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Is My Chat History Saved Somewhere?

You can’t prove a negative, so it’s impossible to say your chats aren’t being saved somewhere. But it’s pretty darned unlikely.


Can My Boss See My Mail and Instant Messages?

When using your company’s machine and/or network, it’s safe to assume that your boss or IT department can see your emails, instant messages, and everything else.


What’s Up with WhatsApp Terms of Service?

WhatsApp announced privacy policy changes requiring your agreement to continue using it. Has anything really changed?

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Sending Text Messages Using Your Computer

There are several approaches to exchanging messages via text, ranging from traditional SMS text messaging to many popular messaging applications and services.

Are My Skype Calls Recorded?

Are My Skype Calls Recorded?

Skype calls recorded by Skype? Possible, but until recently, highly unlikely. However, there’s a much scarier scenario that no technology can prevent.


How Can People Be Signed into Both Skype and Microsoft Messenger at the Same Time?

Until the migration from IM to Skype is complete, I think it’s likely to see both accounts for many friends. It’s simply that Skype, the program, is logging into the both Skype and Microsoft Messenger at the same time.

How Do I Bypass My School or Employer’s Block on Instant Messaging?

Why schools and workplaces often block Instant Messaging and what you can (or shouldn’t) do about it.

Can My Company Monitor My IM Conversations At Home?

Hey, at least they told you. Most companies that do monitor bury that fact in their employee handbooks, if they even mention it at all. But can they monitor your IMing at home? Maybe.

How do I disable the “remember me” feature of Instant Messaging clients?

One the most common classes of questions I get has to do with people who’ve lost access to their own accounts because someone else changed their password. Setting “remember me” on a public computer is a quick way to set yourself up for having your password changed and your account stolen. I laud your efforts … Read more

Can I save my MSN Messenger Archives to another computer?

Well, in the strictest sense, the answer is no … MSN Messenger archives reside on the local machine, or perhaps the local network, period. You can archive your conversations, and then take them with you, but a) it’s not as easy as what you’re asking for, and b) you may not want to do it, … Read more

The soap opera that is instant messaging

I talk on the social implications of some of my most common questions.

Can I find out who instant messaged me?

First, be aware that most instant messaging programs allow you to block instant messages from people you don’t know. I would do that immediately. Then, when someone wants to IM you, you have to approve it. But as for finding out who did, the news is not good. Possible? Technically, yes, but not likely.