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My mouse is super sensitive and seems to do things on its own. What do I do?

My mouse is super sensitive and seems to do things on its own. What do I do?

Most of us have come to rely very heavily on our mouse – even those of us
such as myself who are still mostly keyboard users. And when it starts to act
up, it can be a very serious issue and an annoying one.

Let’s look at a few things.

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The most immediate and obvious thing that comes to mind is the hardware

  • Clean the mouse. Dirt can easily cause the mouse to
    misbehave. And optical mice are not immune; I find myself needing to clean
    mine every few weeks.

  • Check for interference. This applies to wireless mice.
    It’s possible that radio interference could cause some confusion. The
    thing to look for is a short, clear path between the mouse and its receiver
    and no powerful electronic devices between.

  • Replace the batteries. The number one cause for this
    behavior in wireless mice is dying batteries. Replace them and see what

  • Check the cable. For cabled mice, a quick test is to
    wiggle the cable where it joins the mouse and back at the connector, and if
    that causes activity then the cable is probably bad. Also check for any crimps in
    the wire that may have also damaged it.

  • Update your BIOS. If the erratic behavior starts after
    installing or upgrading to Windows 2000 or Windows XP, then check this article from
    Microsoft Support: Mouse Jumps or Behaves
    Erratically After Installing Windows 2000 or Windows XP
    . The problem might
    be your computer.

If you have a chance, swap your mouse with another. I have a small graveyard
of old mice that I hang onto for just this purpose. They all work, they’re just
old and dirty, but they come in very handy to determine if a problem I’m
seeing is my current mouse or something else.

It is worth checking your settings as well. Unfortunately exactly how will
vary dramatically depending on the manufacturer. In Control Panel should be an
item labeled Mouse or similar. Items to look for are things
like “sensitivity” or “pointer speed”. Review the button assignments to make
sure that they’re correct.

Mouse move options like “snap to” will cause the mouse to move to specific
points under certain conditions. These options can easily confuse if you’re not
prepared for them, so make sure they’re what you want or turn them off.

But to be totally honest, the type of wild behavior described is more
often than not your mouse’s death knell.

Do this

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78 comments on “My mouse is super sensitive and seems to do things on its own. What do I do?”

  1. My mouse is moving by itself. I passed antivirus actualized program, but it can not fix this trouble at all.
    What can I proceed? Is it a new virose?

    Thanks in advance,

    Paulo R. de Faria

  2. I’ve had similar issues with all the Dell portables in my building. Doesn’t seem to matter what OS is on, almost all of them do it. By design, these Latitudes and Inspiron’s are the most prone. Go to the Dell website and download the latest dual pointing decive driver for the touchpad (even if you use an external mouse). I believe it is called ALPS. Once installed, you can go into the touchpad properties and disable the “stick”, or only use the touchpad. This fixed the issue for me. Hope this helps.

  3. I greatly reduced the “wild cursor movement” experienced when using an optical mouse by using a piece of blue paper for a mouse surface (had been using a brown desktop).

  4. Ditch your mousepad!

    I’ve got a Dell USB Optical mouse, and have noticed the “jump to the corner” problem. It turns out it was caused by the mousepad.

    What I’ve discovered is that the best surface for the mouse is for it to be both smooth and dull. A course or shiny surface will confuse the optical mouse. It also appears that patterns can confuse the mouse – one mousepad was a red circle on a black background – whenever it crossed from one color to another it would jump. It turns out the top of my desk is a better surface than the various mousepads I tried.

    Hope it helps,

  5. My mouse is a laptop one, and it’s one of those very sensitive devices where you can just touch it with the tip of your finger. I know I could buy a proper mouse, but for the moment I can’t. I tried to check in the control panel, but didn’t find anything. Any ideas before I throw this bloody comp out of the window?


  6. Thanks for the advice. My new corded optical mouse was dancing all over the screen right out of the box. I tried multiple virus scanners but no luck. After reading the last post, I simply turned my mouse pad over from its light green top to its black underside and problem fixed. Time searching for a solution 2 days. Time to fix glitch 2 seconds. Thanks again.

  7. My mouse is doing the same thing it is a brand new microsoft optical mouse. It keeps on going to the corners of the screen often to the start button. I have tried all the tips, used all the antivirus software and the surface on which i use the mouse is not shiny but when i remove it from my laptop the Track Point mouse also behaves in the same way Could anyone help me with this.

  8. I remember reading somewhere that ACPI may confuse the synchronization of the mouse, and cause prementioned behaviour. try turning it off.Haven’t tested, tho.

