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Why I’m (slowly) Switching to OneDrive

I’ve been using Google Drive and Google Docs for several years. With the addition of functional (albeit somewhat crippled) versions of the applications on my Android mobile devices, it’s a quick and easy way to have documents with me wherever I might be. Add to that the ability to share documents with my assistants, and it’s become a valuable resources in how I handle my data.

I recently started playing around with Microsoft’s offering. They, too, now offer somewhat crippled versions of actual Microsoft Office programs for free on both the web and mobile, including my Android phone, integrated with their online “cloud” storage offering, Microsoft OneDrive.

But there’s something fundamentally different about Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online, something that has me now in the process of slowly switching to OneDrive, and potentially even shifting some of my other files from DropBox while I’m at it.

It’s all about backups.

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Footnotes & references

1: It doesn’t have to be Microsoft Office. It could be OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or any of a number of programs that understand the Microsoft Office file formats.
2: Though I have not once been able to get it to work if I include my email. The resulting file is too big and the downloads consistently fail.
3: Full disclosure: as a Microsoft alum, I get it at a discount. But, in my opinion, it’s still a bargain at full price.
4: And in full “belt and suspenders” style, the PC copies get backed up yet again as each PC is, itself, backed up nightly.