How do I make an email address instead of appears to be a desirable domain name for email addresses. Unfortunately it's not that easy to get an email address.


How do I get an email address that ends in “”? All I see are options for “” when I go to MSN to create a free email account.

This question, which I actually get surprisingly often, puzzles me. I scratch my head in wonder each time I get it.

My question to everyone who keeps asking is this: Why? What’s the big deal about an email address?

MSN Hotmail is MSN’s free email service. So if you want to sign up for a free email account with MSN, then MSN Hotmail is the service you use, and your email address will be That’s the way the free service works.

Why do you care?

I believe that the domain is used if you sign up for MSN Premium. The catch? It’s not free. While you are getting some additional services as well, the fact is you’ll incur a monthly charge.

Now, occasionally ISPs may offer MSN Premium as part of their package, but again, it’s part of what you’re paying to get your internet connectivity.

I know of no way to get an “” email address for free.

Now, my question to you…

Why do you care?

I get this question often enough that I’m convinced I must be missing something. Is there some kind of status or prestige associated with Is there something else you can do with an email address that you can’t with

Honestly, I just don’t get it.

Maybe someone will educate me.

But I’m still unclear as to why that’s so important to some people.


  1. Len

    About 5 years ago I had MSN Explorer installed on my PC. When you set it up you can create either a or email addy for free without signing up for the premium service. I don’t use that browser anymore so I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

  2. comehome2

    I occassionally feel the need to look at my MSN email to see if any messages to me may be drawing dust in that archive. I mainly use Hotmail, but the MSN came automatically with my Verizon ISP bnroadband package, like it or not. So maybe that is why some of us look at it occassionally. Kudos to your site, by the way.

  3. danny

    Eh, you guys are in luck. I happened to be an outsourced MSN TS before (Like Dec 2005).
    Well, I’ll put some info in perspective:

    MSN address:

    1. Is an IMAP email account (but more than that)
    2. Comes with a web browser called MSN explorer.
    3. Has 2 Gigs of Email storage.
    4. MSN Explorer is based on IE.
    5. MSN Explorer does not only synchronize your email messages and email folders – it (gasp) synchronizes your Bookmarks, Contacts, Browsing History (gasps again), MSN IM Contacts and even your Mobile!
    6. Its not free. However Microsoft stuffs it in new installations of WinXP, so you see the butterfly right? Chances are if you have a free hotmail account and you use that on the butterfly, it doesn’t offer you all of the features I mentioned. If however, you subscribe – or are subscribed to Verizon or Qwest, DSL or Dial Up, you get the software perks along with it.
    7. Price range is 9.95 to 19.95 (Hola! am I passing along sensitive info?)
    8. Its A status symbol since not many email services bunch up their products in such a comprehensive manner:

    a. Internet Connection
    a.1 Dial Up
    a.2 DSL
    b. Browser which synchronizes over computers!
    b.1 Bookmarks
    b.2 Internet Settings
    c. Email
    c.1 Email folders,
    c.2 rules,
    c.3 messages
    d. synchronization!
    e. Contacts!
    f. Instant Messaging
    f.1 via MSNMSGR before, I dunno if they have
    MSN Live Messenger now

    So you see, its a whole economic system designed to fool the old grannies into spending all of their $ while MS looks at all their info.

    Why? Coz all the synchronization stuff needs to be stored somewhere right?? Guess where your bookmarks, MSN contacts, browsing history, everything you basically do on the net – GET STORED? Aha, you betcha – MSN SERVERSSSSS!!!!

    Hotmail? Arg. You’ve all seen it. It just sucks.

  4. danny

    heya leo – a wee bit off topic here. but, i just have to post this here so that the context is complete. well, anyway, my comment is, i cant edit my previous comment. and also i cant comment on your personal blog. just happened to realize that i am reading a book that you are reading! “The world is flat” which my dad gave me while i was working for MSN for $8 an hour. Whoops. Did i just say that? anyway, i must agree with you on the points of the book. Much of it is the “Yes, yer right type of thing.” But I guess it was written for non techie types of people who probably are not engaged in the e-zeitgeist phenomenon. that’s all.

  5. Nathaniel

    Perhaps Leo, the reason why it’s so special is because everyone doesn’t know how to get it. Get it? It’s popular by being obscure.

  6. Chris

    Sign up for hotmail on your mobile phone using the WAP browser, and they will give you a domain. After it is made cancel MSN Mobile, to get the free domain.

  7. starvinmarvin

    Leo said: “…Is there something else you can do with an email address that you can’t with Honestly, I just don’t get it…”

    Besides the MSN “Butterfly” browser’s features there may be another reason for desiring an email address. Some websites will not permit registration/membership with a Hotmail or other free email address account. They insist upon you supplying a subscription/paid-for email address. Presumably, they feel that a subscription email account is somehow more legitimate! If, as a Hotmail user, you encountered this requirement you could easily migrate or duplicate your contact list, Favorites, browser settings, etc. to an account. That’s certainly easier than starting from scratch….

  8. Charles

    Dear Leo, a reason could be that I had a email address as was already taken in my case. It was very boring to type it… I could create the shorter address that I wanted, thanks to your tip! Thank you very much

  9. Kym

    Since you asked the question, I’ll give you my reason: because it is the simpliest email address to provide others and one they can remember. Like mine for instance is my first and last name I just figured how could you forget it… hehe KISS = Keep It Short & Simple :o) :o)

  10. Paul Anderegg

    Ive had an MSN email address for like 5 years, I got it back when MSN Explorer was arou8nd, back when MSN chatrooms were free. I never paid for anything, and my emailbox says to this day I am using like 2MB of my 2GB usage! Wow, 2 gigs of email and storage grandfathered to me? Me likey likey.