  9. Just reading the helpful comment left by: David Chambers at January 6, 2005
    I too was experiencing regualr unwanted cursor movements when using an optical mouse on and old wooden table. I have just placed my mouse on a book instead and hey presto my hours of frustration have ended!!! It works fine now. :)

  10. My mouse is super sensitive as well but mine also does this; On the right side of the desktop the mouse will move “off screen” and sometimes it takes 3-4 drags to get it back on the screen. The left side of the desktop does not do this. Any suggestions? Thanks (Dell desktop w/WinXP)

  11. I would check your video configuration and see if perhaps your system thinks you have a dual-monitor configuration by mystake. Rightclick on the desktop, select properties and then “Settings”.

  12. Does anyone know why the color of my pointer turned to green with a purple outline? And how to change it back? I’ve been having mouse trouble too – thanks for the suggestions.

  13. I’m using Dell Latitude Laptop, My touchpad cursor moves authomatically on right side of screen, 1st, it shows some curtosy and moves slowly, but after few minutes it become some mad bull and just like to hang on right side of screen. What should I do. Pls help me! on my email [email address removed]

  14. I looked through the article and noticed many had a similar problem with the mouse moving to corners.

    I’m on a Dell stationary, and installed a logitech webcam at Xmas. Post hoc, the PS/2 mouse (ball, cord) randomly froze, warped around (start button corner) and clicked maniacly by itself. I’m pretty careful so I don’t think I have any nasty viruses, and I do clean the mouse/surface.

    Luckily I have a wacom tablet, and it works just fine. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in 3D programs or games where you drag the mouse.

    I just got an optical USB mouse, and it jumps to corners (a few times per hr), but doesn’t freeze or click like the old one did. I’ve googled around a bit and still don’t know how to solve this. I will try changing the mouse pad though.

    Also, long before this, the pointer sometimes moved slowly upwards by itself. That seem to be common too.

    (No, I don’t leave the pen on the tablet. That can make the regular mouse behave oddly sometimes. If you have trouble with a jittery pointer movement and use a tablet, it might be interference from the (CRT) monitor affecting the tablet. Don’t put it too close.)

  15. If your mouse jumps, its a Dell.

    DELL Mouse’s jumps to the corners. I maintain 50 new dell desktops and all the mouses bahave that way.

    The only thing microsoft do well is mouses, so get one of those.


  16. I’m having an issue with my mouse as well. I run a Dell computer, but the mouse is a Logitec, cordless.

    The mouse moves around the screen, randomly clicks, opens applications, all sorts of things like this. It seems much worse at times, but is always behaving oddly.

    The computer is about 6 months old. The mouse, I used on my last Dell (But it’s under a year old)and it didn’t do any of these things.

    The mouse is clean, the pad is new, I work on a desk, not plain wood, the radio in the office is at least 20 ft away from the computer/mouse reciever, the reciever is about 6 inches from the mouse normally, (But I sometimes move it toward the edge of the desk,m which is about 15 inches away from the reciever.) all settings are normal, the driver is up to date, and “snap to” is off.

    The only factor which I have not been able to determine is whether or not a bluetooth cordless mouse might be interfering somehow with my reception, from another office in the complex. There are 65 agents in our office, but they ALL use ps/2 connections. Mine is the only cordless.
    I can’t figure it out.

    Because my work is confidential, and the mouse seems to open applications, this makes me very nervous. (The thought crossed my mind that a remote desktop access might be causing it, but that’s highly doubtful.) Our IT guy has no clue, said he’s never seen anything like it.

    Are there any other ideas anyone might have to fix this?

  17. My mouse will move just slightly, usually to the right after I have stopped. Does not go haywire or anything, just looks like I moved it when I have done nothing. I have the latest DAT for McAfee and run Spybot, Adware and the new Microsoft anti spyware weekly.

    Any thoughts on why this happens? I am on a Dell Optiplex with the standard Dell by Microsoft mouse. I have checked all of my settings and have swapped out the mouse. It is rare and very random, just concerning.

