Thanks for a thoughtful video. I like your approach. I rarely comment on other people’s comments, particularly when I find them offensive. I wonder if sometimes people post things for the shock value or to deliberately create conflict. My hope is that if fewer people engage in those conversations, the people posting the comments in the first place will lose their motivation. Unfortunately, there still seems to be an enormous amount of vitriol.

  12. Unfortunately, hatred has become popular today and great wave of it has spread across America. If people don’t look like you or think like you or go to your church, there’s a segment of country that believes hating others is the thing to do. You see it everywhere from Congress on down to gangs on the street. It’s time those that spread hate are called out for the low life they are.

  13. I like your approach, Leo, of posting all comments after they have gone through the spam filter, and then moderating within a day to weed out if some got through – good balance of freedom and control. My approach to YouTube is to not read any comments. Yes, I miss out on some good comments/discussions, but it’s the price I pay to not waste my time on mostly degenerative comments.

  14. This will really set the hand-ringers back on their hind feet:

    So, do we have a consortium of Trolls on Trolls? I for one, choose to not live in a milquetoast world where anyone who stands up with a strong opinion, is labeled a Troll. There is no excuse for personally disparaging someone, but there is something called incompetence, that needs to be taken to task. For instance, if you are going to post a fix, or answer a technical question – do it right. Site the operating system, specific steps, and delineate the fix in order. There is noting more infuriating than someone posting a partial solution to say, an earlier version. There is are also people who, on rare occasions, post intentionally useless or malicious instructions. I will “troll” these people any day! A wise old man once said, “We need to start tempering our tolerance with intolerance…”

    • Disagreement and calling out mistakes are one thing – but even there it can be done respectfully. If not done respectfully – well, then a troll is a troll is a troll…. (and comments that don’t show the kind of respect I’m talking about here will be removed). Hopefully my history has shown that I do NOT delete comments that simply disagree with me, or call me out on my errors or oversights.

  15. This is the best way to prevent problems.
    With ideas like this your high quality of information and operation of your business continues to improve.

  16. Good video Leo as usual.
    Hope you continue to do more videos, it is much more interesting than reading.
    Keep on sending them.

  17. I agree with you, Leo. I avoid even reading the comments on YouTube because they are so often upsetting. I largely avoid Facebook, also, because it can be just as bad, especially for bands or anyone in the public eye; I wouldn’t be surprised if you have had trouble keeping your page moderated. Just 10 years ago the internet still felt new and exciting and fun, but it doesn’t feel safe now (either emotionally, for me, or physically, for my computer!) I love your “Ask Leo! Newsletter,” and although I may get your comments and videos a couple days later, that’s ok with me :)

    Thank you for being such a positive (and helpful!) presence.

      • To be clear: the number of spam comments that come through is enormous. Truly mind blowing.

        But the number of comments from real people that we need to proactively delete is tiny.

  18. Leo,

    Excellent article. Trolls are everywhere and into everything. They want to post a comment that will get someone (or a large group of someones) to respond to it. They want to post something that is counter to the argument, but not in a constructive way. And then, people “feed” the trolls. Then it devolves into this vitriol that you are talking about.

    The downside of moderation is that you can weed out productive discussion. If you have one political stance and make a comment on the opposing party website, the moderator can delete you. Then you only “see” or discuss what they want you to see. It can be a slippery slope to start down.

    Thanks again for you great work.

  19. YouTube is just an example of what happens when a forum is not moderated properly by real human beings. I run a few motorcycle related forums (A format where things tend to go sour really quick) and have found the best solution is a few simple rules. Keep most discussions related to the intent of the forum, (Off topic discussions need to be taken elsewhere), Do Not Feed The Trolls, No personal bashing allowed and Keep It Clean. Everyone gets one warning, a 2nd offense means an immediate and permanent ban for the offender. Oh and it is a Monarchy, I make the rules and I enforce them…

    I was amazed by the number “Keyboard Bullies” out there, but it seems applying these rules keeps them in check….. Most are looking for attention that they will not get in a forum that I run…

    Keep up the good work Leo, I really enjoy reading your thoughts!

