What are Yahoo’s IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings?

Yahoo! now supports accessing your Yahoo! Mail account using POP3 and IMAP on your desktop email program or other device.

I heard that Yahoo! is making POP3/IMAP access available to everyone, not just their paying Plus! customers. What are the settings?

I’m actually surprised that making POP3/IMAP access available to everyone took Yahoo! this long. Competition in the free email world is fierce, and this has been an obviously lacking feature.

Until now, that is.

Email programs

Various desktop and mobile email programs will ask for this information in a variety of ways and in different places.

Typically, when you set up an email program, you will configure one or more email accounts. An account includes:

  • Your email address
  • Your account user name (sometimes, this is the same as or derived from your email address)
  • Your account password

As you enter this information, your email program may also ask about the protocols that it will use to communicate to the servers of your email service provider.

Yahoo! Mail

That’s what we’ll go over here with Yahoo!



SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is the protocol used to transport email messages from computer to computer until they reach their destination. SMTP is used
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SMTP is used to send mail.

The SMTP configuration parameters for Yahoo! are:

  • Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  • Port: 465 or 587
  • Authentication: Yes/Password
  • Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • User name: Your email address
  • Password: Your password

Configured as described above, you should be able to send email from your desktop email program using Yahoo! Mail.



POP3 is an acronym for Post Office Protocol version 3. POP3 is the primary communications protocol or language for receiving email from an email server or provider. POP3 is used by
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Your email program uses the POP3 protocol to download email from your email service provider’s server.

The POP3 configuration parameters for Yahoo!  are:

  • Server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
  • Port: 995
  • Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • User name: Your email address
  • Password: Your password



IMAP is an acronym for Internet Message Access Procotol. As its name implies, IMAP is a protocol for accessing email messages. This differs from POP3, which is primarily a protocol for transferring or moving messages. When IMAP is used
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Your email program uses the IMAP protocol to copy or mirror email stored on an email server to your desktop or device.

The IMAP configuration parameters for Yahoo! are:

  • Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
  • Port: 993
  • Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • User name: Your email address
  • Password: Your password

IMAP is perhaps the most convenient way to access email across multiple computers and devices as it keeps them all in sync. The downside is that a more-or-less continuous internet connection is typically required for the best experience.


  1. Terry Hollett

    I have had the Free POP3 email from Yahoo for years. At one time they gave you the option to get free POP email if you signed up with them to receive occasional offers from them.

    I’m currently using port 110 in my email client Seamonkey. I’m wondering if this is going to change? Anyway if I wake up one morning and cannot access my email, at least I know what happened. :-)

  2. Vikas Bargale

    Hi Leo,
    Nice detailed answer.
    I have been following your newsletters since few months. Enjoy them and look forward to them.
    When I went through your post on e-mail, that one should have extra copy all the time.
    My main e-mail is yahoo. But till few days back, it was supporting only POP. So I was not able to synchronize the folders properly.
    So I came up with this idea. I forwarded all yahoo mails to Gmail and by using Outlook (through IMAP) get them on my hard disk.
    But of course for first time you need to work on creating folders and filters.
    But once I did this, the best thing which happened is, I am not getting any spam in Gmail and hence in outlook. Means Gmail is blocking all the spam coming from yahoo mail very effectively and I am not getting any spam at all in my outlook.

    You may be already knowing this. But thought of sharing it, so that others will benefit.


    • Steven

      That’s interesting but I wouldn’t want to have to create yet another email account to do it.

      Unfortunately at this moment I cannot import POP3 settings for Yahoo! Mail into my Outlook.com account and I have tried all the ports available in settings. I MIGHT be missing something…not sure but I’ll try again sometime later.

      • Steven

        OOPS. I figured out I had to set up as send-only (I think). I’ll see if I can get someone to email that account now. Thanks Leo!

      • Tony

        Steven, this article isn’t really about getting your Yahoo into an outlook.com email account. The reference here is to the Microsoft Outlook email client program.

  3. Bonita

    Having Verizon DSL, I pay for Yahoo top-tier service, but when there isan issue with Yahoo mail, they pass the buck to Verizon, as if Verizon is going to be able to address anything like that.

    In the last few weeks, on the Yahoo mail mobile site, they have eliminated the capability of viewing most emails formerly viewable, including the Ask Leo Newsletter. You must “download” then open in a browser, which is cumbersome as my android tablet takes up to a dozen tries to download anything.

    Amazingly, you cannot even see plain text emails. For some reason these emails, including the Leo Newsletter, show up in the form of a transmittal message and two “attachments.” But whereas Leo’s also has a link to view on the Web, regular emails do not, which causes the problem.

    There is no mobile option to select to enable viewing as before.

    If not for the Yahoo Addressguard, I would not be using Yahoo.

    • Mark Jacobs

      I’ve tried Yahoo’s mobile site, and it truncates Leo’s Nls and other emails, but I normally I use the native Android mail app and occasionally the Yahoo Mail app and I get the full Newsletters there. I assume iOS and other mobile OSs have similar apps. I don’t know if those would be a solution for you.

  4. Esley Loftis

    Leo, Yahoo claims to have problems on their Yahoo Mail server. I have nothing in my inbox, no contacts, no folders. The web page displayed was blank. I filled in contacts
    folders and email address. So far I have only received 2 spam mails. I wish to subscribe
    using my Hotmail address. I exported from Yahoo to Microsoft Outlook. Thanks, Esley

  5. Bugs Bunny

    Dumb frack, why don’t you put dates on your articles? It is an ongoing issue with outlook and yahoo mail it does work it doesn’t so to which period of time this information pertaining to???

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