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Keyboards and relate character input devices.

On-Screen Keyboard

Will Using an On-Screen Keyboard Stop Keyloggers?

Using an on-screen keyboard instead of a real keyboard might stop some keyloggers, but there’s no guarantee that other techniques aren’t also being used.

Wired Keyboard

How Do I Fix a Broken Keyboard?

I get a steady stream of questions about keyboards acting up. Most commonly, it’s a hardware issue.

Keyboard Keypad

My Keyboard Won’t Work after Windows Update. How Do I Fix It?

If your keyboard won’t work after a Windows Update, there’s a lengthy list of things to try to get it back.

My Shift Key is Stuck. How Do I Unstick It?

My Shift Key is Stuck. How Do I Unstick It?

Windows has accessibility features that change the behavior of your keyboard. They’re easy to turn on by mistake.

Computer Keyboard

My Mouse and Keyboard Stopped Working, but Work Elsewhere. How Do I Fix Them?

If your mouse and keyboard stop working, you may be able to repair the situation — if you can overcome one huge obstacle.

Why Do I Have to Hold Down the “Fn” Key to Get Normal Letters?

Computer manufacturers use the Fn key to cram more virtual keys onto smaller laptop keyboards. Sometimes it can get confused.

Why Doesn’t My Keyboard Work Until Windows Is Running?

Solvable? Perhaps, but probably not. But if it makes you feel any better, I have exactly the same problem.

What’s Dvorak, and why did my keyboard layout suddenly change?

If what you type isn’t what you get, one possibility is that your keyboard is configured for the Dvorak layout. We’ll look at how to check and fix it.