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From where can I download Outlook Express 6?


I need to reinstall Outlook Express, but I can’t find it on the Microsoft
web site. Where do I get it?

If you are running Windows 7, please see these two articles: Where is Windows Mail, or Outlook Express, in Windows 7? and What is Windows 7’s “Windows XP Mode”? (And can I use it to get Outlook Express back?)

Note: this
article is a major revision of a previously posted article. Why? A
reader pointed me at new information that fundamentally changed the answer. The
previous article can be found

Apparently the answer is “you can’t”.

But you can download its replacement.

Let’s look at what happened, and what you should probably do.

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The Way It Was

Outlook Express (OE) was never a stand-alone install. Up until Internet
Explorer (IE) version 7, Outlook Express was a component of Internet Explorer.
The way to install or upgrade Outlook Express was to install or upgrade
Internet Explorer. There simply was no separate download or installation
program for OE by itself.

But things were even slightly more complex than that.

Internet Explorer is part of Windows XP. That means that Outlook Express is
a part of Windows XP as well. If you have Windows XP, then you have Internet
Explorer and Outlook Express. Which is all well and good until something
breaks. More on that in a moment.

The Way It Is

With the introduction of Internet Explorer 7, Outlook Express was apparently
removed from the installation package. You can download IE7 all you want, but
there’s no updated Outlook Express with it. In fact, from what I can tell
there’s no way to get Outlook Express from Microsoft at all.

“For the rest of us, there does now appear to be a
replacement for Outlook Express: Windows Live Mail”

Windows Vista users already have a replacement: Windows Mail. It’s the new
version of Outlook Express, except it’s available on Windows Vista only.

For the rest of us, there does now appear to be a replacement for Outlook
Express: Windows Live Mail (marked as being in Beta at this

Windows Live Mail is more like a new mail program that you download and
install onto your machine. Outlook Express is not affected, it’s not updated or
removed. However when you fire up Windows Live Mail for the first time it does
automatically import all your Outlook Express mail, contacts and settings.
(Though it does appear to remove the Outlook Express menu item from your Start
Menu, even though Outlook Express is still installed.)

Even though Windows Live Mail is installed as a new program, and has a new
name, at it’s core, it really is just Outlook Express. Most of the UI has been
changed significantly, which you may or may not like. Once you get down a level
or two – say, the options dialog – things start to look very familiar
for Outlook Express users.

So it looks like this:

  • If you’re running IE6 on pretty much any operating system, then you have the
    Outlook Express 6. You can download an Internet Explorer 6 SP1 package, and be
    as up to date as is possible.

  • If you’re running IE7, but not on Windows Vista you can download and install
    Windows Live Mail.

  • If you’re running IE7 on Vista, then you have Outlook Express. It’s just
    called Windows Mail instead.

The Way It Will Be – I Think

Outlook Express is dead. Long live Windows Mail. Or is it Windows Live

Microsoft has apparently replaced one naming confusion (the infamous
“Outlook” versus “Outlook Express” debacle) with another: “Windows Mail” versus
“Windows Live Mail”. They’re quite different, but this time they at least
appear to have Outlook Express as a common ancestor.

It’s clear that Microsoft has decoupled Internet Explorer from any mail
program. I would expect that not to change, and I consider that a good

What You Need to Do

What you need to do depends on what problem you’re attempting to solve. Many
people look for an OE6 download or reinstall when in fact they don’t really need

  • You’re running Windows XP, Outlook Express 6 is broken and you want
    to install a new copy
    : Run the System File
    instead. It will look for missing or corrupt operating system
    components and replace them. As we noted, OE is part of the operating system,
    so it’s included in this. You may need your Windows install CD.

  • You’re running an older version of Windows, Outlook Express 6 is
    broken and you want to install a new copy
    : You can download and
    install Internet Explorer SP1 from the
    Microsoft web site. As we noted, OE6 is part of IE6 and is included in that

  • Back on Windows XP, Outlook Express 6 is broken, the system file
    checker didn’t work, and you still want to install a new copy
    : Perform
    a repair-install of Windows
    itself. OE6 is part of the operating system, and will be reinstalled as a part
    of this operation. You’ll probably need your Windows install CD, and you’ll
    want to visit Windows Update afterwards to make sure you get all the latest
    patches as well.