  20. I think the problem with YouTube and other social sites is the anonymous nature of the net. People say things on these sites that they wouldn’t have the courage to say face to face to someone. I think the solution is to eliminate anonymous comments. I think that anyone participatiing in these sites should be identified completely in some way that when they violate policies or laws, they will face consequences. This would eliminate the trolls. Some would say that this would violate free speech. I say that the anonymous social abuse limits free speech.

    • I agree with what you said. The problem today, is people make rude comments or say things that make no sense, because they know they can get away with it. If they had to be accountable for their actions, there would be less of this type of problem. While I don’t think it is necessary to have their true identities posted with the comment, they should at least have to be verified that the identity they supply is genuine before the comment can be accepted. That would make them think twice before posting a comment that could be traced if they are abusive. While it may not stop everyone, it would go a long way toward cutting down on this type of posting and perhaps more people would feel like making comments.

    • I would just like to politely say that I don’t think religion has anything to do with this. If anything, it might be a lack or religion or at least some moral compass that breeds some of the nastiness that can be seen in u tube comments. That and maybe a lot of kids showing immaturity or looking to create shock value of some sort.

  21. It’s not only YouTube. Many media website also have the comments turn into nasty, name calling and filthy language. It’s a shame because many comments, which stick to the subject, are very interesting.

  22. I have never actively signed on to Now you are helping me realize I apparently have missed nothing. Thanks.

    • Well, if that means you’re not viewing videos, then yes, absolutely, you have been missing something. There’s tons and tons of great content out there. However if it means you’re simply side-stepping comments – good on you. :-)

  23. Leo,
    My take on the problem many of us have with you tube comments is that the vile “commentators are anonymous – just like how bullies like to act. These slugs realize that there is no immediate liability for what they say. They just spew out their slime and then run. Ask yourself this question – “Would you identify yourself as the author of these comments?”

  24. As usual you’re spot on Leo. I’m a tad older than you & so have experienced this same sort of behaviour before Google, Microsoft, Apple & a few others were born! It’s never been any different since there has been an open public forum to say what you like. It’s almost certainly got to do with a whole host of things. Mental immaturity, booze/drugs or other intoxicants & cowardice (they wouldn’t say the same things in the same way to the OP’s face).
    Usenet/newsgroups have had this for years/decades although (sadly) their use has declined with the rise of social networks. So it’s nothing new. Your solution I think is the only practical one (although other readers should resist jumping into the abusive fray – that’s oxygen to the troll – they seek attention so that they can spout more vitriol). Shame it’s necessary. Will we ever get rid of this type of behavior from society? Maybe not but we shouldn’t give up trying to eradicate it by educating personalities that behave like this.
    Keep up the good work.

  25. Hooray for Leo! It’s about time some semblance of decency was returned to the internet. Too many trolls surf the web for the sole purpose of spewing their vitriolic hatred and filth. Good for you, Leo!

  26. Leo, you are doing the right thing restricting comments to this site. Moreover, AskLeo is true community, and this keeps trespassers off the property.

    • I was recently reminded just how much of a community we’ve become. I’m both honored and humbled. That also emphasises the importance of my responsibility as caretaker :-).

  27. I didn’t watch your video. I would rather read your articles than watch and listen. If some of your advice and commentary will be provided only by video, that’s OK, it’s your choice and I respect it. If there are others like me who would rather have the content in your email or in a website linked in the email, you might wish to give us the option. Keep up the good work.

  28. Everything you mentioned I agree with, except, all social media should be taken out of the equation. I do not use Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin for the following reasons, they track you, for their benefit and I do don’t feel they are secure. People also post their stupidity on these sites and then wonder why strange things happen to them.

    I would like to see a universe where we could all communicate one on one, this is not in the realm of possibility due purely to logistics, social media is the outlet that people use to convey messages that they have no other way to convey, this is the process they use to vent.

    I have subscribed to your newsletter for a few years, and I have bought all you books and how ever you want to communicate I’ll follow. Please just leave all social media out of the equation.

  29. Concur with you about YouTube and the comments. I don’t even read any comments on any vids I watch there.

    Also agree it is not limited to the U.S. or any particular group. I think it goes mainly to the anonymity of the web and YouTube in particular.

