Articles tagged: computer hacked

Hanlon's Razor

Never Attribute to Malice…

Malicious intent is a common knee-jerk reaction to technological trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, it’s usually the wrong assumption to make.

You've Been Hacked!

How to Tell if Your Email, Computer, or Facebook Has Been Hacked

Unless a password’s been changed, it’s difficult for a typical user to tell if their computer or account is being hacked.

Hacker in the night

Will Someone Hacking My Router Show up on My Computer?

Router hacking is rare, but it can happen. I’ll discuss what it is.

External Backup Drive

What good are image backups if I can’t restore an old backup to my new machine?

Image backups are excellent protection against almost all forms of data loss. They’re not really intended to make transferring to a new computer easier, though in rare circumstances they can come in handy for that too.

How do I get rid of this advertising popup that keeps coming back?

If your anti-malware tools removed the malware but this browser hijack keeps coming back, then you might be doing something to invite it back on to your system.