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Night light settings in Windows 10

Tip of the Day: Night Light in Windows 10

Clipboard History

Tip of the Day: Use Caution with Clipboard History

Net Start showing running services in Windows 10 Home

Tip of the Day: Show Running Services with Net Start

Directory listing of parent directory

Tip of the Day: The Special Meaning of “.”

Tip of the Day: Locating Windows Wallpaper

Emoji Keyboard showing Symbols

Tip of the Day: The Emoji Keyboard is for More than Emojis

Moving through a list with the keyboard

Tip of the Day: Move Quickly Through a List with the Keyboard

The Emoji "Keyboard"

Tip of the Day: The Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard

Tip of the Day: The Windows 10 Tips App

Comparison of Customized CMD

Tip of the Day: Customize the Command Prompt

If you spend any significant time in the Command Prompt, you may want to customize its appearance to be a little more to your liking.

Data Usage Details, per App

Tip of the Day: Data Usage per App


Tip of the Day: Two Keystrokes I Use Constantly

I use two Windows Key combinations constantly, and I think you’ll find them useful as well.

Troubleshoot in Windows 10's Settings app

Tip of the Day: Try a Troubleshooter

Creating a Recovery Drive in Windows 10

Tip of the Day: Update Your Recovery Drive

Sort the Apps list by size

Tip of the Day: Sort Your Apps by Size

Multiple Clipboard Contents

Tip of the Day: Clipboard History

Pinning an Email Account to the Start Menu

Tip of the Day: Pin an Email Account to the Start Menu

If you have multiple email accounts configured in the Mail app, you can create a convenient shortcut on the Start menu for each.

Desktop Peek Control

Tip of the Day: Desktop Peek

For those with cluttered (or information-filled) desktops, Desktop Peek is a quick way to see what your running applications otherwise cover.

Pausing or Delaying Windows Updates

Tip of the Day: Delay Updates in Windows 10

View Update History in Windows 10

Tip of the Day: View Your Update History in Windows 10

mklink example

Tip of the Day: mklink: Hard and Symbolic Links in Windows

File system links can make files and folders appear in more than one place. It can be quite useful.

File Open with Thumbnails

Tip of the Day: Icons or Thumbnails?

TREE of C:\Windows

Tip of the Day: The TREE Command


Tip of the Day: ALT+TAB

The ALT+TAB tab sequence is under-appreciated. Learn its power and flexibility to switch between running programs.

Command Line Search

Tip of the Day: Searching Via the Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt can often be quicker and clearer than Windows’ own built-in search function.

Changing Size of Displayed Items

Tip of the Day: the Size of Things on Your Display

Windows 10 has made controlling the size of items on your display easier and more obvious.

Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Tip of the Day: View Hidden Files

Just START Typing

Tip of the Day: Just Start Typing

One small change to how the Start menu works, coupled with the increased power of Windows Search, and you might find yourself leaving significant parts of the Windows UI behind.

Uninstall Apps

Tip of the Day: Uninstall (Some) Apps

Uninstalling some of the pre-installed apps in Windows 10 is (usually) possible.


Tip of the Day: Save the Installation Media

Unpin From Start

Tip of the Day: Removing Start Menu Tiles

The Windows 10 Start menu is one of its most controversial features. What most people don’t realize is how much you can customize it.

Personalizing Windows 10 Mail

Tip of the Day: Personalize the Windows Mail Program

Tip of the Day: Modify Your Windows 10 Start Menu

Pin settings to the Start menu option

Tip of the Day: Pin Settings Items to the Start Menu

Changing the default PDF viewer in WIndows 10.

Tip of the Day: Edge is Not a PDF Reader

Boot Options

Tip of the Day: Additional Boot Options in Windows 10

Use small taskbar buttons

Tip of the Day: Use Small Taskbar Buttons

Weather in Kirkland

Tip of the Day: Get Personalized Weather Information

Show and set Home in Edge

Tip of the Day: Show and Configure the Home Button in Edge

Replace Command Prompt

Tip of The Day: Choose Command Prompt Over PowerShell

Performance Options

Tip of the Day: Disable Screen Effects for Speed

Date and Time Settings

Tip of the Day: Add Another Clock

Skype and Skype

Tip of the Day: Skype Preview versus Skype