Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for the Confident Computing newsletter for weekly solutions to make your life easier. Click here and get The Ask Leo! Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet — FREE Edition as my thank you for subscribing! – Sooner or later, the jokes stop here.

This is a “just for fun” recommendation, because we all need a break
from time to time. Smile

And I’ll also be honest: Forwarded Funnies is one of my sites.

Like I’m sure you do, I get a lot of email forwarded to me. There’s a
lot of stuff that
shouldn’t be forwarded at all
, but of course there’s also humor.
Jokes and stories and pictures and other things that people forward and
forward and forward.

Several years ago, I started collecting those that made me laugh and
that I found entertaining. I created Forwarded Funnies as a repository
for all that humor, and have been posting a new item from my backlog
roughly every day.

At this writing, Forwarded Funnies has over 1700 items.


Each item is given a rough rating of “G”, “PG”, “R” and “X”,which is roughly corresponding to the movie rating system. By far, the vast majority of the items are rated “PG”, but if you’re easily offended you’ll want to avoid the “R” and “X” categories. The ratings are described in a little more detail on the home page, and there’s separate navigation for each should you just want to browse the “PG items, for example.

There are, of course, RSS feeds, but there’s also email notification, so in a wonderfully ironic twist, you can be notified by email each time a new Forwarded Funnies item is posted. When you sign up for email notification, you can choose whether or not you want to see those “R” and “X” items.

“Email’s primary purpose seems to be quick and easy distribution of humor.
Where do jokes come from? Who knows?
But sooner or later, the jokes stop here.”

Forwarded Funnies

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5 comments on “ – Sooner or later, the jokes stop here.”

  1. I really enjoy the jokes. Since I’m opened minded and a senior citizen which has heard and seen most everything, all ratings of jokes don’t bother me. Please continue the “Forwarded Funnies.

  2. I’ve been receiving Forwarded Funnies for over a year and absolutely love them. However, as of late, I haven’t been receiving any. I went to the home page and tried to sign up again, but was unable to. Is there a problem with the site, or was it shut down? I’d love to continue getting my daily giggle while I sip my coffee.

    It’s till chugging. Sometimes it goes dark for a few days, but then starts up again. Not sure what to say about your signup problems, that’s still working too. Try again.

    – Leo
  3. Re:
    (What a mouthful. >)^..~(
    This page is also too wide to fit my monitor resolution. The problem, dear Leo, lies not in our resolution, but in our ISP. While using my free AOL connection, I have found that email works pretty well in their system. (Virtually no spam gets through.) It doesn’t cost anything, it’s already set up to work and it’s so easy even a caveman could use it. :-)
    But it can’t handle reduced monitor type size. I’ve tried. More than once. The type face, particularly sans serif (which is hard on the eyes in any case) comes out so small and thin that it is almost illegible. A word from the wise: Type should always be easy to read by all eyes viewing it. Small, san serif type faces are almost as hard on human eyes as page after page of reverse type.
    I hadn’t thought of using a different browser, but then I’d have to ask you how to make Opera or K-Meleon accept email.

  4. Hi Leo, I’d be interested in reading the humour that you are willing to share with your subscribers.. perhaps we can submit jokes to you as well.


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