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Tip of the Day: “Copy as Path”

What Do I Do About Windows File Explorer Crashing?

Windows Explorer is the workhorse behind the Windows user interface. I’ll cover what to look for when it crashes.

Tip of the Day: Icons or Thumbnails?

Windows File Explorer Settings: the Setting You Should Change Right Now

Windows File Explorer tries to help by hiding some information. Unfortunately, that opens a hole hackers can use to fool you.

Tip of the Day: File Explorer Display Options

Tip of the Day: Autosize File Explorer Columns to Fit

How to Get File Explorer to Display Details by Default

Windows File Explorer defaults to a simple view of files on your machine that isn’t secure. Changes these settings as soon as you can.

Tip of the Day: Explorer Can Show So Much More

Tip of the Day: Use Checkboxes to Select Files

Tip Of The Day: Move Versus Copy

Tip Of The Day: Three Useful Windows File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip Of The Day: Windows File Explorer

Tip Of The Day: File Explorer Views

Tip of the Day: Play with Properties

Tip Of The Day: Pin a Folder to Quick Access

Multiple Directory Listings Pointing to the Same File

Why Is the Same File in Two or More Places on My Machine?

What appears to be multiple copies of the same file may be something else: one file simply appearing in more than one place.

Tip of the Day: Rename “This PC”

“This PC” is clear, but generic. If you regularly use multiple computers, it can be handy to change it to something more helpful.

Tip of the Day: Clean Up File Explorer Quick Access

By default, Windows File Explorer opens to “Quick access”. Not everyone uses, or even likes, “Quick access”.

Tip of the Day: Pin a Folder to the Start Menu

The new Windows Start menu has given one of my oldest questions an easy answer.

Tip of the Day: Icons or Thumbnails?