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Change what ... does

Tip of the Day: Control Your Laptop Buttons

Desktop computer with a Stop sign on the screen.

Requires Elevation — What Does That Mean and What Do I Do?

Windows may tell you that a program requires elevation in order to run. We’ll look at what that means and the steps you can take in response.

Risks Ahead

What Does “Unsupported Software” Really Mean?

“Unsupported software” can refer to different things. I’ll review variations on the theme and revisit the question of whether unsupported software can be used safely.

CHKDSK needing to be run on reboot.

Where Do I Find CHKDSK Results After a Reboot?

CHKDSK must sometimes be run at boot time. I’ll show you where to find those CHKDSK results.

Move, Copy, Make a Shortcut

Tip of the Day: Move, Copy, or Create Shortcut

SFC - The System File Checker

SFC: the System File Checker – How to Run It and Why

The System File Checker is a little-known, simple-to-run command-line program. It validates that Window’s operating files are undamaged.

Save As Location

Tip of the Day: Where Does Save Save?

Windows File Explorer

Tip of the Day: View the Full Path in Windows File Explorer

Hide the TaskBar

Tip of the Day: Hide the Taskbar

Sendto Notepad

Tip of the Day: SendTo Notepad

Hotspot List in CMD

Tip of the Day: View Remembered Wireless Networks in Command Prompt


Tip of the Day: CTRL+ALT+DEL

Turning Off Hibernate

Tip of the Day: Turn Off Hibernate (and Free Up Some Disk Space)

Remove the FAX

Tip of the Day: Dump the Fax

Will My Old Computer Run Windows 10?

Will My Old Computer Run Windows 10?

There are several options to extend the life of an older machine, depending on its capabilities.


Tip of the Day: The PSTools Suite of Command Line Tools

Windows File Explorer

Tip of the Day: Restart Explorer

Running Explorer in Command

Tip of the Day: When “Run as administrator” Isn’t Available


Tip of the Day: Get Speccy

What's the risk of using Unsupported Software?

What’s the Risk of Using Unsupported Software?

It turns out you are really the key when it comes to running unsupported software safely.