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The return of the podcast – kind of

Over the years Ask Leo! has had two separate incarnations of podcasts.

Recently I’ve decided to give number three a whirl and see what you think of it.

In fact, I’ve been quietly podcasting for a couple of weeks already.

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The past

The two prior incarnations of podcasting at Ask Leo! were:

  • The original Ask Leo! Podcast; a three minute “quickie” done once a week from 2005 to 2008.
  • The Ask Leo! Answercast where I answered 8 to 10 questions each week, from 2012 to earlier this year (2014), which were then turned into written articles here on the main site.

Each of those were interesting, and well received but ultimately ended up being too costly in terms of time to justify their results.

The new one’s a little different.

Ask Leo! PodcastThe future: Ask Leo! as a podcast

The new podcast form of Ask Leo! is actually very simple:

Each podcast episode is simply me reading each Ask Leo! post.1

The net time to actually do that is very small compared to previous incarnations, and I know that many people will find it valuable in various ways.

Getting the podcast

There are several ways to listen to the Ask Leo! podcast:

  • You can use the audio player at the end of each article to listen right there.
  • You can download the mp3 from a link underneath the player and listen to it at your convenience using whatever technologies you might like.
  • You can subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast “podcatching” application – the feed URL is
  • You can subscribe to Ask Leo! in an RSS feed reading application (the feed URL is The audio is included and many feed readers will automatically display an audio player.
  • You can subscribe to the Ask Leo! podcast in iTunes.

Different people learn and consume information in different ways. I’m hoping that the audio version of Ask Leo! will help more people get a better handle on the often complex issues that I cover.

Give it a listen! Let me know what you think.




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Footnotes & references

1: There may be minor changes for listenability, particularly when referring to images or other visual elements.

8 comments on “The return of the podcast – kind of”

  1. I wasn’t aware of the first round.
    I thoroughly enjoyed round two. I hadn’t known, until now, why you discontinued it. Somebody told me it might have something to do with aliens. I pshawed that, and moved on with life.
    I look forward, with eagerness, to your new endeavor.
    Thanx for continuing.

  2. thanks for the podcast effort. sometimes, instead of just reading, I like to listen to the info in the background while doing something else, and it is a good backup to gain learning that might be overlooked when reading; especially when something gets technical, which is the reason
    I signed up for your newsletter; to learn everything I can about technology, of which I know almost nothing. thanks again.

  3. I found out about this a couple days ago. I clicked the arrow at the bottom of an article thinking it would take me to the next article in last week’s newsletter. Instead, I got Leo.

  4. Leo, I clicked the RSS link at the bottom of this article. Unfortunately, I received this error:
    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Locale’ not found in /home/askleo2/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 380


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