    Now if I could only somehow stop receiving 5 years worth of collective spambot emails…..I must get 50 emails a day, and I am not going to loose the ONLY email with my real name :)



    Everyone knows that addresses are mainly FREE so if you are thinking of online promotions using a address you might be looking for trouble. Some people do not click on things that have a FREE address or some cheap domain. addresses are perceived to be professional and paid for and thus better than addresses. Some email filters get rid of all and emails on the fly.

  12. d.stewart

    Why MSN vs. Hotmail?
    I simply don’t care for the phrase “hot”. Particularly on internet, it’s often associated with sex making it seem unprofessional. Maybe it’s a women thing, but I want another option.

  13. cheryl

    thats not true… I have a free account and my email ends in… its just the one they gave me. i have never payed for hotmail and i never ha dto click anything for a hotmail or thing. i made me email about i dunno lets say 4 5 years ago and thats what they gave me… maybe at the time they were at a shortage? lol but i know a few other ppl who dont pay also and have an… so i guess its still a mistery 😛

  14. Andrew

    The reason people want a account in preference to a hotmail account is that it seems many Outlook users get a pop up saying “this way to the best of the internet” and a log in screen. You need a .msn account to log in. Unless you log in you cannot get your mail.
    The link to get an msn account worked perfectly. Unfortunately it does not get rid of the pop up! This problem started shortly after I switched to a POP3 account from a SMTP feed.

  15. Muhammad Yasir

    Well i read all this debate and the reason what i think for this preference is that people pretend to be considered as sophisticated and thats not all about HOTmail word……..its all about looking like a well known and senior customer of Microsoft.By registering an account,people think that now their address looks like something extra ordinary.Domain names are attractive and they show what kind a host they reserve for themselves so people think it nice to be a closer part of MSN Global Network.

  16. kathryn

    another reason for an msn account instead of hotmail is the ability to place graphics actually into emails rather than merely attached as a file that must be opened. perhaps there is another way to do this, but if so, we have yet to figure it out… let me know if we’re missing something.

  17. Damien Kerr

    Are you a Yahoo? Do you prefer the equally unpleasantly named ‘Hotmail’? Of course you are not a yahoo nor and very few want to send hotmail; it sounds like making a booking in a brothel.

    An important reason for me is that I don’t like to be nudged, baffled or bored into a change that would cost me money, time & lost contacts. A very dignified & elderly clergyman sent me an email from a Yahoo address. Quod erat demstrandum?

    I read your terms carefully and do not send this in rancour or to appear any wiser than I am. I admire what you do but would like to point out there is status and prestige involved. Some older people believe Yahoo & Hotmail are juvenile, unsuitable – even rather vulgar. They may be mistaken but are entitled to their point of view.


  18. Tom Dudek

    Thanks for the info on getting an msn email. To answer your question about why people want that extension instead of hotmail, is that there are some online places that will not accept an email account from hotmail or yahoo type places as valid. MSN is accepted.

  19. Gus Mehet

    THE ANSWER……THE FREE ANSWER! ! ! I have an email, for free. With my computer came MSN Explorer, i made my email through it’s startup guide, im certain it can be downloaded for free, and you can then set up your own ‘’ email through the set up screen, hopefully this helps! 😀

  20. Karen

    I can answer the question about why people want an msn address. I need to get a new email address for my new business. My first thought was that I wanted an msn address because msn sounds much more professional and credible.

  21. Gordon Sayer

    I would like to thank you for helping me get the Holy Grail of all email addresses
    The reason quite simply for wanting a @msn is exactly what (Karen at February 2, 2007 06:32 PM) said…
    Hotmail just isn’t credible in business, hotmail suggests to me private addresses for the normal sector of society, and dare I say children using Windows Messenger, messaging each other all day using Emoticons and the silly going’s on I see my 14 year old son doing all the time…

    Its mind and eye boggling to say the least.

    Thanks again.

  22. Eric


    Professional people/buisness want because its perceived as less childish then or I agree with the comments people are writing. I was also looking for for my buisness as well. MSN already knows this or they would not have started charging for this Why does MSN not listen to its customers and their comments?

  23. greekfire

    another reason is because msn accounts get a small fraction of the spam that regular hotmail accounts receive. I’ve had my msn account for years and I never paid a dime for it (but can’t remember how I got it either). I get maybe one spam email every other day with it. On the other hand, my hotmail account is bombarded by spam all day long. I hate that email account.

  24. sberreman

    I remember reading I think in an old Dvorak column something about “hotmail” seeming like an odd name. I felt that way too but didnt know why, then it finally dawned on me, it sounds like “hot male”. ummmmmm….. that makes sense. so esthetically .msn sounds much better. hot male sounds too much akin to some kid-gig you’d find on “myspace” or wherever…..

  25. Leigh Rosenberg

    I bought a new HP computer, with Vista. Once I got up & running, it offered a number of email servers, including AOL & MSN. I clicked on MSN’s butterfly, they offered me an account. That’s all I know.

  26. steven edwards

    Please help. How do Get an email address? Why is this such a hard thing to do? My friend purchased Qwest DSL and got both hotmail and Msn email? For me to do it do I need to sign up for the premium packag?

  27. Leo Notenboom

    Hash: SHA1

    Please read the article you just commented on. Particularly the “Update”.

