Where Can I Download Windows?

I’ve lost my Windows 7 installation disk, but I possess the product key. What should I do if I want to reinstall Windows on my computer? Can I download Windows somewhere?

First: take a full system-image backup as soon as possible, and use that as a fallback. You can always restore to that image in lieu of a reinstall, and you’ll be back to where you were at the time the backup was taken.

You could also get in touch with the vendor who sold you the computer. They provided you with a copy once; perhaps they’ll be willing to get you a replacement copy.

You could, I suppose, go buy a new copy. Most people aren’t interested in doing that, because they don’t want to pay for something they feel they’ve already purchased.

That’s when most people resort to finding a place from which to download Windows. Depending on the version of Windows and where you find it, it might even be legal.

Or it might not.

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How Do I Download a File from a Webpage?

I’ve purchased one of your books, and I want to download it. I have access to the page that has the links to the book in different formats, but … now what? When I click on the links either the book’s displayed in my browser, which I don’t want, or something gets downloaded but I don’t know where? What do I do?

This applies to just about any download from a web page, not just my books.

When you’re given a link to download a file, what happens when you click on that link depends on the type of file, how that file is referenced on the web site, and even what browser you’re using. Bottom line: something as “simple” as downloading a file can be a confusing and befuddling mess.

I’ll outline an approach that I recommend you use for any and all downloads. Naturally, there will still be small differences based on what browser you’re using, but at least you’ll know what’s happening.

And for now, at least, I’ll tell you which browser to avoid, since it just doesn’t work.

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Where Do Downloads Go?

When I download files like ebooks off the internet, I can never find them. Where do they go on my computer?

It depends on how you download. Typically they go into your “Downloads” or  “My Documents” folder, so we’ll look at how best to check that.

But it’s also possible that they went into the same folder as the last download. We’ll look at why, and how to fix it as well.

There’s another place that downloads often end up that’s kind of dangerous, as it gets “cleaned up” every so often – meaning you could eventually lose your download. We’ll learn how to avoid that.

And we’ll look at how to find your file, regardless of where it landed.

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How can I tell what is being downloaded to my computer?


I have a Windows 7 computer and use DUMeter to monitor traffic coming in and out of my computer. Every once and awhile, such as while I’m typing this, I can see a large download coming to my computer. I’ve checked my information area, lower right in the taskbar, and I don’t see a Microsoft icon, which usually appears when they’re downloading fixes. Plus, today’s Monday and it’s usually Wednesdays when I actually get them. I also have Norton 360 which never really tells me when its downloading definitions or other program updates.

Sometimes a big download is from someone who has sent me a large video file without asking or by mistake. I get concerned when I see such activity and I want to protect my computer. I’ve asked a number of people and searched your site for how to identify what website is downloading to my computer and I found no answers. I may just be asking the question incorrectly but I suspect you probably understand what I’m looking for.

What web site is downloading to my computer?

Yes, I understand what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, we can’t necessarily tell exactly what is being downloaded; but we can take a pretty good stab at what program on your computer is trying to do that download.

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How Can I View Online Video Without the Starts and Stops?


I would like to view YouTube without the stops and starts. What causes that and can it be corrected?

In the past few years, video has exploded. There are amazing statistics about the number of hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

With the proliferation of video-capable mobile devices, the explosion – both of video creation and video consumption – is continuing to grow.

As is some frustration.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, to have an online video playback play a little, pause, play a little more, then pause, then play a little more, then pause, then play a little more…

You get the idea. Heck, it was even frustrating to type, much less watch.

There are several reasons this type of playback behavior happens. I’ll cover a few of them, and a few ways you might work around it.

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How Do I Reinstall Downloaded Programs?

I recently downloaded and installed an application. It works just great, but having no CD, how do I reinstall the program in the event of a disaster?

There are several possible answers to reinstall downloaded programs that depend on exactly what it is you purchased and where you purchased it from.

The good news is that there’s rarely a reason you would ever lose what you purchased, as long as you took a few precautions.

Let’s look at what those precautions might be.

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How can my ISP tell that I’m downloading copyrighted files?


I recently changed from Verizon DSL to Charter Cable internet services. About a week later, I started receiving warnings via email from Charter telling me to stop downloading music from limewire (copyright infringement?). After that they sent notices to stop downloading movies from UTorrent. What’s funny is that both were files that never finished downloading. What I want to know is how do they know who I am, where I go on the internet and when I choose to save something to my computer? How does someone else know when your on a website downloading anything?

Well to start with, Charter isn’t just any “someone else” … they’re your ISP.

And as your ISP they know a lot about you, and have the ability to do a lot with that information.

Verizon could have but for whatever reason chose not to.

Let’s look at that in a little more detail.

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