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A person in an office environment, looking slightly frustrated, sitting at a desk with a computer screen open. On the screen, a PDF document is displayed, and next to it, a Google Docs window showing a partially converted document with noticeable formatting differences. The room is filled with technology gadgets and a large window showing a cityscape outside, suggesting a modern, tech-savvy individual dealing with the challenge of converting a PDF to a Word document using Google Drive. Scattered on the desk are notes and a pen, hinting at the manual effort required to clean up the converted document. This scene captures the essence of the struggle and workaround for editing PDFs, which were never meant to be edited or converted, highlighting the free solution provided by Google Drive and Docs.

How Do I Convert PDF to Word for Free?

PDFs were never meant to be edited or converted. There are some workarounds, though. I’ll show you one that’s free.

Copy Dropbox Link

Tip of the Day: Don’t Attach; Share Instead

Pause syncing in OneDrive.

Tip of the Day: Pause Cloud Sync

Google Storage

How Do I Free Up Space in Gmail?

There are several ways to deal with an overflowing Google Drive.

Secure cloud storage

The Two Types of Cloud Data Threats and How You Protect Yourself

All cloud data threats boil down to one of two things. I’ll review them and lay out what you need to do to keep your data is safe in the cloud.


Are the Free Microsoft Office Alternatives for Windows 10 Any Good?

Depending on how you use your word processing program, you may be able to find a good, free alternative to Word.

Save Options in Camtasia Screen Recorder

Tip of the Day: Default to the Cloud

Leo's Files, Moving in the Cloud

Why I’m (slowly) Switching to OneDrive

I’m slowly switching to OneDrive because I realized there was a fundamental difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online.