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (MingW32)


  28. ann

    dear leo
    i had been with msn so…long.thoughout i got no problem with it even i only log in once every 2-3 mths to check my mails.but since recently i just signed up for a new hotmail i will encounter that hotmail restarted everything like my hotmail got suspended due to not logging in for a month.all the new emails i got from my frens or even important mails couldnt recieve at all as it has been barred.but msn even many mths didnt log in i still continue recieve emails till nw.

  29. Spyda

    Originally Hotmail had nothing to do with MSN/Microsoft as I joined it in its early days.

    The reason it got its name is to do with it being HTML/WEb-based, as HoTMaiL, and has very little or nothing to do with sounding like Hot Male as suggest by one poster at the top!

  30. Sanjoy

    Yes I completely agree, I always longed to have an email address in and I tried different combinations, searched on the web for last 7 years to get an answer to this. It is not the question of having any prestige associated with it, but only a question which always haunts me when I do not have an answer. well the link mentioned above has actually helped me to create an msn ID.

  31. Jean

    I was with an ISP email site and hated losing my emails when I moved, and had to establish my acct all over again. So when I searched ofr free sites MSN popped up and seemd to have a lot of addtional features that HOTMAIL did nto . So I sugned up and then got transferred away from internet service for 8 months, now I am back online and cannot find any link on the MSN home page or MSN “MY PAGE” that links me to MSN email, just a link to sign u0p for hot mail. I originally paid the fee just to get bigger storage and to not have my email account dropped after x# of days of non-use. How can they sell me something and then make it so hard to find, and worst of all not list a helpdesk connection?

    Does anyone know of the phone # for MSN help if one exists? Or an online chat link for them? I would very much appreciate the help.

    Jean — Please send to [email address removed] since I obviously do nto know hwo to get my MSN emails yet. Thanks.

  32. Greg

    Jeeez … touchy. People ask because they do not know. There is nothing to be confused about here; some people know much less than others about technical computer and software related issues, and they simply ask ‘dumb questions’ — as we all can and should — on what they’d like to know about. The first question asked how they could get an MSN email so they could be accepted onto sites that do not accept hotmail. They said nothing about not being willing to pay for it. I myself had researched this in the past and could find no way to do it (I have my own fields of expertise, but computers isn’t one of them.) As for this AOL free email address thing, this is completely new to me, as I’m sure it would be for many people out there. Try to be a bit more understanding. I’m sure people who post these ‘dumb questions’ could blow your minds away with information you never heard about before yourselves. Peace, all. :)

  33. Jacque

    I prefer the address because I often need to send e-mail from home. Many of the people I e-mail have servers that block hotmail and yahoo email addresses. It creates a delay in the person getting the message. I don’t always get the message back noting that the server rejected it and the person doesn’t know they received a blocked message. When we figure it all out, they have to call their IT department and ask them to unblock my email address. Total pain.

  34. Paula Louise

    I had msn dial up and thus an msn email account. When I upgraded to cable internet a couple of years ago, I continued to use the msn email account as well as accounts associated with the new cable ISP. I use Outlook Express for all the accounts.

    Recently, the msn email will not download and I receive a socket error 10061. My cox cable email also uses port 25 and it sends and receives just fine. We also have another computer (we are linked to share internet usage) and I tried to receive the msn email on that computer (also with Outlook Express) but with the same error resulting.

    I have the free ZoneAlarm & tried turning it off but the problem wasn’t solved. I have rebooted, no luck. I tried Telnet but the response was it “could not open connection to the host, port 25”. Since my cable email uses port 25 with no problem, I’m at a loss. I ran a virus scan, but the computer is clean.

    Any assistance would sure be appreciated!! We use that email and are not receiving any of the emails.

  35. Paula Louise

    I should add that I use free versuib ZoneAlarm 6.5.737.000 and Outlook Express 6. I like to manually upgrade programs after I’ve read of any possible bugs or problems. It doesn’t seemed to have helped me any in this situation….

  36. Paula Louise

    I found a way to fix the problem. I changed the pop3 server from an to and made a few other changes and it now works. I have no idea why the problem arose, but apparently I am not alone.

  37. Melissa B

    You get a @msn address when signing up for MSN hotmail premium accounts or through the link given above. Hotmail is changing to windows live right now so things should be getting better. I have used MSN for a long time and have watched the evolution baby (to quote pearl jam).

  38. wayne

    I got to this place by looking up how to check
    my email when i am out of state becouse i have
    a email address but i need to log-on
    with software that is on my home computer. i have
    msn premium from my ISP I was out of state and
    was on a computer at a hotel that did not have
    the msn premium software installed

  39. Kingsley

    I have had my account for 6 years and presently want an with the same name ad used for the hotmail account. my questions are:- 1. will signing up for msn hotmail premium convert my already existing name ad to msn? 2. how do i for eg convert my to my as i do not want the hyphen,underscore etc associated with my email ad?

  40. wayne

    I sent a email to MSN help on how to check my
    email if i am on a computer that is not running
    the MSN software and i did not get any help..
    i found that MSN Premium is a software on your
    computer msn.exe and a bunch of .dll files
    and it needs alot of resources in your windows
    system to run. so i do not see a way that
    you could connect from a computer that is not running MSN Premium software to check your

  41. wayne

    I have have been looking into MSN Premium that i
    have and found you can goto http:\ and
    put in your name and password to bring up your page that you see when on MSN Premium with any
    web browser, but you still can not get to your email. you need to be on the MSN Premium browser
    to get to your email, the link to the
    mail server is located in the MSN Premium browser
    http:\ I have not found away
    around it yet, but i am still looking at the MSN
    Premium browser code in MSN.EXE BUT i can tell you
    it is more then just a web-based email so use Hotmail if you want to check your email on a computer in a hotel that does not have MSN Premium
    software installed on it….

