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Tip of the Day: Make the Taskbar Bigger

Double-High Taskbar

There are a number of settings and tweaks I take for granted, having used them for years on end. Today’s tip is no different. The accompanying image is of Windows 10, but I’ve been doing this since my Windows XP days.

The image above may look a little different than your own taskbar. Instead of a single row of icons, there are two. I’ve increased the vertical size of the taskbar so that the icons — both the notification area (shown) and the running program icons (not shown) — display in two horizontal rows.

Depending on your setup, you might find it useful.

To increase the size of your taskbar, just right-click on the taskbar itself and make sure “Lock the taskbar” is unchecked. Then, hover the mouse over the top of the taskbar; the pointer should change to a resize pointer. Click, hold, and drag the top of the taskbar up until it doubles in size; then release the mouse.

That’s it! You might want to re-lock the taskbar to prevent this from happening accidentally. As it turns out, you can make the taskbar arbitrarily tall, which is typically not what most people want. One or two lines — i.e. single or double height — seems to be the most useful and the most common.

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2 comments on “Tip of the Day: Make the Taskbar Bigger”

  1. The top of my browser is all black with items in white. I don’t think I meant to do this but I think I did it using on of your tips of the day. However, I have searched your site and can’t find anything. I have also gone to settings and can’t find anything that would do this. Help.
    I love your site.

    Ed Logan.


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