Articles tagged: email forwarding

How to Move Email Messages to Another Account

When changing email providers, old email can be difficult to move. I’ll look at some of the options.

Can I Stop Others from Forwarding Messages?

It’s not only impossible to prevent email from being forwarded; you can’t even prevent that forward from being altered, forged or defaced.

Tip of the Day: Don’t Forward All Email

Why do some people get 60 copies of messages I forward?

We’ll try to isolate the reason your forwards are getting multiplied, and then look at the only way to really stop the problem once and for all!

Why Can’t I Forward an Image in Email?

Sending and receiving images in email is incredibly complex, sometimes I’m amazed it works at all! But we’ll look at some common reasons why email images may fail to forward.

How do I automatically forward Hotmail in

It’s now fairly easy to automatically forward Hotmail and messages to another email account. I’ll walk you through the steps.

How Does Using BCC Help Reduce Spam?

Using BCC on forwarded email is one way to reduce the amount of spam your recipients might get as the email is forwarded further.

Why are internet petitions a bad idea?

Internet and on-line petitions seem like a quick and easy way to make a statement. Unfortunately at best they’re ineffectual, and at worst they do real harm.

How Do I Hide the Email Addresses I’m Sending to In a Message?

It’s possible to send email to someone without having their email address show up on the To: or Cc: lines by using Blind Carbon Copy, or Bcc.