  42. jp

    hi ppl, its EASY to create a account..

    just use the MSN Explorer that comes with every WXP edition and create a new account there. piece of cake

  43. biz mel

    I have @msn account, but I did not sign up for the Premium services. I tried the MSN explorer and it no longer works. It will not let you get to the next step without credit card and stuff. Try the link to sign up for @msn account:

    For those of you thinking about converting from hotmail, I think you’ll just have a new email address @msn unless there is some sort of redirecting all of your hotmail emails to your new @MSN email account, which by the way is possible with Gmail.

  44. Shay

    I have an msn account and the msn software takes over your computer. It takes forever to load, hogs the screen, etc. etc. But I can check it where ever I go via the hotmail system. And sometimes when I register for websites, etc. they reject my address, even though I pay, because now MSN is also free.

  45. Kent Naylor

    You asked why people want an instead of a account.
    My response is that @hotmail has a negative “hottie” sound to it. The @msn is a normal (non-hottie) sounding account.
    I have balked at creating an @hotmail account also.
    How do you access the @msn e-mail account from a normal internet provider.
    I would like to access my e-mail but can only access it through the butterfly icon on my computer at home.
    I would like to get into it at work but cannot.

    please help!!!

  46. Neil

    Leo, for me personally, I was looking for a new e-mail address whilst searching for work (so I wouldn’t have all the usual junk to sift through whilst checking this), so decided that I a address might be slightly more presentable to prospective employers – rather than the (in my opinion) slightly childish domain. Particularly when the address I have is about 5 years old when I was more likely to use it as a method of contacting friends and joining websites.
    Now with the use for contact with work, I feel it more appropriate to use a more formal address.

    Thats all, thanks for your help.

  47. mike

    I’m about as non-hip as one can get, but I would never send business correspondence with a return address of As someone earlier mentioned, it has a ‘hottie’ implication – ‘hmmm, why is this person’s e-mail so ‘hot’?

  48. Bob Luhrs

    Hotmail is a very poor choice of email names, in my estimation. With all the spam around you’d think it would be obvious that this sort of name is done for, but on it goes. Probably cost a fortune to change it. Hot is used here as slang, and connotes anything from stolen to sleaze..little else does it add. It should go. Imagine if the US Post Office sent mail with such names instead of zip codes or cities named their streets after some of the characters hanging out there…silly. And it does cause some pause about doing business using it. I work for Microsoft and am leaving the company soon. I have to start up some account, and it will not be hotmail-suffixed. The whole subject is embarrassingly stupid on the part of Microsoft to keep that name and count on it to base an expanded service to the world.

  49. zooloo

    People like .msn as it’s what it gave out originally. It seems like the user has had the accout for longer. It’s the same on Steam for example. When you create an account it gives you an ID. At the moment it’s 8digit ID but back in the day it used to be 4,5,6,7 and then 8 as it gained popularity. If you have a low digit you are more of a veteran if you catch my drift? People actually sell low digit steam ID’s on ebay for hundreds of pounds. It’s crazy.

  50. Geoff

    Hotmail was notorious for sending out spam and is a well known free, use for anything email address (about as useless as,,, etc). email takes a little more work on the end users part to get, and seems to have less spoofed email coming from their domain (maybe in part because people who want that domain dont click every free rolex email they get)! Thanks for the shortcut, I was looking for a account for my wife to rid ourselves of road runners lousy webmail application.

  51. kari

    I am writing to answer the question, “Why is it so important to have an MSN addy vs. a hotmail addy?” The reason is, there are many sites that require registration that will not accept “free” email accounts. MSN addresses are acceptable, hotmail and yahoo are not, and therefore prevent the user from registration.

  52. annette

    “i am a marketing professional with a major home building construction company. In a field dominated by men, hotmail is not the e-mail i want to leave with my mssgs. when u sign up to msn email you get a .com address but when it expires we have to go to hotmail and I for one, do not want to have to re-print business cards, brochures and advertisements, and if I do have to, I can guarantee it wont be to “hotmail”.

  53. eric

    well my pda will not connect to a hotmail acct w/out a paid service, but my fiance got an msn acct free and pays nothing/month and was able to recieve her email via her blackberry which is identical to mine. that is one reason a person would want an acct.

  54. peter

    re msn email address not hotmail we wanted to know as a friend of our has just got a new msn address and when we asked how he said they just gave him one as we have never seen a msn address before we set out to investage and your sight helped i wish to point out our friend or our selves do not have any money and if it looks good then why not get one to impress thanks for your help

  55. Mikhail

    I got my email account established with the domain I surely didnt do anything to get that…What i did is just sign up to the and i found 3 options regarding the domain name attached to the email…(,, and )…As Mr. Leo stated that you should pay for the email monthly since its premium…i never pay anything…And Im so confused about this as well…is it an error occurred with the website ( ? i dont think so because my email completely works in a perfect condition…Does anyone can help me
    answering this question?..Thanks..
    PS : Sorry for my english…im indonesian..hehe

  56. apatel

    If you want to market yourself then email is a definate.. the word “hotmail” just has a hint of unprofessionalism.. msn is more bussiness like.. and natuarlly people are drawn to msn becuase this a stable address they can have..


  57. Stephen

    Some forums and sites will not allow a user with a hotmail address. I don’t know the reasons. That’s why I want an account. but why are you so upset if someone doesn’t want hotmail?

