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Tip of the Day: Try Dvorak

Tip of the Day: Adjust Your Keyboard Repeat

Will Using an On-Screen Keyboard Stop Keyloggers?

Using an on-screen keyboard instead of a real keyboard might stop some keyloggers, but there’s no guarantee that other techniques aren’t also being used.

Tip of the Day: Stop Typing “www.”

Tip of the Day: Disable CAPS LOCK

My Keyboard Won’t Work after Windows Update. How Do I Fix It?

If your keyboard won’t work after a Windows Update, there’s a lengthy list of things to try to get it back.

Tip of the Day: Quick Access to Clear Your Cache

Tip of the Day: Quick Keystroke Formatting in Word and Other Programs

Tip of the Day: CTRL+ALT+DEL

Tip of the Day: Side-by-side Windows

My Shift Key is Stuck. How Do I Unstick It?

Windows has accessibility features that change the behavior of your keyboard. They’re easy to turn on by mistake.

Tip of the Day: Blow Out your Keyboard with Compressed Air

Tip of the Day: The Emoji Keyboard is for More than Emojis

Tip of the Day: The Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard

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Why Do I Need to Unplug and Plug in my USB Device to Keep It Working?

USB ports (or the cables that connect to them) can go bad for many reasons. These  steps can get your connected devices running again.

Can I Use an External Keyboard with My Laptop?

Go ahead. Plug it in… unless your keyboard is not USB. In that case, you may have a problem.

I spilled water into my laptop, how do I get it working again?

Spilling liquid into your laptop or keyboard can cause serious damage. The first step is to dry it thoroughly, and we’ll look at one possible solution.

Why Do I Have to Hold Down the “Fn” Key to Get Normal Letters?

Computer manufacturers use the Fn key to cram more virtual keys onto smaller laptop keyboards. Sometimes it can get confused.

How can I disable my “Windows” key? Or for that matter, remap my entire keyboard?

Outside of a few standard layouts, truly customizing the layout of your keyboard is typically harder than you might expect.