  18. I have purchaed 2 Dell desktop computers over the last year. Both came with the optical mouse. Both developed “Mouse Wandering” problems. With the first computer, Dell sent me a replacement optical mouse. It worked fine for a while and then started wandering. I went to Comp USA and bought another optical mouse, it started wandering too. I called Dell again, this time they said to change my mouse pad to a lighter color, and pointed out that they had fixed the problem by redesigning their mouse pad from a mostly dark design to a mostly white design. This seemed to work for a while. But of course it didn’t last. I then purchaed 2 old fashion track ball mouses for my Dell computers. This has eliminated 95% of the problems but occasionaly I still see the cursor slowly creep around the screen by itself. As a wild guess, perhaps its a static electricity problem & a charge develops between the moving mouse and the pad & somehow effects the control signal. ??? I think I’ll try tapeing a piece of tin foil down on my desk and see if it has any effect. (Keep in mind I have a track ball mouse, I dont know what this would do to an optical mouse so try it at your own risk) In any event, Dell needs to address the problem. ..

  19. I’ve noticed a sporatic problem where the cursor seems to jump for no apparent reason. I’m using a Dell desktop with a USB optical mouse. The mousepad is from Dell. It’s black with a white circle in the middle and several shades of gray. The whole thing reminds me of the Qbert game with the illusion of raised boxes. I suspect it’s the mousepad that’s throwing off the optical mouse. Could the problem be that simple? Has anyone switched from the Dell mousepad to another mousepad and seen this problem disappear?

  20. I have an optical mouse (usb w/ps2 adaptor) which was being used on my ps2 port, the port went down so I moved it to usb. Now it slowly moves over the screen all the time. I go to click something and usually miss or hit something else. I’m use to just flying around the screen now I have to move slowly and make sure I hit the right things!

  21. I have encountered the same mouse wandering problem. It happened with new Samsung optical mouse which I promptly changed with new Microsoft basic optical mouse, but the problem remains. I am using on PS2 port. I have to move mouse slowly to take it to the place I want. But it kills productivity and speed.

  22. I’m using the default mouse that came with my Dell computer. For some odd reason my cursor tends to jump to the top of my screen every time I try to move it. even when I try to click on links ect. it’s hard to get it to move to the link. I switched mice 3 times and I also switched mouse pads the same problem continues.

  23. on windows XP home, on my account, my optical mouse wanders sometimes, but on my sister’s account, the wandering mouse problem is 10 times worse, every minute or so as opposed to every 8-10 minutes. why is this problem worse on my sister’s account?

  24. I had the problem where my optical mouse would “shake” or “vibrate” and was difficult to control. I switched out the mouse with another optical mouse and had the same problem. I changed out my mousepad and the problem has gone away. My old mousepad was somewhat glossy with a color picture on it. The new mousepad was more foamy. I dont know what was going on, maybe the light was was refracted slightly. I dont know for sure, but the mouse does not move anymore and the problem has been solved.

  25. I have been reading all the comments about mouse cursor problems. I have a Dell 3000 with the dell supplied optical mouse. every so often the cursor sort of falls to the corner and off the screen. I have spent what seems like a lifetime on hold and/or repeating my problem to dell technicians. They want me to reinstall my operating system. I see that several people with my same problem have replaced the mouse pad and all was fine. I wish it were that easy here. my son has the same computer that I have. We purchased them together. His mouse has never given him any problems and what is even more depressing to me is that he took my mouse home with him and tried it on his computer and it worked fine. I finally got out my old roller ball mouse and no jumping problems but I still would like to get to the bottom of this mouse jumping problem. any suggestions? please!

  26. I was having this trouble with my optical mouse pointer zipping up to the top corner of my Dell Latitude screen, intermittently, frequently, irritatingly. Changing the mouse mat surface didn’t make much difference. I’ve just discovered something that might have fixed it for me. Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager / Mice / Properties / Advanced Settings / INPUT BUFFER LENGTH. The help for this box says: “You should increase this number if your mouse behaves erratically.” So I did. And, so far, so good. No escaping mouse pointers so far today since I did that. Hope this helps someone else, maybe.

  27. I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with a Dell wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. The mouse will not let me change button assignments. (I’m a lefty). It did before, but not now.

    I bought a new Logitech Cordless Click! yesterday and installed it and this morning I was sitting here and all of a sudden I got zapped in my chest and out through the top of my stomach area. It’s painful and really itches. Can you get electrocuted by these wireless mice? It took me by such surprise, not to mentions scared me half to death. I have my system on a UPS surge protector.

  28. I am experiencing a similar problem. My Microsoft wireless mouse keeps moving erratically (not necessarily to the corners) and clicking things. It closes programs, and the movements seem almost too natural, too controlled. I disconnected my modem and it still did not stop. I checked for viruses with no luck. After reading a bit here, I disconnected the USB from my computer and it stopped. I plugged it back in and the problem started again. It is frustrating.