  58. Patience

    Hey Leo. I was glad to find your website for searching on how to get an MSN account vs. Hotmail. My reasons seem different, but thought I’d send them through anyway. Hotmail canceled my account when they upgraded their newest Messenger. I could not find any way to get into the Hotmail acct. without going through the Messenger and I’d had the account for years. In fact it was my first E mail account ever and had met many, many friends through MSN rooms or groups or whatever they’re calling them now. I am thankful that someone didn’t have MSN Messenger but had Yahoo, therefore I downloaded it years back also and had also set up a Yahoo E mail account. The thing that bothers me most about MSN canceling my Hotmail is that I lost dozens of friends and addresses, any that I hadn’t moved to Yahoo also. What happened, you ask? Well, besides Fred Flintstone, I am probably one in a million who has a dinosaur in their living room. My old computer will not keep up with the times, and I couldn’t download the MSN Messenger updates. Ditto with the Yahoo Messenger, but thus far, Yahoo will still let me into my mail through the old version of the messenger I have installed. At this point I am baffled as to what to do. I have tried modems through the Comcast Cable Company for High-Speed Internet, ditto DSL modem through my local phone Co. I went through literal dozens of hours with technicians for both modems, and finally both Companies let me out of my year long lease because after they viewed all the troubles I had and all the attempts and hours I had spent on the phone with all their technicians, they realized that the modems simply would not work on my computer. I can’t even tell you all the stuff that happened during these sessions of trying to hook up and use the modems. Up to an hour would go by before a page would come up. Pages often flew all over the screen. My mouse would disappear and another mouse would sort of take over. It went like that on and on until I was ready to throw the computer on the burnpile out back. Here’s the real kicker—just last week I spoke to the gal at a different server (PEAK) and it was so simple I almost cried. She asked me, “can you see a certain butte from my house?”. No, I can’t. The garage is in the way. She said that is the problem. She said it happens often when a tree is in the way, and it can be a neighbor’s tree or building structure etc., but if you can’t see the tower upon that butte, you’re not going to be able to use those modems. This gal needs a silver star! They might tell this to all the technicians who are hired to help people set up and use these modems. Well, I guess my story was two-fold, but perhaps it just might benefit someone else some day. Thanks for hearing me, and thank you for your site. Patience

  59. Jacque

    I used the link above submitted by GT to create an account and it worked…no charge, no hassle. I have to agree that I wanted an account as opposed to a hotmail account, because personally, it just reads a little more “professional” for my business purposes. Thanks so much for your help on this issue. Thanks Leo!

  60. Whatever

    Hotmail is associated with early spam and hard-core emails and they is why people do not want that as a provider(?). I personally have blocked from my system.

  61. Teresa

    You seem to be a bit of a Hothead when it comes to questions about Hotmail. Your readers are not the same every time you post an answer so you may want to keep that in mind before you lash out at people.
    As far as and, it’s important like having a 212 area code over the other NYC one. It just makes more of a statement.
    Personally, I wouldn’t want a hotmail account either.
    So, that’s my 2 cents or with inflation, my $1.50.

  62. jeanne

    Leo, I just opened a free msn email because to use the new(?) WINDOWS LIVE MAIL (which replaces outlook)as my default mail service on my new computer they won’t accept hotmail addresses but will with msn ones. Before I had to copy and paste every email address into my hotmail account to send email while surfing the net. Now I can link all the hotmail emails and the msn on windows live mail. Hope that helps. I do agree that an msn address looks more professional than a hotmail one. I do hope it all works as planned.

  63. Chad Wessel


    There are some differences between hotmail and MSN email accounts that people take into account. With Hotmail, every email you send out puts an add at the bottom of the email that the recipient sees. This can be somewhat of an issue of the email is for matters such as applying for a job. Also, there are other feature that differs between the two. With MSN you can forward you email to your Blackberry for free where as you have to pay for the upgraded service on Hotmail to eventually have it forwarded to your phone. Additionally, there are a lot of professionals that see MSN as being “better” then the hotmail account.

    Hopefully that helps.

  64. Louvenia

    ok well the reason why i was looking for an option to use the msn email is simply because it’s shorter, easier and quicker to type. sometimes i just dont like typing when i can simply type makes sense now? guess i’ll just try since msn isn’t free.

  65. jacqueline cheung

    thanks, it works… i wanted this because i like to use msn messenger, but everybody uses ‘’, so i use my yahoo account signed in, but i don’t recieve notifications of new mail and other stuff.. that’s why i wanted it

  66. Beverly Freese

    As for the msn designation – I have msn thru quest. They won’t let me have an msn account anymore, they give me one with “”. When I open my email I can see and open ALL(4)msn email addresses at once. The new “” mail I have to log into separately, so I don’t use that new account now-it’s too much trouble.
    SOooo – Would like to have a new address with (By the way,I DO have MSN Premium service.)

  67. julian

    hey man im looking for a way to make an and i found your site and u say u see no reason in having a account instead of a u even make abit of fun about it. Well u got it now. its smaller 3 letters compared to 7 !!!!!!!!. easier to type it. might not be a BIG reason but u shouldnt be so in question about it

  68. Cassandra

    I like msn because it is shorter and it leaves off the .au bit on the end making it shorter again. Also I feel @msn accounts looks more professional when dealing with people/organisations outside of my circle of friends (at least in comparison with the well known @hotmail address).

  69. Anam Tanveer

    Well, i am not able to make my windoes live account on – I clicked on your link above in order to make account but after when i finsihed up all the requirments it says “Windows live is having technical problem try again later” and its the 5th time i am fillinf the form and it still says the same thing. I wanted to have an account on @msn. com because i can easily have my own name account there, because i guess, not much population is using msn as campared to hotmail. As it was the answer of your question which u mentioned in the beggining of the site 😀


  70. Doug

    I have an email account because it came with MSN Premium when I signed up for Verizon DSL. Unfortunately, when I am on the road and not using my home Verizon DSL hookup, my email account is useless as it will not accept incoming or outgoing email. This is a big problem for me.

