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Which is better, cable or DSL?

It’s hard to say, on a global basis, which is better: Cable or DSL. There
are going to be differences related to the number of users on the line and
distance from your ISP’s equipment.

My CPU doesn't meet Windows 8 requirements, can I simply replace it?

Replacing the CPU for Windows 8 requirements could easily cause you to
replace much more than just the CPU. There may be other alternatives.

Can I remove malware myself or do I need to pay someone?

Paying someone to remove a virus may be okay depending on how you found that
person. If they found you… don’t!

Why didn't my anti-malware tool catch malware that was delivered when I visited an adult site?

Anti-virus tools won’t catch all malware, all the time – especially in
real-time visits of questionable sites.

Do I need both disk cleanup and CCleaner?

Disk cleanup and CCleaner can both be run on your computer – but do you need
to keep them both?

Why has the spam I'm seeing increased?

If spam has increased in your Gmail account.. it’s just a fact of life. The
question is whether or not Gmail’s spam filter is catching it.

Why do I keep getting this random "Your computer is at risk" message?

If you get a message, “Your computer is at risk,” it’s a scam. The solution
is to follow computer safety (so you know you are not at risk) and then
determine where the message comes from.

Why don't my speakers work?

If your speakers don’t work, and you’ve checked all software settings, then
it might be a very simple, even silly, solution.

How do I resolve Javascript syntax errors suddenly popping up on most web sites I visit?

Javascript syntax errors on web pages could come from a number of sources.
We’ll start with a thorough malware scan.

Can I print to my printer at home while I'm on the road?

Cloud printing may allow you to print to your printer at home while traveling.
But is that really going to be trustworthy?

Do I need to make a new recovery disc each time I backup my system?

You don’t need a new recovery disc after each backup you make. Same is true
of those rescue discs you make when you first boot Windows.

Does WPA2 wireless access control pre-empt MAC address filtering?

WPA2 and MAC address filtering offer security to a home network. For ease of
use, however, WPA2 is probably enough.

My machine's suddenly started acting erratically, even after a reinstall. How do I fix it?

A computer acting erratically after a clean install indicates a deeper
problem – perhaps static electric or hardware.

Why has my computer been locked by cyber cops?

A computer locked by cyber cops means a virus is on your machine. In this
case it’s ransomware and specific steps need to be taken to free the

Could my email account hack be related to my computer being stolen the week before?

It’s not surprising to have an email account hack after your computer is
stolen. There are several ways the hackers could have gained access.

Why did I get infected even though I run anti-malware software?

Anti-malware doesn’t always stop infection – especially if it is not
up-to-date. It’s all about keeping yourself safe on the

Why might deleting cookies cause my computer to be unauthorized with online accounts?

Deleting cookies will make online accounts forget who you are and cause you
to answer all your security questions again.

Why isn't my product key from one machine recognized using the installation CD from another?

If you’ve lost your original product installation product key for Windows XP
you may be out of luck. There are a few work-arounds you might try

How do I save Yahoo email files to DVD?

You can save Yahoo email to DVD in relatively simple steps, depending on
what part of the email you are wanting to save. The good news is that this gets you backed up!

Should I turn off my wired router while I'm away for two months?

It’s fine to turn off your router when gone, and equally fine to leave it
on. There are advantages to both.

Is there any real difference between copying files using copy/paste versus copy-to-folder?

Copy/paste vs. copy-to-folder are only two ways to move files around in
Windows. But which is better?

Do I need to set up a Microsoft Account with Windows 8?

Setting up a Microsoft account with Windows 8 is probably the easiest way to
manage Windows 8. There are several reasons why.

How do I go back to Windows 7 from Windows 8?

Going back to Windows 7 from a Windows 8 upgrade requires a full system
reinstall – unless you have an image backup prior to the upgrade.

Are there any legitimate work-at-home sites?

Legitimate work-at-home sites probably do exist. Finding them is the trick. However, you
may want to look at making money online in a different way.

