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Can I rename my Hotmail account?

I would like to re-name my Hotmail account, can

One of the drawbacks of a huge email provider such as Hotmail is that by the
time you get there, it seems like all the good names are taken. After choosing
a name, often a poor substitute for what we’d really like, wouldn’t it
be nice to be able to just rename the account when we get a better idea?

Sadly, it’s not to be…

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I know of no way to rename a Hotmail account. Or a Yahoo account. Or an
account with any of the free email services. In fact, it’s fairly common that
even paid services cannot be renamed.

“I know of no way to rename a Hotmail account.”

The only real alternative I know of is to create a new account, with the new
name you want (assuming that’s available, of course), and begin using that
instead of the old.

Update: – I’ve added a new article that explores this topic in more depth:
How do I change my Hotmail name or address?

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43 comments on “Can I rename my Hotmail account?”

  1. Go to, and on the screen where it asks for your account name and password, click the “Sign Up” button and follow the instructions.

  2. Dear Mr. Leo,

    My name’s Devry. I have an account at Hotmail.msn with name of e-mail address is then after I thinking about that I want to change my name of hotmail’s e-mail address. How can I change my hotmail’s e-mail address name? I hope you can help me.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Yours sincerely,
    Devry EL.

  3. I’m closing comments on this article because the comments are simply repeats of the very question that the article clearly answers.

    I know of no way to rename a Hotmail account. If you want a new Hotmail name, you must open a new Hotmail account.

  4. Can Changing my name on the account be done? I am not refering to the email address name I am reffering to the nme I used to set up the account?

  5. Hi I’m Adni i would like to change my email address from (email address removed) but every time i try to change it.. it says “Your Windows Live ID can’t be changed at this time”

    Please contact me back

  6. Hi
    I am trying to sign up an account name {email removed} as I have recently got married.

    My current address is (email removed}, I recently tried to add the first one as an alias though realised I will not be able to log on as this and want to seperate them. I then deleted it.
    Now it is saying it is being used for a hotmail account (not that it is unavailable) I am thinking that this is because I tried an succeeded to use this as an alias.

    When do you think this address will become available again? I have waited over a week.

    I hope you can help?
    Thanks Monique

    My understanding is that once Hotmail thinks an email address is being used it takes several months of inactivity for it to be returned to the available pool.



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