  71. Atlanta Restaurant Exchange

    I got one years ago by setting up msn explorer
    and i was able to create a msn account, and then uninstalled the program.. Sounds like a lot of work, but I wanted a “disposable” address other than
    Good Luck, Doug

  72. Katie

    The reason many people want an email address with the @msn domain is not just because the name is shorter or easier to type. While this is true for a lot of people, a ton of people are unable to get their own name (eg because the amount of hotmail users means most common IDs are already taken. @msn is a less popular address and so, users have a higher chance of registering for an ID they actually want that doesn’t have 10,000 numbers and underscores after it.

  73. Boyd Bible

    My thoughts are that Windows XP only allows me to set my default e-mail as windows Explorer e-mail, Windows Live, or Outlook Express, which makes it incompatible with my Olympus Master program for e-mailing pictures. I have used the free e-mail for years via the internet, but no longer have the software on the computer that would allow me to use it as a default. Oooops, my bad.

  74. Andrew

    Another reason that people want an email addresses is that they are former subscribers to MSN’s internet service and they want to keep their old email address after leaving.

  75. Salman

    I also own an id & I believe its prestegiours because its somewhat difficult to get than the normal id.
    since if there are 100 people using id u’ll find less than 3 people using id. so they posses greater knowledge of internet & they are really aesthetic & believe in working for the best!

  76. Michael Nivens

    The reason I prefer and email address to a email address is that my company blocks emails I send to “non business” email addresses such as,,, et cetera. Apparently, is a legitimate business email domain to email filtering programs. That’s an excellent reason to prefer an email address over a email address!

  77. pat

    I had problems receiving emails from free email accounts at my workploace due to the filters the company had in place. MSN emails will come thru, but not hotmail or yahoo account emails. This may be a reason many people find it worthwhile to pay for the MSN account.

  78. Joy Juelson

    I’m starting my own consulting business and I need to be able to access my e-mail from anywhere in the world; however, an address with is usually preceived as a personal e-mail account and I need to be preceived as having a business e-mail

  79. steve

    Because, sound and look like teenage free email accounts, I am a little bit more mature and like an email address that looks a little mor business like.

  80. Victor barajas

    well Leo. Pretty much all hotmail addresses are taken. in the case of emai. alot of them are available. and hotmail are not. so this is why it is important. Common sense homie.

  81. Hal

    A good reason… I send email to my users. And some of those users have email address. I need to test the platform to make sure the incoming headers are correct and to make sure the email displays properly in their inbox. However, I guess if no one used emails, i wouldnt need one.

  82. xenomorph

    @leo, To answer your question as to why. I say “why not!” It has 4 less letters to type for us slow typers and just because, “I can!”

  83. Bernadette

    I’m not sure how correct your info is about msn vs hotmail email addresses. Mine is ***** and it has always been free. Now I have had mine for many many years so since then it might be true that they charge for it but when I signed up, it was all free no matter msn or, I have both.

  84. Shelley

    LEO, in a business world, using does NOT sound the least bit professional…and personally, I dont want to be associated with anything as sleezy sounding as HOTmail. You gotta understand THAT one. I now have a shiney new account. As they say, “Works for me”! Thanks very much for your update at the bottom of your info.

  85. Venisa

    You obviously have never exchanged e-mail addresses on the fly (you know no paper and pencil handy). If I tell someone my hotmail account I have to spell it out something like this ….No not HOTTMALE you know hotmail H-O-T-M-….. no M not N…A-I-L. Whenever I use mt MSN address I am much more likley to actually get an e-mail from that person. Of course you’re probably a young wippersnapper who still has a memory like a steel trap unlike me who is almost a senior citizen. So hopefully you now know what “the big deal” is for some of us who are asking the question.

  86. Mar

    About why some of us prefer MSN I laughed because I thought I was the only one who preferred msn over hotmail and did anything I could to get it. I am glad it is free now but I was not aware of it being free years ago and was able to get mine when I paid for my internet service with them and now have been able to keep it for free. Anyway, MSN definitely sounds more professional. Plus just about everyone has a hotmail account. I do not like the name ‘hotmail’ and it sounds like thats a play email address–as if the person who has it will not actually check it. LOL basically msn looks more professional, and sounds better when you are giving it to a prospective employer, when you put it on your resume or an application! Its funny though, I think! That so many of us do worry about those things 😉 Thank you for the info I found the update to be very helpful because I need a second email address 😉 Now if anyone would be able to tell me: How can add a new MSN address to my existing MSN account so I can check both addresses from one inbox?? It is not allowing me to do that. I appreciate your help!!

  87. Rick S.

    Like some of the previous posters I have had my “” address for many years via my Verizon DSL ISP. Now I am considering switching to a Verizon Wireless aircard (UM175USB)instead of the hard-wired DSL. Can I keep my msn address if I cancel my DSL and switch to Verizon Wireless?

  88. db

    Many many people, especially across europe, use the MSN Live Messenger. And everybody calls it simply “MSN”. “Do you have MSN? What’s your MSN?”
    Personally I like to have a address to go with my messenger profile. And I strongly believe this is why the majority of other people prefer it as well, over the ‘default’ address.

