Why Do I Get an Error When Viewing JPG Files?

Ever since I got a new Acer laptop, an Aspire, two years ago with Windows 7 Home Premium, and I transferred my old files to it, I’ve been unable to open certain files that I receive in email: JPG, PNG, or PowerPoint presentations. I get this message that basically says, “The file .jpg could not be opened because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your Preferences.” Can you explain what this means and how to correct the problem? I work around it by saving the photo, going to the folder I saved it in, and then opening it the way that I would any file or photo.

It’s odd that you can view the files after saving them. That implies that you have the program that you need to view pictures.

Unfortunately, you didn’t mention the email program that you’re using. That plays a key role in this problem.  Let’s talk about what’s going on here.

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Should I provide my credit card to sites that are free?

Most of us know that there ain’t no Santa Claus, especially on the internet. However, there are numerous 100% free sites on the internet. All you have to do to access these sites is  provide your credit card information so that they may charge you at some point for your 100% free services. Any insights you might have about free services would be appreciated.

Personally, I don’t consider that free at all. My credit card information is valuable to me and I won’t give it out for something that purports to be free.

When in doubt, always assume anything that says free but requires a credit card is a scam.

Nonetheless, there are some semi-legitimate scenarios where giving your credit card information is the right thing to do.

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Can I put everything but the operating system on an external drive?

I’ve had so many problems with Windows 7 not responding that I’m now wondering if I wouldn’t be better off to reinstall and put the stuff that is normally backed up – programs, documents, and pictures – on a USB flash drive. That way, it would be easier to reinstall Windows 7 in the future and just plug in the USB drive to use the programs or documents. My laptop acts like it has a virus, but I have Avast AV real-time installed and I’ve done scans with several other online AV scanners. They’ve all found nothing. If I leave it idle for a little while, then it will not respond. I thought it was a Firefox problem, but IE also crashes. If I have everything but Windows on a USB stick, then I could reinstall Windows 7 anytime easily. Do you think this is feasible?

This scenario both will and will not work. Ultimately, it seems impractical and it’s not going to help your fundamental issue, which sounds like a hardware problem. I’ll talk about that first.

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I’m being abused by email. What do I do?

I gave my email to someone and now, I’m being abused both verbally and emotionally. From my email address, they were able to get my domain sites and that gave them my phone number and my address from Whois. I have since made the domain sites private, but the cache on Google has a snapshot of that page. Even though Whois has removed my information, what’s cached is still live and streaming daily. I was stupid to give my email address although I thought it would be safer than giving my phone number. This man has several porn sites and is now stalking me. The police have said that there’s nothing that they can do unless the man physically puts his hands on me. Thanks, Leo, for any help you can give me.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve received questions like yours fairly regularly. Unfortunately, there’s very little that I can do.

Let me begin by talking about information sharing and the potential for abuse.

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Is cloning to a second internal drive a viable backup strategy?

Leo, I’ve reformatted my PC several times in the past which is a real pain. Since then, I’ve done things a little different. Now, I just use another internal hard drive hooked up via USB adapter to clone my present hard drive. It takes less than an hour to do so and I do this every six months using flash drives in-between to save anything new. It seems to work well for me. Can you think of problems that may occur from doing this sort of backup?

Backing up puts you ahead of the game. You’re doing more than probably half of the people out there today.

Cloning your hard drive is a reasonable solution, but personally, I’m not comfortable with it because you can run into a few “gotchas” every now and then.

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How Do I Prevent this Folder from Opening on Startup?

Every time I turn on the computer, a window called “C:\documents and settings\Ruth\Local settings\Application Data\Amazon” opens on the desktop. I tried to remove this through Control Panel > Add and Remove programs, but I can’t find it. I also can’t find local settings. I think that it started to appear after I downloaded a Kindle book via USB to my Kindle device.

If it’s just a folder in Windows Explorer opening when you log in, that’s not a program, so you’re not going to find it in the Control Panel. It’s not something that was installed, so there’s nothing to uninstall.

But this is interesting. Let’s talk about what it might be and what you can do to fix it.

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Can I use both a wireless mouse and keyboard without plugging in another USB receiver?

My question is prompted by wanting to buy the ideal wireless mouse and keyboard combo for my laptop. Finding exactly what I wanted proved impossible. Either the mouse had all that I required in terms of functionality, but the keyboard didn’t or vice versa. I could have bought separates, but that would have meant two USB ports occupied by receivers and being a laptop, USB ports are at a premium. Is it possible to buy wireless mice and keyboards that connect to the PC without the need for a USB receiver?  After all, my wireless printer doesn’t have one and that works over very long distances. So why can’t a mouse and keyboard?

Answering this question may get a bit complex. You have several different options to consider when it comes to buying a mouse and keyboard combination that you like.

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Why does my cursor disappear while typing?

Why does my cursor keep disappearing? Almost every sentence that I type disappears and I have to click the mouse to get it back so I can continue typing. Just in writing these two sentences, it disappeared three times.

First, let me clear up one thing. You don’t need the cursor to type.

A disappearing cursor could be a bug, but it’s also possible that it’s a feature. It depends on the cursor that you’re seeing.

Let’s begin by talking about the cursor.

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