    You are handling this in the best way possible so keep up the good work.

  30. I go further than some in loving the concept of moderation. I love it when I read comments in which the obvious spelling errors and grammatical errors have been repaired. Also, comments are often posted in English by foreigners (presumably) not familiar with the language. It is positive to correct those as well so that they read easily and not every reader has to be an interpreter. Sometimes I read political articles with comments, every one of which is lucid, on the point and contributing. It’s a pleasure. (Ask Leo comments tend to be that way too). Do you remember The Well, run by Stuart Brand in the early days of computers, before the Internet? It was a bulletin board devoted to the notion of community. It was a disaster in that the comments invariably began to cluster around hate and cursing and denigration. That was the proving ground for the need for curating comments. You’re the king Leo, embrace the role.

    • For the record, my assistants and I rarely edit comments. The only thing we will do is remove personal information from comments that fail to follow the “no personal information” rule.

  31. YouTube is were the scum that used to populate the News Groups have gone and geometrically multiplied. What should we do? Leave them to their perversions and create moderated versions of YouTube. News Groups on the WWW.

  32. Not only are trolls breaking down the comment system, but the comment software itself seems to be heading south on many websites. I like reading comments to many news articles I find on aggregators like Slate and Salon, and the comments section used to be fairly usable in terms of reading, sorting, and searching. Such sites now seem to be parsing out their comments feature to third party providers that are providing atrociously broken software. If you happen across an article that has a large number of comments, good luck reading them. I have also posted comments to several articles and my words seem to disappear under the avalanche of comments, since the ‘more comments’ button provides only one new comment per press. NO WAY can I scan comments or read them since each press refreshes the entire page and all the ads get a chance to refresh. 10-30 seconds just to retrieve comments one at a time, before even reading them?

    The heyday for the web was just before the dot com bust, when all those company servers hosted on the side freely available information on anything and everything, and web browsers were not operating systems for advertisers. The information age peaked in 2000, been downhill ever since.

  33. As far as I know YouTube comments can be moderated and I wish more people would do so. I find it extremely frustrating to watch a video on a topic that interests me then head to the comments to see what other folks thought only to have to wade through a sewer. I usually just leave without posting anything.

    An even better idea is the approach you’re taking – embed the video here and have everyone leave their feedback here as well. Win, win!

  34. Well said, leo! I, too, am appalled at the inane and often irrelevant comments from obvious idiots that I see on many videos on YouTube. I am a little surprised that the YouTube team allows it to spoil the YouTube experience as it so often does.

    Actually, I have leaned so very much from you just be perusing your newsletters in my email. Please keep up the good work!

  35. I’d love a transcript option. I appreciate your newsletter, so much, too…thank you. By the way, I subscribe to several art sites on Facebook, and they don’t seem to have so much of the vitriol problem as other sites (especially political) do. When something slips through, the members let the administrators know immediately and poof, the offender is toast, and gone. What a lot of work the administrators must have! Thank you again for all you do!

  36. Leo, an outstanding video about You Tube!!! I am in full agreement, with your solution, too. Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, all have the same problem. I personally think, all of this animosity and sometimes, plain old hatred … Is because, the Internet is anonymous and basically, unfeeling.

    When, you talk to someone in person, the dynamics change and even though the conversation can get very heated … In most people, they honestly, hold back on some of the cruelest things to say. Where, if, you can not see your opponent … Anything goes. On the Internet … People do not have an identity, only a name and frequently, a Username, like the one I use, for my protection and have for past 18 years.

  37. I’ve had similar problems but refuse to acknowledge the trolls in any way so as to rob them of any satisfaction. As for my own rules, if I can’t contribute in a positive way then why comment?
    All the best,

  38. Youtube’s flagging system rarely works and the down and up votes is clunky. That gives the trolls confidence nothing will happen to their comment. “Hey I got away with that one. I’ll do it again.”

  39. Maybe we could set up a private national register of commenters.
    Register your user name, to be used in all comments, everywhere.
    No need to provide personal info.
    Pay $5, one-time.
    Sites could choose to reject comments from unregistered commenters.
    If enough people complain to the registry, the registrar deletes your user name. No refund!