  29. I have had a problem with my mouse slowly wandering to the left. I never noticed the problem with the last mouse I had. Both of them are optical. After reading Linda’s post, I tried using a different surface and the problem went away. It seems that some optical mice may have a problem with shiny surfaces more than others. I’ve never had one work properly on a glass covered surface.

  30. My problem is NOT the mouse (trackball) but the cursor. It has a mind of its own and often wanders UP, or, LEFT across the screen with the mouse not even being used. In other words, the mouse is on the mat and not being touched when the cursor will begin to travel in a straight line either UP or to the LEFT. Absolutely no contact with the mouse is necessary!!. Its weird and has been happening for two years. Three changes of mice have not worked. Two changes of mat have not worked. Changes in the `mouse` settings have not worked. Updating mouse drivers have not worked. (Strangely, when I DO manually use the mouse, it is extremely reluctant to move to the RIGHT). I update and run Anti Virus/Spyware regularly. Its a modern computer working Win XP. Is it a case of a haunted computer or what?!. I`m at my wits end and am seriously considering `binning` the computer. Can anyone help a poor maiden in distress??!!

  31. This problem with mouse pointers is very simple to solve, in windows xp go into start menu, then into control panel then click on appearance and themes, then move yer mouse over to mouse pointers click on it , uncheck “enhance pointer precision, and click apply, that will stop the mouse from acting crazy, this will work with dell mouse pointers and most

  32. Thanks Jim, your method certainly did the trick. Apart from a slight shudder every now and then the cursor stays where it should. When it does shudder, a slight tap on the mouse stops it.
    Not trying to sound pendantic but I could`nt find `appearance and themes` in `control panel`, however, it was there under `mouse`.
    Many thanks again,

  33. Sorry to trouble you again Jim,
    You`ve solved the `wandering` pointer problem but the shuddering is also causing trouble. Its very difficult to place the pointer accurately on a specific spot on the screen. It is also very reluctant to be placed on a `sliding bar` in a web page or on the arrow to make the `sliding bar` move. I also notice that when it shudders, if I tap the mouse, the shuddering stops. As I explained in my earlier post, it is a brand new mouse so I don`t believe the problem lies there. The shuddering seems to be that the pointer wants to move but seems to be hitting an invisible wall and cannot proceed. Also, if I move the mouse to the right slowly, the pointer does`nt move at all ..(It moves normally left,up and down). It does this only if I`ve used the mouse earlier (even for a few seconds) and does`nt stop until I tap the mouse. Can Jim help again or anyone who knows what causes this problem?. Many thanks. Dawn

  34. When I float the mouse pointer over a file, a window comes up, telling me the address or contents of the file…

    How do I delete that option???



  35. Hi there, I am experiencing similar problems to those described by Dawn with the in-built TrackPoint and TouchPad mouse on my Dell Inspiron 8200. It doesn’t happen all the time – just goes through period. When it does play up, it drifts in one direction for a while, and then for no apparent reason, it is capable of snapping in other directions. During these moment of mouse madness, the TouchPad is useless. The TrackPoint can be used to “override” the self-drifting, but I have to move the mouse to such extreme position just to move it that I fear I will snap my TrackPoint off!! I have turned off Enhanced Pointer Position, but to no avail. If I try to connect an external PS/2 mouse to it, it still does the same thing.

    If I leave the laptop unused for a week or so, it some time fixes it for a few days before the mouse madness haunts me again. Needless to say, this is driving me to the verge of insanity. I am getting around it as much as I can by using keyboard to navigate around, but there are some applications where this is just not possible.

    Can anyone help? Even if you tell me it’s beyond help and to junk it… :(


  36. Hey there, i don’t know if you’ve had this one before, but my mouse has epeleptic fits, i’ve scaned and re-installed till the cows came home, anyway whats happening is that i could be chatting browsing etc, and all of a sudden it runs all over the screen both clicking left and right, opening closing making the computer make lots of beeping sounds and im guessing sending way to many comands to the cpu, do i need a new mouse or is it a deeper problem

  37. hey never mind, i just installed some software that pretymuch tripled the problem i was having then uninstalled it now my mouse is working perfectly (but for how long i wonder)

    sorry for being a pain, but you do great work here, thanks for the other tips they may come in handy one day :P

  38. Just had a similar experience on my Win98SE machine using a Logitech 3 button mouse on the PS/2 port. I don’t use this box except for a handful of programs I couldn’t, or didn’t want to, migrate over to the XP, and (as it never gets connected to the net anymore) the chances for virus infection are low.