  • You’re not sure what’s broken, you’re not running Vista, and you
    just want Outlook Express back. Or something as close to it as
    Download Windows Live Mail. As discussed above, this is the OE replacement
    that works on Windows XP.

  • You’re not sure what’s broken, you just want a working mail
    Download and run Thunderbird. Particularly if the suggestions above don’t work for
    you, just switch. Thunderbird is free, fairly similar to OE to use, and
    actually somewhat more powerful. It’s free, downloadable, it’s being updated,
    works on Windows XP and Vista as well as the Mac and Linux, and there are many
    add-ons available for it.

Thanks to reader Jason Edward for pointing me at Windows Live Mail.
There are several changes over Outlook Express (DBX files appear to be a thing
of the past, and the ability to download your Hotmail account seems to have
returned), so I’ll be looking more closely at Windows Live Mail in upcoming

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72 comments on “From where can I download Outlook Express 6?”

  1. Very clear and practical. Although currently I’m still happy with OE, this explains the way things are going, and gives me options to consider for the future.
    Why cannot Microsoft explain things as simply as this, without getting tangled up with a bunch of marketing fluff and “pzazz” or “WOW” as they like to think of it? Well, of course I DO know why, and it’s all to do with increa$ing their profit$!

  2. Now this is strange, apparently. I am using Win XP SP2, along with IE 7 and I have Windows
    Explorer on my computer. I rarely, if ever, use it, so I did a search on my computer and there it was. I wound up sending it to my desk top from the search panel (right click, send to) and it’s on my desktop.

  3. My Outlook Express 6 started to lock up two days ago. I spent hours trying to get an upgrade or some kind of download to reinstall OE6 just so we could read our e-mail. Not until I found your site did I get any straight-forward, helpful answers. I eventually downloaded Windows Live Mail Beta and everything flowed right from OE to the new set-up. You provided a happy ending to a frustraing experience, thanks for making the information available.

  4. Leo in your article you say: Outlook Express is not affected, it’s not updated or removed. However when you fire up Windows Live Mail for the first time it does automatically import all your Outlook Express mail, contacts and settings.

    Steve (above) says: Outlook Express is not affected, it’s not updated or removed. However when you fire up Windows Live Mail for the first time it does automatically import all your Outlook Express mail, contacts and settings.

    If Windows Live Mail is then found to be “not wanted”, what is the process for reverting to OE? Something like starting fresh with, say, Thunderbird? Or, is data automatically imported from OE also still in OE?

    Hash: SHA1

    Data imported from OE is copied from OE so it’s still there in OE. Reverting to
    OE is as simple as just firing it up.


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  6. I don’t have all the answers yet, but do have a few additions to this thread. I asked MS how to get OE for Vista. They replied in true MS fashion with a partial answer. They directed me to Windows Mail. They told me, in answer to another question, that Windows Vista (via Windows Vista Mail) no longer supports Hotmail accounts, so it would appear that my 5 Hotmail accounts would have to be dumped or accessed separately. I found that not to be the case as Outlook still will download Hotmail, but now you have to upgrade to Windows Live Hotmail. And, it is still true that Windows Vista Mail does not support any of the Hotmail type web based email. I tried Thunderbird, but it appears to have the same limitations – not positive – but I think so. MS said that I could BUY OE7, a new standalone version. Apparantly they are not mentioning this publicly. Somewhere along the line, I stumbled on Windows Live Mail. And, as noted above, it seems to do most of the things OE used to do but with more security. I have found that it seems to be slower, it does not allow as easy of selection of a folder in the Stored Folders area (you click on a folder, and the list jumps all around, and you have to search for the opened folder again – thus making filing a royal PIA). Also, if you click on “move to” and try to click in the listing of folders, sometimes it takes more than one click to move the elevator one folder. I hope that it has solved the problem with OE that offen deleted a file without any way of geting it back. Anyway, using Windows Live Mail seems to work ok – I’m using it with 5 Live Hotmail accounts and a gmail and comcast account with all emails being downloaded.