  40. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with you Leo! The comments on Youtube and social media sites are getting from bad to worse. Unfortunately…….its the good who always suffer for the bad. My parents always said….its not what you say its how you say it. Take care!

  41. Hi Leo, I watched your video and read a few of the comments. I think the problem is deeper than just trolls commenting. Uploads on YouTube are unmoderated and therefore it attracts the good, the bad and the very ugly from useful videos to the vile muck. Therefore if one chooses to go and swim in this sea of unregulated dumping ground then one should expect and to a certain degree accept that they will encounter trash. Now what we do about it is simple. Do not use it…

  42. I find that the cyberspace outlets that allow anyone to say what ever they like without being held accountable for their statements, be it blatantly wrong advice/content, profanity, libelous, racial hatred, even just hatred of any nature, then it can be offensive to some or just not of interest to others. YouTube, Twitter,Facebook & the similar social media outlets are culpable participants to the content on their product.
    Whatever it is you have no control over what you are seeing other than turning it off.
    The other thing that I find offensive is those that do not use their name. Mind you I understand that some use what looks like a real persons name, but it is not.
    I also understand that I live in fairy land as people around the world do not abide by common decency or have any social skills that include other peoples feelings.
    I see nothing changing other than it deteriorating further.
    My Facebook & Twitter blocking gets a fair work out.

    Leo, I am your side of common decency.

  43. I have only just discovered your site and it is really refreshing to find a community that is informative, respectful and decent on-line. I heartily agree with your new Youtube comments policy. I hope many others sit up and pay attention. I will now subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you for your advice.

  44. I really like your presentations Leo. Reminds me of the teachers in my past who knew what they were talking about. I’m about a 4/10 when it comes to the computer, and when some genius commentor drops a link to some crummy site, I can’t help but think that somebody’s going to get burned. Keep up your good service to us.

  45. EXCELLENT piece, Leo. Your stance will not impact anyone who exercises common decency but it will deal with trolls and wackos…a growing problem on YouTube, Twitter, etc. We appreciate your efforts to keep a pleasant experience for everyone seeking information or sharing helpful experiences.

  46. Aloha Leo,
    I write a weekly column featuring Medal of Honor recipients in a local newspaper here in Hawaii. Surprisingly not a week goes by that I don’t receive at least one obnoxious and usually foul language e-mail saying either myself or the person who the article was about is a baby killer and or a war monger. My solution is the delete button.
    Pax Duane

  47. Another great article Leo. Unfortunately, this vile behavior is everywhere. From YouTube to the troll taking up an invitation to “Write a review of a local, store or restaurant.” Decency and pride is on the decline big time. One thing I do notice when I scan a list of comments, is the over all poor spelling and atrocious grammar that seems to be symptomatic of this lot of, may I say, frustrated losers? Their motto: If you can’t build it, you tear it down.

  48. I have taken to referring to “the Internet Brain Trust” when the subject of trolls, demagogues and incendiary commenters comes up.

    It doesn’t really help anything in the larger picture, but it does help to make to make me smile (a little) and perhaps to feel just a little bit less poorly about all the vitriol I see.

  49. It has always been this way. Since the begining of time.
    I am certain the first thing man did when he learned to speak was insult those who had not yet learned to speak.
    Youtube is no different then some guy in a bar saying you are a racist because you dont like something president obama did. Then he tells everyone in the bar that your are a member of the KKK, burned a cross on the white house lawn, called all the blacks in the bar the N word, etc.
    Other then doing what you are doing, i dont know of anything that you can do about it.
    Trying to talk to those people is like trying to teach a pig to fly .
    wastes your time and annoys the pig.

  50. There’s nothing I can say that would add anything meaningful and useful to this discussion. Let me just add my statement of appreciation for your blog and for the method you are utilizing to deal with the YouTube remarks problem.
    Best regards always.

  51. When people do not have real and verifiable facts to back up the emotional pillars in their lives, they have nothing to sustain a real conversation. In order to maintain their self image and world view they can only defend it with emotional attacks which escalate to to violence which can range from discrimination, to violence, verbal and physical.