    The precise symptom was that attempts to click-drag objects made all sorts of things happen almost as if right-clicking simultaneously with rapid mouse movements. Mouse movement was normal except when in conjunction with a left-click. If I held the mouse very still then a left-click was sucessful, but on the slightest motion during a click the pointer would go nearly anywhere on the screen.

    Didn’t see anything untoward in the control panel mouse applet, and didn’t have any conflicts showing in device manager.

    I unloaded the v9.41.2 Logitech mouse driver, and let 98SE use the default drivers instead. Mouse working OK, but, of course, no middle button. Downloaded the latest Win98 drivers (v9.79.1) and installed. Mouse working fine again.

    No idea why it got whacked in the first place …

  39. I don’t believe it’s software!
    Excess body electricity. It only happens to laptops. Do you get electric shocks from cars too?

  40. My mouse moves by itself especially when I lift it up in the air and keep it like that. When it comes in contact with the surface it tries to stay still but as I move it the problem still ocurs slightly. So I wonder why would a mouse held up in the air move? Can some part of it be offcentered or something? Because it always goes to the upper right corner of my monitor screen. I would like to mention that in the last year or so I changed a lot of mice, because they all stopped responding. Usualy right after odd behaviour like this. So does this mean I have to bury another one? And if so, what could cause mice to break like that? And different ones to, classic, optical etc. (connected to PS2)

  41. I have new Pentium 4 computers in the network. Lately, our power socket got problems that it automatically shut down our computers. After replacing the power socket, my other computers started working well, except for 2 units. Even with good power socket, still they automatically turn off the monitor while the CPU are remains on. I have checked the monitor’s power setting. I put them to ALWAYS ON. Still, the problem persists. I need help, pls.

  42. for some odd reason my mouse (optical wired) pointer moves slowly left wards till it reaches the end of the screen? its seriously freaky and i thought i was being hacked, but no one is able to move the mouse in a straight line and certainly no hacker is stupid enough to make their traces known, so please help me figure out what is going on, than you.

  43. Have just got an Erratic mousetoo it’s a optical USB via adapter into the ps2 port. tried it in USB ports and also a ball Mouse same results(jumps around opens programs etc)then I noticed the light in the mouse flicks of & on in time with the erratic moves. Any one know why??

  44. I don’t know if this is what you mean – nut my mouse tends to click multiple times since i upgraded tp XP pro. It drives me crazy. I can’t get it to stop, even though I tried multiple things and settings. It makes me machine useless for gaming, which is what I want to do.

  45. Erratic mouse pointer tried everything still screwing up only thing i can think of is the bios I tried to put win xp on my computer but its a sony viao slimtop and it caused more problems so i got a new hard drive and memory is now 256 but still problems went back to win me but the bios is still for xp is there a way to get the bios back to win me?

  46. Some optical mice use a cheaply mass produced optical sensor that picks up odd imperfections in a hard semi reflective surface. Try using a solid colored mousepad, preferably black or red. I’ve ran through the circuit schematics and traced the circuits of several mice that have been reported to have the erratic behavior phenomenon, and they all have the exact sensor and circuitry, and are all corrected by a using a dark solid colored mouse pad. Although if you lift the mouse off the desk at a slight angle you may still get a jumping effect unless you back trace the circuit from the tracking l.e.d. and short the transistor that changes the brightness to save power.

  47. Hey it worked I just removed the mouse pad and used the desk top. I looked at the pad (that is a Dell)and it had damaged spots, dirt, and high and low places. I had cleaned it not long ago and didn’t have much dirt on it. I think the pad itself was my problem. Thank Leo I was about ready to buy a new mouse.

  48. i have this problem. i never used the touchpad mouse on my laptop, i used one that connected to the computer in the back. my sister got me a wireless one for christmas and ever since i started using it, i had this problem. i’ve cleaned it, it has brand new batteries, did everything you mentioned. the thing is, i can unplug this mouse, and the pointer continues to go to the top right corner of the screen even with the touchpad or any other mouse i use. i think it’s my computer. it’s a Dell Inspiron 8100. what’s wrong?

  49. I had this problem (optical mouse cursor moving on its own) and I solved it just now. I found that I had another mouse connected to my computer (which I had stopped using because its right click was not working, but had forgotten to unplug). Just now I unplugged the old mouse and … no problemo.

