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Tip of the Day: Make Your Passwords Longer

Log in with Facebook on a 3rd party site.

Should I Log In With Facebook?

Many sites make it easy to log in by using your Facebook or other account credentials. It’s easy — but is it safe?

Password Management

What’s the Best Password Manager for 2024?

The best password manager is the password manager you’ll use (within reason, of course).

Extracting a Password

Why Is It Important to Have Different Passwords on Different Accounts?

Using a different password for every login is crucial — and it doesn’t have to be difficult. homepage.

Setting Up 1Password

How to get started with 1Password and the most important action to take.


Another Reason NOT to Reuse Passwords

It’s so tempting to reuse passwords, but it’s such a bad idea for so many reasons.


Tip of the Day: Remember Your Password

All the eggs - One basket.

Isn’t Storing Your Passwords In One Place a Security Risk?

Yes, password managers put all your information in one place. It better be a very good place.


Why Password Managers Are [Still] Safer than the Alternatives

If you’re not using a password manager, you’re likely compromising your security more than necessary. Here’s why using one is safer.


Why Is It So Important to Use Different Passwords for Everything?

Using different passwords on different sites is not only good practice, it’s necessary to keep your accounts safe. I’ll review why, and how best to handle a plethora of passwords.

Password Vaults and LastPass – Ask Leo! Live

A discussion of why password managers are SO important, followed by a demonstration of LastPass, and of course some Q&A.

Passwords on Sticky Notes (Don't Do This.)

View Your Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can save your and display your passwords. That’s convenient, but is it secure?

A password, and a password selected

Tip of the Day: Watch for Spaces When Copying Passwords

Secure Note

How Can I Use a Password Manager for My Security Questions?

Password vaults are good at keeping track of passwords, but not answers to security questions. There is a technique you can use to help.