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What Do I Do About Windows File Explorer Crashing?

Windows Explorer is the workhorse behind the Windows user interface. I’ll cover what to look for when it crashes.

Tip of the Day: Lock the Taskbar

The Start Button Is Missing and There’s No Taskbar. What Do I Do?

Taskbar and Start button disappeared? We’ll look at solutions for several reasons why this might happen.

Tip of the Day: The Taskbar Program Keyboard Shortcut

Tip of the Day: Pin Common Programs to the Taskbar

Tip of the Day: Make the Taskbar Bigger

The taskbar can become crowded with icons for running programs and notification. One way to deal with it is to make the taskbar bigger — vertically.

How Do I Move the Taskbar Back to the Bottom?

Occasionally, the Windows taskbar can end up on either side (or even the top of) your screen. I’ll show you how to move the taskbar bar back to the bottom.

Tip of the Day: Use Small Taskbar Buttons

Safely Remove Hardware: Where Did the Icon Go? How Do I Safely Remove Hardware Without It?

The “Safely Remove Hardware” icon can occasionally disappear. It turns out there’s a simple workaround to safely remove hardware anyway.