    Now if I can just find a way to get my contacts from the old computer running ME to the new one running Vista. There is no File/Import/Contacts in Windows Live Mail…….Aha! I just looked around a bit and found the Import function for Contacts under – would you believe it – Contacts. I had previously exported my Contacts from OE on the old Laptop running ME to the desktop on the new Vista machine. And, as I type those contacts are being imported into Windows Live Mail. So, if they can just fix the filing problems mentioned above, I think I’m going to be happy using Windows Live Mail. Hope this helps.

  7. Can Leo or anybody help me solving this odd issue please?
    I’ve installed the latest version of Windows Live Mail Beta, it replaced the Outlook Express and imported my hotmail account. It is automatically configured and read all my messages, the problem it is reading only the message header but unable of reading bodies!!! It shows this error message:

    Windows Live Mail could not download the requested message. To send and receive messages in your Hotmail account, go to on the Web, or try again later. To get help from Windows Live Customer Support, go to and click Windows Live Mail in the list of services.

    Subject ‘RE: Wish u all the good!’
    Server Error: 0x8000FFFF
    Server: ‘’
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8000FFFF

  8. The other big issue with Windows Mail for Vista, is that you can’t password the email account (Identities no longer exist). There is your Vista User login, but nothing to prevent opening your email once you are logged into a user account. Why does MS feel a need to remove features that are useful for some people!

  9. I got windows mail with a new Vista and so far I pretty much hate it. It does not alphabetize contacts by last name,but by some goofy system only vista understands. There doesn’t seem to be the wonderful “find” that Outlook Express had, which I used all the time because I carry on lots of conversations about lots of topics. And it has some dumb “stacking” thing which has no purpose as far as I can see except to get in the way and make me curse. What can I do? Is there a way to get old outlook express back? can I download one from another computer? joni

    Hash: SHA1

    Please read the article again, it discusses getting OE elsewhere. (You cannot).

    What you can try is Windows Live Mail, which is different than the Windows Mail
    you’re using. Again, re-read the article for the download link.


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  11. I think there is another ‘use case’ that I didn’t see in your article (which is great, BTW). The case is you apply Windows XP updates and got IE7 thinking it would be cool (like everything from M$) but not knowing that it would kill your perfectly good OE installation. The answer still seems to be try WLM or Thunderbird (whatever that turns out to be). Best, /Tom

  12. Thanks for the above. It’s got me this far. My remaining questions about Windows Live Mail is if there is an inport function for contacts and history. Per the prior comment I looked for an import contacts function under ‘add a contact’ but I couldn’t find it. Nor could I find any import for email history. Please tell me it isn’t so. My current Outlook Express says it’s broken, so I’m stuck.

  13. I’m struggling to find an email program that, unlike OE, will request delivery receipts. I’m hoping Windows Live Mail will do that. But after downloading it, I have a major problem. Just as you said, “However when you fire up Windows Live Mail for the first time it does automatically import all your Outlook Express mail, contacts and settings.” This creates an impossible situation for me. My OE folder has 2+ GB in it and my current system drive only has 200MB free space. I MUST start WLM *without* importing anything, change where email is stored, then *manually* import stuff. Could you please tell me how to do this?? Very important! Thanks!

  14. I was hoping you could answer this question BEFORE I download Windows Live Mail and my OE is obliterated.
    I have over 3500 contacts in my OE that are seperated into over 30 GROUPS.
    if I download Windows Live Mail, will these contacts AND GROUPS stay in tact?
    as you can understand, the prospect of regrouping over 3500 email addresses that I’ve been arranging/filing/grouping for over 5 years… makes me want to cry.
    please help! my hotmail is no longer being downloaded in OE.
    (does WLM also download gmail?)
    (and what happens with my OE offline folders of 1000s of emails I have saved on my HD?)


