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18 comments on “How Do I Change My Hotmail or Password If I Forgot It?”

  1. If you’ve forgotten the answer to your secret question, and you have no alternate email address, and you have no billing information on record with MSN … you are out of luck. You should create a new account and learn from this lesson.

  2. Hi Everybody!!!

    Please contact me if you have forgotton the Hotmail/MSN paswords…….I can help you getting back your password.

  3. WARNING: I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it here too: anyone who’s offering to help you change your password should be looked at VERY skeptically. Most that I’ve seen are simply trying to hack your accounts, take your money, and otherwise cause you problems. I’m not saying the previous commentor is doing so, but I AM saying that you must be EXTREMELY careful before dealing with such.

  4. my account is hacked, and hacker also change my secret question and alternate account how i can retrive it,

  5. i forgot my password for my account, but i can still sign into it, because i have set it on auto sign in, is there a way i could get my hotmail information sent to my hotmail?

  6. hello everybody, i would like to set up a secret question of my creation . if its possible i’d like to know how to do it.
    my best regards, john.

  7. For my account information, is there any other way for me to get access to my account information, since i had no access to my hotmail account.


  8. I’m closing comments here because people are asking the same questions over and over.

    1) PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE – it answers many questions that people keep asking.

    2) PLEASE READ THE RELATED ARTICLES – they answer many more questions that people keep asking.


  9. cant get my password because i forget it. I can stil get on because my computer saved it .But I cant get on anywere else apart from my computer.

    • In that case, you should be able to get into your account and change your password . Click on the face icon next to your name. Select “account settings” from the popup menu. On the resulting page, click “Change password”. Next click “Forgot password” and follow the instructions. If you have an alternate email address, or your phone is registered with you account, you can have a password reset code sent. If you don’t have any of these options, Microsoft will have you fill out a questionnaire which hopefully you can use to change your password.

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