Are My Skype Calls Recorded?

Is Skype really not recording my private video calls on their servers anywhere on the internet or on a hard copy?

I think it’s extremely unlikely that your Skype calls are recorded … at least by Skype. I’ll dive into a number of reasons I believe that to be the case.

However, there’s another, potentially more dangerous, scenario that a lot of people overlook. Unfortunately, many are paying a very steep price for that.

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Can my boss see my mail and instant messages?


I sent a co-worker an instant message through MSN messenger regarding our boss. (We were both in the same office at the time). My boss was seen at my desk looking through my computer. He has spyware installed on the system. Can he retrieve my old MSN instant message that I sent to my co-worker?

Oh my, could he ever. I hope what you said wasn’t too awful.

Even if he wasn’t standing at your desk, there are several ways that he could be keeping track of what’s going on with your computer.

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