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How do I put a picture into the caption of a picture on

How do I put a picture into a caption of a picture I’ve uploaded to I see others doing it, but I can’t figure out how.

While it might sound funny to put a picture as a caption on another picture,
it makes a lot of sense if you’re trying to add an emoticon or other icon.

I’ve already covered How
to put a picture in a comment on MySpace
, and while this seems different,
it’s really very, very similar.

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The only real “trick” to know for both this, and for comments as well, is
that you can use HTML. That means in your caption you can reference an image
stored anywhere else on the internet, or in your own uploaded pictures.

Start by following the instructions in How
do I put a picture in a comment on
to upload a picture, and
locate that picture’s URL.

“The picture doesn’t actually have to be on MySpace, in
fact it can be anywhere on the internet, as long as it’s accessible by some

Now, go to Add/Edit photos on your MySpace home page and
click on Add Caption.

Now, in that caption, where you want that picture to be, enter

src=”” alt=””

IMPORTANT replace the URL (the
“”) in this example
with the URL to your own picture.

The picture doesn’t actually have to be on MySpace, in fact it can be
anywhere on the internet, as long as it’s accessible by some URL.

That’s all there is to it.

Now, that whole “<img…” thing, that’s just HTML – the language of web
pages. You can use other HTML as well. For example, if you just want to place
text, and have some of it be bold, enter something like this:

This is
bold text

The word bold will be bold. You like color? Try this:

This is
red text

The word “red” will be red.

As with a picture in a comment, if this doesn’t work the most common cause
is not doing it exactly right. HTML can be picky. Make sure that
you’ve copied everything you see here exactly the same way, and that you’ve
copied the URL to any pictures you’re using exactly. It all has to be right, or
things cannot work, or look really, really messy.

If you really want to experiment, pick up a book on some basic HTML. You can
get quite creative.

Do this

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13 comments on “How do I put a picture into the caption of a picture on”

  1. okay, seriously people. if the url is too long, go to your documents, and your pictures, find the picture, rename it as ‘a’ or something short like one letter. then try with the url.

  2. This works I swear
    use this code

    because when you copy and paste the code they have the myspace url is too long so it removes the alt thing at the end of the code, so go to or to make the url shorter then put that url where my code says url

  3. Ok it took out the code so let me explain it
    when you copy and paste the code they give you
    take out the myspace url so you have “”
    then you have to re-add the alt=”” / >
    now go to use that url and put it between the first “”

  4. Hi, I’m trying to put an image in my “companies” section. I’m using the exact code that Leo suggests, which usually works just fine. I used to host my gif. The problem I’m having is that when I enter the code, MySpace automatically converts the quote marks to “"” kind of the way it automatically converts a typed ampersand into “&”. Is there a way to disable this so that I can see my image and not a long line of converted code?


  5. EVERYONE PLEASE – read the article carefully… particularly this statement:

    “if this doesn’t work the most common cause is not doing it exactly right.”

    Two dots happens if your HTML is bad or incomplete (for example the /> was left off). The most common cause is that the URL you are trying to use is TOO LONG. You MUST use a shorter URL. Make sure that EVERYTHING explained above fits in the caption box … if it doesn’t, it’s too long. Make it shorter.

    I’m closing comments on this article, since it’s just repeats of this exact same issue.

    UPDATE: I’ve added this article for those of you having problems with URLs that are too long:


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