  15. I tried to set up my email account on a toshiba laptop with vista and I did not find outlook express, I found outlook and before I could use it I had to supply a registration number, which I don’t have.

    so much for email on vista.

    Hash: SHA1

    Outlook Express isn’t included in Vista. It’s replaced by
    “Windows Mail” which is very similar.

    OR you could read the article you just commented on a
    download “Windows Live Mail” for free as well.


    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  17. Ok so I have XP Pro, IE6 and Outlook Express 6, then upgrade to IE7,,then wanted to have a spell checker funtion in the e-mail/OE6, so we installed Office 2007 (Word etc), –spell checker function does not work without a Word, Powerpoint or Excel program along with OE..(Office 07 includes Outlook) but we kept using OE6, however now our OE6 spelling check (tools/options/spelling/language)) only has a drop down for “French”,nothing for Engish dictionary,, and in Office07, Word, are election under review/language– default is English US…but there are those little “graphic abc/check marks next to french and spanish, we can get them to disappear,, think we should just setup Outlook and forget the OE6 for the future? What the difference between Outlook and Outlook express

  18. Is there a way to import an OE6 message store into Windows Mail? On a new laptop running Vista, Windows Mail seems to offer an import feature. But as I attempt to browse and select either the OE6 dbx files or the default message store folder (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{xxx}\Microsoft\Outlook Express) neither are recognized.

  19. Since taking delivery of a new PC this week with Vista, its email alternative is quite clean looking and works well, except it doesnt have the handy ‘identities’ facility that OE had. Windows Mail can support multiple accounts, but does so in a clumsy way in my opinion. I am now actively looking for an alternative that supports multiple identities!

  20. It seems toshiba laptops with windows vista have deleted windows mail and included a trial version of windows office outlook which you eventually have to purchase or lose the functionality.

    Sneaky way to make some people pay for email if they are not aware enough to look for free downloads.

  21. I have new computer with windows Vista. I would like to use my same e-mail address on this new computer. Plus there is no longer outlook express. Please tell me how to fix this.
    Thanks ever so much,

    Microsoft Mail is the new name for Outlook Express in Vista. Simply configure it with the same account information from your old Outlook Express installation.

    This could be an interesting article as well: What’s the difference between Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail?

  22. One big problem everyone’s ignoring is that WLM is NOT like OE in that all your data (email & contacts) reside ONLINE, not in your harddrive.

    I need a secure system and putting all my data in Microsoft’s hands is not going to happen.

    So, I’m still on the hunt for OE to work with Vista 64 bit. Anyone know how to do it?

    FWIW: Windows Live Mail *did* download my Hotmail for me. It didn’t do it immediately, but after exiting and restarting when it went into its “check for new mail” it downloaded all the messages from all folders in my Hotmail account. Totally agree that was non-intuitive.

    I don’t believe there is a way to get OE working in Vista. You might consider Thunderbird and the download Hotmail addins available for it.


  23. As a previous comment writer said, thanks for this article as I also spent an afternoon trying to get a repair or new install of Outlook Express without luck. This is great as I am running Windows Live Mail on my laptop running Vista.

  24. I have the same question as Yael: How do I transfer my OE6 folders from my old computer to my new Vista laptop. I have succeeded in putting the folders on a stick drive by going to the Store Folder address under the Maintenance Tab under OE6 Tools menu. But they are in a .dbx format which can’t be associated with any program to open them! Is there any way to transfer my old OE6 email folders in bulk to my new computer WM computer as an archive without going through saving each individual e-mail as a document and then using a stick drive to transfer the documents?

  25. Well, if Windows Live “beta” or Windows Mail is just like Outlook express at it’s core; How come itunes does not recognize it as outlook express and allow the importation of the calendar. My itunes program is telling me that I need to install outlook express in order to use the calendar Sync function.

