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What Information Should I Provide When Asking For Help?

What Information Should I Provide When Asking for Help?

When you ask someone for help, stack the deck in your favor by painting a clear picture of the problem you’re experiencing.

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Why Can’t I Talk to a Real Person?

There are many reasons why you’re more likely to be directed to online and self-help resources than talk to a real person.

Yelling at the Phone

Technical Support is Hard

I was thinking about it the other day and realized that Ask Leo! places me in the role of technical support engineer. Doing that has given me some insight into what it takes, how technical support can succeed, and why it fails so often.

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Why Do So Many Tech Support Solutions Start with “Reboot” or “Turn It Off”?

Quite often the first thing that a diagnostic technician will ask you to do is reboot your computer. Why? Because rebooting works surprisingly often.