  50. I am using a desktop computer and a optic wired mouse. Basically I am trying to find a way to solve my problem which is; my mouse makes its way to the left hand side of my screen. Its not just a constant movement, its like two steps left and one step right over and over. when it reaches the left hand side of my screen its still going on, still jumping. I unplugged my mouse and it was still happening any ideas?

  51. I had this problem before. I found that it was my graphics tablet causing the problems. I had stuff on top of the tablet and it was causing my mouse to move constantly to one side. If you have a graphics tablet make sure that nothing is ontop of it, or even better, make sure its unplugged if not in use. Hope it solves some of your cases.

  52. hey! for the touchpad users i found that in cold situations there is a lot of jumping around with the pointer. i rubbed back and forth quickly to create friction and the symptoms went away! good luck

  53. i have an acer aspire laptop and cannot stop this mouse problem…i bought a optical wireless mouse thinking it would stop it but no…i tried to disable the touchpad but it didnt work… i changed the batteries in the wireless mouse…i tried the ideas above and it stopped for the first hour i was using but then started up again….i need an idea as to why the mouse erratically jumps around on the screen….help!

  54. I use the touch pad. I’ve been having an issue where when I type suddenly what I am typing will move into the document elsewhere on it’s own. I was blogging and all of sudden it highlighted then deleted a section. I’m not sure what to do to fix this. I just sent the computer out yesterday and they removed a ton of virus’ I had. Now everything except this issue seems okay.

  55. i use
    the touch pad on my laptop but the thing is so sensitive as i slide it over the screen it just clicks on something i dont want

    please help

  56. Mine is a wireless mouse/keyboard [Advent] I had them replaced on April 4th this year because the mouse gave up the ghost. Now this mouse works for a while then suddenly takes on a life of its own. I then used a wired mouse which occasionally behaves oddly. I then go back to the wireless one. I have tried everything.

  57. after looking at this site i decided to use the spare usb i have and plug another mouse in this got the mpveng one jealous and it stopped moving
    unplugged the new one and its been alright since

  58. I’m reading the article / page from an IBM celeron 366Mhz with win2k and decided to read all the comments when I found this:

    When I float the mouse pointer over a file, a window comes up, telling me the address or contents of the file…

    How do I delete that option???


    Posted by: rick at March 7, 2006 11:58 AM

    I don’t believe you can.

    Posted by: Leo at March 7, 2006 12:00 PM

    Here’s the solution:
    a) open Windows Exploder
    b) open Tools > Folder Options
    c) in folder options select the “View” tab
    scroll down through the options until you find an option that reads:
    “Show Pop-up description for folder & desktop items”

    the Option is available to un-check in both Win2K & XP, I don’t know about vista? because I don’t “won’t” use vista

    one solution I found that worked for me to cure the
    “Run Away Mouse”
    is to use an older style PS/2 or USB “Ball” mouse as soon as I tossed the Optical out the problem quit on the Dell Optiplex I usually work on.

  59. When I bought a new PC a couple of years ago my mouse cursor would go zooming off at random too. Just before I packed it up and took it in for “repairs” I tried a different mousepad. The one that worked for my optical mouse was a dark colored cloth one. The “defective” one was shiny pebbled plastic. I guessed sometimes the light would bounce off the pebbles in random directions.

    For the Gary, who had mouse disappear off the side of the screen, if he was using a CRT monitor use the controls on the monitor to confirm that the image is properly sized (ie not to big) and properly centered (ie in direction mouse was disappearing). I had a problem like that when I first setup that new PC, I pushed the screen resolution up beyond what the older monitor could handle, so I also had mouse and programs disappearing off all 4 sides.

  60. I was having a problem with a new laptop using Vista. The text was highlighting, and web pages and links were opening on their own as I moved the cursor around with the touch pad!
    The solution was in the Control Panel.. Mouse … In Mouse Properties the “tapping” tab, I unchecked “tapping” and all seems to be good!

  61. I have the doing stuff on its own issue using the touch pad

    You can be moving around and the mouse button or the double tap of the touchpad itself selects stuff without you pressing the button. and typing quick is a nightmare, words just randomly move around your text area or delete by themselves taking twice the time to type a simple sentence.

    Seems to move to whereever the cursor is at the time or the closest possible spot. but not always.

    Idealy i use a USB mouse as i find touchpads too slow but thats not always possible.

    Thats using Windows Vista and Windows 7

  62. I had this same problem off and on, swapped the mouse, was better for awhile then came back worse than ever. I just discovered I had a 2nd mouse connected, removed it and all better now.


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