  26. In outlook express I was able to have contacts listed on the left side but that option is not available in Windows Mail.

    This makes Windows Mail to much of a pain to use. I’m on the verge of going back to XP unless I can figure out how to use Outlook Express on Vista or have my address book easily accessible again in Windows Mail.

    So please don’t tell me Windows Mail is like Outlook Express when it lacks this essential feature.

    Well, “like” doesn’t mean “identical”. Of course there are differences. And one persons “essential feature” is another persons “I never noticed or cared”.

    You should try Windows Live Mail, which is a different option that I think behaves more like what you’re looking for.

    – Leo
  27. Leo

    My C drive crashed last week and I had to replace it. I did reload my XP Pro OS, but of course I have lost a lot of data. I did have some backup on a flash drive with my OE address’ and also my folders.

    My question is: As I have not loaded an email program yet, would Live Mail (which I have used and disliked) recognize the files and import them? Would Thunderbird do the same?

    Thank you for your comments.

    Probably not. If you did a “clean” install, the formatting process erased all the files and you then likely overwrote everything with the install. If you did an upgrade or repair install, maybe, but it’ll be obvious – it’ll either work or not. If you did a side-by-side or dual boot, all I can say is maybe – search for the .dbx files and you might be able to force it, but I’m not very hopeful at all.

    – Leo
  28. I have xp and plan to keep it for ever…if possible. I also have Outlook Express of course. My wife has Vista on her laptop. Do you suppose I could copy OE from my computer and install it on my wife’s computer? My original problem is that MS word, and although she uses Windows Mail, there is no “Send” button on MS word, so we can’t compose in word and send it as email. By the way, your website provides a much needed service. Thanks!

    No, I would not expect copying over Outlook Express to even come close to working. It’s too tied into other things on the system. While I understand the appeal of using Word as your email editor, I strongly discourage it, since it created bloated emails that often don’t display properly for everyone. If you must use it, Copy/Paste into the email you’re composing would be the way to go.

    – Leo
  29. I recently (bundled) with I have an Windows XP with OE. I have unsuccessfully attempted to “uninstall” OE with a “regcure” download. My incoming mail is appearing at both my Outlook Express and my new email site. My outgoing on OE is using the “from” name “comcast” in lieu of my new email address, in addition to incorrectly alerting recipients of an “undeliverable” even though I receive what they send. How can I uninstall Outlook Express without hindering anything else?

  30. Like most of those I read, I too dislike Vista, but that is what I have … and I am using Window Mail, which is okay ..EXCEPT in my contact list … I do not want to install a photo for each contact, but can not figure out how to remove the ‘photo frame’ … is it possible to do so ???

  31. Windows Mail is inadequate which doesn’t replace Outlook Express because it no longer supports webmail accounts like Yahoo & Hotmail to register with your ISP email.
    The answer is to install Outlook Today which supports both POP3 & IMAP acct setup so you can receive both emails together in same software.

  32. I have Vista-did not come with Microsoft Office so installed 97 version. Mistakenly!!!!deleted Outlook Express and need it back because I have been unable to email photos, get message
    “can’t find OE.” I am a very amateur senior citizen, please tell me which of above info to use/download,ie windows mail or windows mail live since I also have student 2007 for Word program.) Have baby pictures family needs to se!!! Thank you so much…

  33. I have Vista on a new PC running Windows Live Mail, and an old PC with Outlook Express 6. I’m happy to start using WLM, but need to keep and access my mail archive – how do I transfer it from my old computer to my new one? Is there a place I can copy the .dbx files? Or should I import my OE6 emails into Outlook 2003 on my old PC, and then move them across to Outlook 2003 which I could re-install on my new PC?

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was really helpful. As a new Vista owner, I was wanting to install OE. Now I don’t have to.

  35. I have a large email broadcast, and am finding Windows Live Mail just totally impossible. It is so hard to see all your email….collect in folders….it is a very inadequate substitute for Outlook Express. Outlook is good, but if you are running several identities, not user friendly at all, and I have to run our business on Outlook. I am soooo disappointed in Vista and Windows Live Mail—-why couldnt they leave a good product alone!!! Someone mentioned Outlook Today—would that be helpful to me, and would it work on Vista?