How do we get search engines to include dates in the search results?

Showing dates in search engines results can be tricky, though Google does
make an attempt at it with their advanced search tools.

Are CAPTCHAs case sensitive?

CAPTCHAs can be case sensitive, or not, depending on which program is used
to supply the test on a website. There are a few options to help pass the

Why do I get "The XML page cannot be displayed" after running a Microsoft Troubleshooter?

“The XML page cannot be displayed” is an error indicating that something is
wrong with your Windows installation. There are several directions to go to look for a fix.

Why won't PDFs open reliably in Thunderbird?

If Thunderbird PDFs don’t open it might be related to the anti-virus
software running on your computer. One particular setting may be the

Why does Hotmail occasionally log me off even though I've said "keep me logged in"?

Hotmail logs you off if it can’t find a cookie on your computer to identify
your login information. To stay logged in you must keep the cookie.

Why has my laptop monitor started showing white as turquoise?

A laptop monitor started showing turquoise after getting cold out in the
car. Sounds like a hardware problem.

Why does Macrium ask for a Username and Password to schedule a backup?

Macrium asks for your username and password when scheduling backups because
it needs to know how to log into your computer.

How do I get Windows to actually shut down programs that cause it to wait for me on exit?

Programs cause Windows to wait on exit because they have something else to
do. A clean shut-down requires that all documents on the computer be properly

Why won't my newly purchased game CD read in my DVD drive?

Problems reading CDs in a DVD drive could be because the CD is faulty, or your
drive is incompatible. There is an easy way to tell which it is.

Do I need a firewall for my Android device?

Android firewalls are still not necessary. Both because of the way the
device interacts with the outside, and the (still slight) prevalence of
targeted malware.

How do I determine, not reset, the Windows administrator password?

You will not be able to determine the administrator password on your computer because it
is encrypted. There is a possible hack to reset it.

Will using a router improve my internet connection?

A router will not improve an internet connection speed, but it could be a
necessary addition to your computer safety.

I clicked on a bogus link in spam. What should I do?

If you clicked on a link in a spam email, you should immediately do a
thorough scan of your computer. Unless you are not running a Windows

Why is my Hotmail login not being remembered?

Hotmail logins will not be remembered if cookies are deleted or turned off.
Your computer’s cookie settings need to be reset.

Why are progress bars so awful?

Awful progress bars can drive us crazy, but there’s a good reason for it.
Progress bar software is difficult to write.

How do I install software from CD to a computer that has no CD drive?

A computer with no CD drive still needs to have software installed on it. It
can often be done through your USB drive.

Will deleting history free up space?

Deleting history to free up space depends on what kind of history you are
talking about. But it probably won’t be much space.

Should I update drivers regularly?

You should update drivers only when you are having a problem with your
computer. Driver update utilities, that update regularly, are not

Why doesn't CHKDSK work on my DVD drive?

CHKDSK will not run on DVDs because it is a hard disk repair and checking
utility. DVDs are not hard drives.

How do I get at system restore since it disappeared from my Start menu?

System restore can disappear from the Start Menu for many reasons. It’s easy
to search for it, but learning to back up your computer is a better idea.

Is 60 megabits per second too much bandwidth?

Too much bandwidth seems like a misnomer, but if you are not using it, why
pay for it?

How do I convert wpg files?

To convert wpg files you’ll need a graphics program that can understand Word
Perfect graphics files.

Why do I get only half of the pictures displayed in email?

Seeing only half a picture in Thunderbird seems odd. Perhaps the preview
screen is cutting it off.

Why is emptying my spam folder the only time my computer actually produces sound?

One sound working is good news. Sounds like you are plugged in! Setting the
rest of the sounds can now be done through the Control Panel.

Why do my quick launch shortcuts sometimes stop working?

Sometimes quick launch shortcuts stop working after a software upgrade. The
solution is kind of a hack.

How do I get a driver that Windows says is missing for my camera?

A missing driver for a camera can very often be found on the website of
the company that manufactured the product.