  89. Stan

    my answers is: looks more professional
    thank you leo for your information
    I didn’t know that you have to pay for

  90. Anne Laidlaw

    I want MSN, NOT hotmail, because I get it free with my DSL connection. More to the point, the format for MSN that I have been getting has folders to which I can sort the messages I wish to save, while I delete the rest. I have yet to figure out how to find these folders on the hotmail buttons, nor can I find out how to get back my regular e-mail with folders already filled out on MSN. Do you know how to do this?

  91. Jet

    I would assume is desirable because it is short and easy to remember. That’s why I want one!! Seems obvious to me. I like because it is short and dislike because it is long. Having is so common and boring. Simnple as that I reckon!?

  92. MJF

    ok here is the deal. I have an msn email for my business. No joke it is easy to put on marketing because it’s short. Not like hotmail and I get less junk too. Also aol is the only other shoert extension I could use and I HATE AOL. Now for the record I have never been charged anyp premium service. So not sure what that is all about. But I have to MSN accounts and I like them because are business name is long and the msn makes it the business name work for us. But that is my reason for using it. I also use my business extension due to we have our own website. OK just giving some feedback
    MJF North Carolina

  93. RDW

    The reason people like the .msn extension is that it is much shorter and easier to use than .hotmail. It’s that simple….really!

  94. Ken Scarborough

    Getting an MSN email address could not be any easier my friend. I’m surprised you didn’t know. If you allowed me tp put the link in here I would, but I know you don’t allow it. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GOOGLE “HOW CAN I GET AN MSN EMAIL ADDRESS AND YOU WILL SEE THE SITE. Easy as pie! Just fill in your info and “bam!” You now have an MSN address! And contrary to what you say about “not caring”…I for one DO CARE. Having an “MSN” email address carries a tad more professional appeal then “Yahoo” or “Hotmail”…trust me!

  95. Patty

    The ONLY reason I want an MSN email account is because I want to use Outlook, which doesn’t support Hotmail…..You can get an MSN email account, but it’s NOT free!

  96. lorraine

    I have business cards printed with the address. I sent the cards out and now can’t open the email account using It hasn’t been used for over 6 months and just may be deactivated but I already sent the cards.

    That’s my story

  97. AgentBlue

    @Patty above, and others who don’t know:

    You *can* access your Hotmail address within Outlook.

    You used to be able to access Hotmail accounts in Outlook and Outlook Express, just by inputting the account data. Now, however, people can only access it this way if they were grandfathered into account access that way (i.e., you’ve been accessing it this way for years and years).

    For everyone else, you can install the Outlook Connector software.

    Hotmail info:


  98. S3RiOUS

    i’ve been using my email for ages, no complication…short extension and versatiles. Somewhat, hotmail user might not able to add u in their contact list..If u signup using Msn explorer, u might have to verified the email so that u can use it on windows live messenger.

  99. Roman

    Why is it important? Honestly, for me, because MSN just sounds better than “hotmail.”

    Back in my early internet days, I used to think “hotmail” was some sort of domain used by porn sites. (It didn’t help that I would get spammed by so many hotmail addresses at that time…) Heck, I think “hotmail” still sounds pornographic!

    “Yahoo” sounds goofy. MSN just sounds more sophisticated. I do have an MSN address (though I use Live mail via IE7, and use MyMSN as my homepage) because its bundled with Verizon internet services. I like it.

    I doubt that there’s enough users of MSN premium to warrant limiting the use of email addresses to so-called paying customers. If it isn’t already, it should just be freed up for anyone that wants to use the Live mail service.

    In any case, that’s “why” someone (at least THIS someone) prefers an MSN address.

  100. Pat

    Why do we want to keep the e-mail program that comes with MSN/Premium? One very obvious reason. It works and it works very well. I have it and don’t want to lose it. I have not downloaded the Windows Live because I don’t know if I will lost my MSN Premium e-mail. Will I? Does anyone know the straight answer to that question? If I do update to Windows Live or whatever the other names that have been attached to it over the past year, can the contacts and e-mail messages be brought forward? If so, how? I have read and read many things on this subject over the past two weeks, and no one has an answer. I know that Outlook plays a part in this also. Outlook Express e-mail wrecks havoc on my system. It is so slow in sending and receiving it drive me crazy, that’s why I never use it. I am quite content to keep my MSN/Prem. e-mail and hope that Windows Live doesn’t force me to change. As in, I wake up one morning, turn on the computer, and this warning goes up– HA! HA! we got you!!! You can no longer use MSN Premium again. You MUST use Window Live/Windows Live Messenger/Windows Mail–whatever the great big change ghost wants to call itself. Thank You.

  101. Chris Kelley

    Can someone answer this for me. I have been subscribed with MSN Dial up Which I have been using my high speed connection over it for years. I keep it because my family likes how many features are integrated into MSN. But I am paying double. I’m paying for my High speed and I’m still paying 21.95/month for MSN. Note that MSN Dial Up 9.6 had as many if not MORE features then “Msn Premium”. I read online that even if you cancel MSN, You still keep your addresses and they can’t take them away like the old days because it’s part of the “Live Network” (ie. hotmail, live, msn). So in theory, can’t I cancel msn and then download MSN explorer?? Why am I still paying 21.95/month. Can someone that has had similar experience please clear this up for me? Thanks!

  102. Angie

    Hi, I have had two msn addresses for over 8 years. I have NEVER paid for this service and actually have always wondered why I ended up an instead of hotmail. My friends with hotmail always ask.

  103. david hegarty

    I have a new computer with Micro soft office installed and when I tried to register I was asked for my e-mail and password and I typed in as [email address removed] and my password and it was refused as incorrect. This kind of frustrates anyone who is not a geek who is not told up front that it is neccessary to have a hot mail address to sign in for the microsoft office registration stuff! Which is it ? msm or hot mail address ?

