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Why Is My Laptop Running Slower When It’s on Battery? Where to Look for the Settings You Can Change

Laptop settings control power use when running on battery. Your choices affect performance and how quickly you’ll need to plug in again.

Is it Safe to Install a Higher Wattage Power Supply in My Computer?

Replacing a power supply is common solution to some problems. Making sure you have the right wattage power supply is important… and bigger doesn’t hurt.

If Shutting Down Windows Cleanly Is So Important, What Happens When the Power Just Goes Out?

We’re all told to shut down Windows before turning power off, but what if the power just goes out? If you’re not protected, bad things can happen.

How Should I Store My Backup Laptop?

Four basic approaches to storing a laptop that isn’t being used.

Can I Use a Power Supply with a Higher Wattage Rating on my Laptop?

The voltage and polarity of the power supply must match. Amps and watts have some flexibility.