  36. I need to sync my Samsung phone to my pc (vista OS). I have windows live mail and also have the samsung pc suite loaded on my pc, but any time i want to sync, its telling me that i need outlook or outlook express. i thought you said that windows live mail is a replacement on vista?? So why am i having issues?

  37. I was in the same situation until I found a new email program called Postbox. Google it and download. I think you’ll find it like OE only better.

  38. Where can I download outlook express 7. I tried to install internet explorer 8 and appear to have lost outlook express. Although I have deleted IE8 now my out look express programmme has disappeared along with the facility to restore my computer to an earlier date.
    I would be grateful for any help.
    Many thanks Iris

  39. Thank you for saying that I do not need to load Outlook express since I have Windows Mail which comes with the Vista OS. I have been experiencing problems with picking up emails on Virgin webmail as most emails are not getting through, and thought this might be because I did not have Outlook Express installed on my laptop, now that you have ruled this out as a cause it looks as if the problem lies with Virgin webmail.

  40. Message to Karen Nay.
    For sending pictures no program I find better than Picasa3 free f=from Google.
    Install it, open it, it will establish a link to evry picture in your PC library.
    You select the picture, put it on hold, click email and your Outlook or Windows Mail will open up, enter the address and you send it.,
    It is the most consumer friendly program I have found to handle pictures. Easy to learn.

  41. (1) Can I copy dbx files into Windows Live Mail for reading of old emails from Outlook Express?(2) Since Outlook Express is being phased out, which is the better alternative, Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail, assuming requiring large emails volume but no need for advanced features? Thanks.

    1) Copying alone won’t work – because the file formats are different you’ll need to use an import function in Windows Live Mail. 2) Personally I recommend Thunderbird, but would choose Outlook over Windows Live Mail.


  42. When changing or upgrading programs the most critical question is whether or not you can transfer over the old, existing content to the new program without losing it. You mention importing OE files to Thunderbird and I will try that, but it would be very helpful if you could address this point in detail, for each program mentioned, for everyone’s benefit.
    But thank you for the article. I searched everywhere on the Net and all over Microsoft without finding anything nearly as explicit and useful as this article.

  43. Your article was very helpful, a million thanks.

    I was struggling to make my OE 6 run, and nothing from MS support worked. MS is coy about how to repair or install OE6 when you have installed IE 7. My IE 7 refused to get properly uninstalled, and I could not run the downloaded IE 6.0 setup.

    Finally I ‘ve downloaded Win Live and its working fine!

  44. Please help. I am having trouble with my scrippy program which I love. I have installed it on my Vista computer and am currently running Windows Live Mail. Can anyone either lead me to a trial version of a new scrippy program or one similar so I can continue with the hobby of making my own stationery?

  45. Windows Live Mail is crap, it redirects to hotmail! The best part of outlook express was you could have seperate profiles. Yes I know they said it was a security issue incase others read your mail on your pc. But what about if you are the only person who uses your own pc!

  46. Good comments BUT here’s my problem…I need OE in order to use Outlook2002 which is part of my Office XP Pro package. I just reinstalled windows xp pro then reinstalled Office. I tried to enter Outlook and got a message that it didn’t recognize OE, that Outlook uses some OE files to operate and that I needed to download IE5setup to get outlook express.

    Since I’m use IE7 now, windows update wouldn’t let me download IE6setup which also contains a copy of OE.

    Bottom line is I can’t use Outlook! I tried system checker but it didn’t help. I don’t know what to do other than a complete reinstall.

    Do you have any other suggestions to help with my predicament? Any help would be a blessing.