    Registering office may ask you for an email address, but if it does it’s optional. It should never ask for a password. The only time an email address and password are required are when you are configuring an account in Microsoft Office Outlook.

    I’m not sure what you were seeing that was asking for an email address and password – my concern is that it might have been a phishing attempt.

    – Leo
  104. Steve Karsh

    I signed up for an email at the link given here, but can’t find the webpage to go to to get my email. Can somebody please post it here? Thank you.

  105. tara Garrett

    i need to make a msn account and not a hotmail account and i’ve needed to do this many times before for other people. so for my like 10 times i’ve needed to do this it was always for myspace. people create accounts with no real email and the majority i guess just choose to end their fake email. which is fine until you forget the pass word and then its near imppossible to get an msn,com email. so theirs my reason and at least 10 other people i know reason’s. thanks for the help


    I do not recomend MSN.COM for free e-mail.
    I got away using it for two years. When I needed it most,MSN pulled the plug.
    I have party response coming in, I have relative that just had surgery, I have a stack of MSN,
    e-mail that I can not read, and they do not care.
    If you want them pay up the monthly dues.
    I am going to work diligently to find the right,
    free e-mail, and the domain wont matter.

  107. Betty

    I have had msn for years and love it! I am now trying to help someone who has hotmail, and he has nothing but problems with it. I am constantly helping him with problems that come up. ONE of the MOST ANNOYING and CONSTANT problems he has is that, when he goes to send an email, something comes up on the screen and he has to verify his account (which he does not understand or know how to do). I always do this for him (typing those hard-to-read letters), and then I send his email out and all is fine….until the next time! I have never had this problem with msn. I don’t know if it’s having a hotmail account instead of an msn account, but I came here to try to create the msn account to see if it would be uncomplicated and easier to use, and I saw there is a charge for this??? I really don’t get it. Came across these questions and comments and was intrigued. Surprised to seer my question is not such an uncommon one….interesting. It’s not the look or sound of msn for me…it’s the ease and uncomplicated email experience I have with msn over what he has with hotmail. Also, my msn is FREE. I’d be interested to hear your opinion. Thank you for your time.

  108. Ramona

    One of the requirements for forwarding my hotmail to another account is that I create that account using or I tried to do that and came upon all this. You ask “why?” I ask the same! Why do you care? Do you really want to sit and read everyone life stories and excuses about “why”? If you can give technical assistance…please do so.

  109. Nancy

    I love MSN.. I too have had it for years. I’ve had Earthlink before and it was miserable!:{
    I also have an account with Yahoo-ok BUT nothing tops MSN…
    So Leo, why do we care b/c even hot mail does not offer the best like MSN. ;o)
    Nancy- Happy customer

    Ps. Your paying for good service!

  110. Leeta

    ha ha! I have both msn and hotmail accounts (several in fact). key reason is msn seems more professional and gives a better impression. hotmail sounds cheap, free and childish. giving out a hotmail address sounds like asking someone to go on a date, msn sounds professional. Kind of like aol makes you wonder why someone is still paying that kind of money for poor service. the tag lines make a difference depending on what you are trying to accomplish. As to the original question, msn is no longer free so hotmail it is…sorry. I would suggest contacting msn directly if you really have to have it.

  111. Cristie

    The reason I like msn and want an email address to end with instead of or is pretty much in line with the comment posted by: Leeta on March 27, 2009 8:11 PM. Additionally, I would comment that the spam filtering is something that seems to work best with the msn system. I’ve cancelled other email domains because of experiencing terrible spam filtering. If you don’t want to have to filter through 75-100 spams, then msn or hotmail seems to be the answer for me. I also don’t get the chance to check email more than once per day, because I actually work for a living, so to sift through email for legitimate messages is taxing. Msn instead of hotmail seems more mature and professional for those of us who are over 40, and by the way, some people don’t appreciate the under 21 from the neck up attitude nowadays. I have better things to do than text message when someone is having a conversation (that type of rudeness is not acceptable) with me. So, I am the type of person who may prefer a professional look and this comment may help with why msn over hotmail.

  112. Carol Moldow

    I too would like to have an email account?

    Why is it so important – Seems in the past – AOL and MSN did/do not speak to each other!!! Friends are on MSN and we would like to be on it as well!! That’s the Big Deal…
    Thanks, Leo.

  113. Sheila

    I set up an e-mail account just now using the link that reader GT provided. It is still free of charge

  114. Leo

    And with that, I’m closing comments on this article as it’s pretty much just rehashing what previous commentors have said.

    Be sure to check out the “Update” in the article which includes the link that, as of this writing, still works to get you a free “” email address.

    Even after all the comments I still don’t get most of the arguments about why it’s so important to some people. and are provided by the same company, have pretty much the same (poor) reputation among professionals, and use the same servers and technology. There’s very little difference between them in any practical sense.

    – Leo
  115. Jeff Baily

    The reason is some people like the way msn sounds better than hotmail, honestly it’s a stupid name for a domain in the first place. Microsoft was pretty stupid to remove the option free for people who don’t want the one that just sounds and looks stupid. other than that preference there is no difference between accounts. I got mine free by searching the net for a way to create but that was when the hotmail was still fairly new and there was a known work around, I think even that’s gone now though. Was doing same search to create a new one for my mom and can’t find any useful info on how to.

    • Mark Jacobs

      The name Hotmail is a play on html. HoTMaiL might sound dumb, but it was the first (or at least the first popular) website to offer web based email. Although, I agree sounds more serious.

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