  52. Leo, I am in awe of your integrity, honor and commitment to civility.

    It is EXTREMELY unfortunate that you, or any other website would need to bear this expense. However, morality has always had a high cost.

    As an old carpenter, my opinion is we have taught our present society to feel enabled to use vitriolic responses as an expression of disagreement, rather than have a concern for any person other than themselves. Few today understand having a cordial conversation where disagreement does not mean deterioration.

    We have for a long time been coming to the “me” generation, which seems to now be in full bloom.

    While this is not a Biblical site there is a scripture that fits this mentality perfectly. “And every man did what was right in his own eyes.” Judges 17:6

    If I were to make this coment on Utube I’d have any number of vicious responses. But, that is okay and expected.

    I’m proud to be a part of your community, and have for many years enjoyed your newsletter.

    Again, thank you for this sterling attitude about keeping the comments kind and real.

    your new friend

    Reeder – the old carpenter :-)

  53. Your solution is a good one that allows you to use YouTube but manage comments the way you want to.

    YouTube is indeed a 3rd party tool and if one is going to use that 3rd party, then one has to abide by their terms. In my opinion, I like the way YouTube currently handles comments. It is user moderated. If a “troll” gets too many dislikes then it will be flagged and you will only see the text ‘This comment had received too many negative votes.’

    You mentioned the cost is higher because you have to moderate the comments. Can you imagine the cost to a business that averages 4 Billion video views per day and 1 hour of video uploads per second (albeit not all of them have comments turned on). Definitely a fine a line in moderating comments vs allowing free speech.

    Lucky for Ask Leo!, you have the ingenuity and resources to handle this the way that works for you.

  54. Good one Leo. let us hope that others take a similar route, well I can always hope. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your weekly column and find most my answers at Ask Leo rather than wading through all the ads and getting side-tracked on the web generally.

    Colin BN. Toronto

  55. Five Star Rating for you Leo! The way you handle comments is informative and superb. Keep it up!
    That’s one of the reasons I read the comments and respond to them.

  56. I totally agree with Jen’s comment of April 25, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    “I love your website, your newsletters and your videos! I cannot stand the horrible trolls and the spam so IMHO you are doing what you have to do to keep your pages peaceful and intelligent and where we can learn what you have to teach. Maybe someday there will be a way to keep spam and trolls from ruining it for the rest of us and I’m positive you will either be the one to find it or you will invent it! Keep up the wonderful work you do (for everyone’s benefit, thank you very much) and for being a kind, level headed compassionate teacher that has gifted everyone with your tried and true tech experiences, research, information and advice. Thank you Leo! Well done!”

  57. The YouTube comments section on most videos show the worst of humanity unfortunately. However I often watch videos from my phone (or tablet) and was wondering how good your site works on mobile (Android for me) devices? I may test it eventually but don’t like to comment on moble and dephinitly not when I have to leave the YT app. I hope one day youtube adds better moderating tools for channel creators!

    • Even if they did have good moderation tools, it would mean one more medium to have to monitor. Probably not worth the effort.

  58. Leo,
    I think that You were very wise to allow people to make comments on Your videos Here instead of on YouTube.
    Thank You for a CLEAN website for me to learn from!
    You do a good job.
    I have read comments below YouTube videos that I have watched and have seen helpful and hateful words written by people there.
    It ain’t like that here.
    I like/love reading Your Articles and the Comment Section because I can learn from You and Your Community – and by the number of people who made Comments to Your Video about the comments seen on YouTube, Your Community Is A Very Very L A R G E Group.
    I have only watched one or two of Your Videos, Thank You Leo, AND Your Team for making the Transcript for people like me who rather read text, than watch a video.
    There is a lot to be learned about computer things, and since I found Your website in a Search Results page, I’ve been a regular reader.
    I’ve even learned lots of things from Links that Your Community shares in the Comment Section (those that You do allow, of course).
    In my not so humble opinion, You run a Safe Website!
    Thank You, keep ’em articles coming!
    I ain’t Mr. Know It All yet. . .


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