  47. I just got a new PC with Windows 7. I wanted to get all of my Outlook Express mail off my old (XP) PC onto my new one. I have been struggling with Windows Live mail since I got the new PC. I eventually found how to import the mail files, but it would not import the folders (I have several e-mail accounts and keep separate folders for each account). All of the mails seemed to be imported into one folder, and it wasn’t even clear what folder they were actually imported to.

    On the advice found in this article, I downloaded Thunderbird, imported my OE files, and all the folders were created and all mails imported perfectly !!

    Windows Live Mail is about to be purged from my laptop forever !

    Thanks Leo. Your site is now in my bookmarks.

  48. I agree with the ones that feel Microsoft really screwed up a good program when they took Outlook Express away from us!
    Why can’t we own our own computers and work them the way we want instead of some software tech trying to impress somebody with his/her rediculas ideas. We paid for them and we should decide about our own security.
    I hate Vista as well and for mostly the same reasons, SECURITY that they think we will like. WRONG
    Bring back XP and Outlook Express and burn their new ideas.

  49. Thanks for a great article. I haven’t tried repairing OE 6 yet, but at least now I know how to proceed. Microsoft’s web site was useless.

  50. I am a Comcast email user. Using my old Outlook Express, my email messages downloaded to my hard drive automatically. If I checked my account from a web browser, only the messages that arrived after my last OE login would be there. In Windows Live Mail, however, the messages also remain on the mail server. After using Windows Live Mail, I can still see all my old email messages via the web browser.

    Is there a setting I can use to make this work the way it did with OE?

    In Tools -> Accounts -> (click on your account) -> Properties -> Advanced – make sure that “Leave a copy of messages on server” is unchecked.


  51. Like Kathy I have just got a new computer with Windows 7 and although I have bought Office Pro 2007 I do not want a big email programme like Outlook. Thanks to you and Kathy I will try Thunderbird and hope I can get my old folders etc downloaded from the disc I saved them on. I have put this page on my favourites!

  52. trid the system scan, didn’t work. microsoft said it couldn’t find it. Tried downloading windows live mail and it didn’t finish said it couldn’t download it. So what is my problem????

  53. Just wait until you use WindowsEasy File Transfer to back up you XP files etc. and “Upgrade” to Windows 7…….you just might end up very, very lonley like me………no Contacts what so ever. The bigest threat to my security has been the Windows OS totally distructive.

  54. USE LAPLINK/PC MOVER. It brought over all my contacts, emails, setting, everything. It even brought over my OE6, however it won’t open due to failure to load moes.dll – My outlook exp. was running on IE8 on my old machine… why not on my new machine with win7?

    Outlook Express is not availble for or supported on Windows 7. More here: Where is Windows Mail, or Outlook Express, in Windows 7?


  55. Help, I had Outlook Express on my old computer that had Windows XP. I got a new one which runs on Windows 7.

    I have copied all the old files from Outlook-Express to the new Computer, but I can’t get Windows 7-Outlook to download or accept the e-mails or the contact list.

    Can someone please help me or point me to someone that can.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

  56. I absolutely HATE Windows Live Mail. I’m trying to figure out how to install Outlook Express or Windows Mail (Vista) on my netbook running Windows 7. Making me use IMAP folders isn’t my idea of an improvement. Those MS folks are always fixing stuff that works fine, and not doing anything about the stuff that doesn’t work. I want POP mail only. GRRRR

    Outlook Express is simply not available for Windows 7. Read this: Where is Windows Mail, or Outlook Express, in Windows 7? The only way I know of to get close is, if your computer supports it, to install Windows XP mode, and run Outlook Express therein: What is Windows 7’s “Windows XP Mode”? (And can I use it to get Outlook Express back?) If that doesn’t work, I suggest switching to something like Thunderbird.


  57. This is all very nice and is likely accurate however I must confess that I draw small comfort from the article. I very much want to obtain a copy of Outlook Express but it would appear that I will not be able to do so. I am using Windows7 and I am stuck with Windows Live Mail since the alternatives are odious in the extreme especially Outlook. Thunderbird is a possible alternative however I also dislike that. Microsoft as usual has stirred the pot and added ingredients and taken out ingredients which has made stew exceedingly unpalatable. I have every reason to believe that Microsoft has kept a standalone copy of Outlook Express and I suspect it might be found somewhere on Microsoft servers. Trying to look for anything that Microsoft is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Ideas anyone?

