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Password Manager online.

Tip of the Day: Access Your Password Manager Online

Bitwarden Sign-In Error

What Should I Do If I Lose Access to My Password Vault?

Losing access to your password vault is something you can recover from.

Moleskin notebook with notes.

No, Don’t Write Down Passwords

The world’s largest magazine dispensed some bad tech advice. Here’s why I so strongly disagree.


Can I Still Use LastPass Safely?

Selecting another password manager is now the common recommendation. I’ll review what you can do if you elect to keep using LastPass.

Password Management

What’s the Best Password Manager for 2024?

The best password manager is the password manager you’ll use (within reason, of course).

Oh, LastPass...

What to Do About the LastPass Breach

The most recent LastPass security incident has many people concerned.

Password Vault

Responses to Your Three Common Password Manager Objections

Password vaults are a common recommendation by security professionals to improve your online security. Why do so many resist?

All the eggs - One basket.

Isn’t Storing Your Passwords In One Place a Security Risk?

Yes, password managers put all your information in one place. It better be a very good place.

What Now, Lastpass?

What Should I Do About the Changes to LastPass Free?

LastPass is changing the terms of their free service. Find out if you’re affected, and what to do if you are.

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Is It Safe to Let Your Browser Remember Passwords?

Letting your browser remember passwords is a convenient feature. With that convenience comes risk — often significant risk. Most folks are much better served by using a password vault. I’ll explain why.


Why Password Managers Are [Still] Safer than the Alternatives

If you’re not using a password manager, you’re likely compromising your security more than necessary. Here’s why using one is safer.

Keep Calm and LastPass On

Is LastPass Still Secure?

LastPass recently disclosed a couple of already-fixed vulnerabilities. It appears that the vulnerabilities affected exactly no one. In my opinion LastPass remains secure. And in fact, the company should be lauded for its openness.