  58. I have not used Windows Live Mail yet but I just may if I go in for Windows 7. However, my concern is whether I can set up different identities and switch amongst them as I could in Outlook Express? Can I?

  59. I absolutely hate Windows Live Mail and agree with Lorne, Microsoft has removed something that works and provided me with a totally foreign mail handler.

  60. I have outlook express on my desktop with windows xp, i recently loaded Windows Live Mail on my laptop (Windows 7). Currently using one E-mail with the same acct. on both computers, i discovered that i have not received all of my E-mails on Windows live Mail, as i find them in Outlook Express. Lost E-Mails from my lawyer and 2 from my real estate agent, not a good thing. I need 100% guarantee i get it all!! The only good thing is that i have Outlook Express as back-up, especially of i delete something from live mail i need. The bad thing, they are not linked together so i need to delete all mail on each computer seperately. Thuderbird may be worth a try?

  61. I have tried most mainstream email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc – I break them. I run a lot of email accounts and I keep coming back to Outlook Express because it is the only one I don’t break, or recovery is a quick reboot.

    It is frustrating as I really don’t want to try Live Mail or whatever it is as I am sure that it will not play nice with a Linux OS (I am currently on a Linux machine). Any suggestions on an OE replacement that can cope with 20+ email accounts with large feeds that won’t break easily?

  62. What i need is user switching facility in windows mail. we have one PC at home and my brother and cousin use it .till i have Outlook express 6 , we have an option to just switch to another user quickly and check if there is any new mail.
    With window mail anyone can not check mail till we switch window user account from System boot up.

  63. Here is an idea try Synovle Spicebird for an E-mail client.
    I am running it now on Win 7 64 bit with no problems
    Using gmail and live accounts all in the same client
    Thunderbird was being a heavy and p.i.a..
    Spicebird is an interesting program.

  64. I’m reading this because I have just upgraded to
    Windows 7 andwhat a swiz I can’t get outlook
    to run on 7, even tho I downloaded OE6 from
    tucows I am very disappointed to find that once
    again I am being dictated to by Microsoft they
    deserve to be second best to Google in the browsing stakes, why can’t they leave our favourite programmes alone. I don’t want messenger, I don

  65. I give up I just hate microsoft even more than
    before you can download 0E 6 from tucows but
    it will not run on 7 so you have to put up with
    their trashy rubbish, once again Microsoft have
    ignored the needs of their customers – but such is
    power I maygive Thunderbird a go – Thanks for that

  66. I’m using Vista on my laptop but I sure miss Outlook Express 6. Windows Mail is a little sluggish. And even waaay down here on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, we still get lots of emails for out dhow sailing & scuba diving tours.
    So there’s no way to install OE6 Express?


    Sally & Steve Mullens & the Cheery Charlie Claw’s team

  67. I’ve just bought a new computer with Windows 7 and installed Windows Live Mail. My old computer died and I’ve transferred all data files to the new computer. I can’t get Live Mail to import emails, contacts or calendar from Outlook Express. I need this stuff. Ideas? Fixes? I don’t have a means of installing my old OS.

  68. I have windows XP on my laptop and Office XP with Outlook Express which I use extensively. Just bought a new desktop with Windows 7 and looking to load Office 2007 but see it does not have Outlook Express. I have the software for Office XP will the Outlook Express from there (presumable incorporated in Explorer 6) load onto Office 2007? I have a Live Mail account already – forced into it when I had problems with OE that are now fixed; Live Mail browser is hopeless – very impractical. With OE I can browse easily back through emails for months in one long scroll. With Live mail browser it is in pages – so if you place something say in date order – how do you know which page to look on out of 47 pages???? SO can I load Outlook Express from Office XP with Offcie 2007?


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