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Changes to the Ask Leo! Podcast

I’m making a small change to the way that the Ask Leo! Podcast is made.

The short version is, instead of simply narrating each article, my plan is to talk about each article, and demonstrate what the article is discussing when I can.

Demonstrate? In a podcast?

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Podcasts on YouTube

Some time ago, I took the position of simply “turning the camera on” when recording the podcast, and then posting the resulting video to YouTube. Those videos, along with the audio-only, are included near the bottom of each published article.

The videos have been well received on YouTube, but honestly, they’re kinda boring.

Me. Reading. How exciting is that?

So I expect they’re not as helpful as they could be, particularly to new viewers. I want to change that.

Not really narration

Moving forward (after a couple already in the pipeline), I’ll use each article’s video as an opportunity to talk about the article, rather than read it. I’ll also try to demonstrate what the article is talking about with visuals, either in the form of still images (as you would see in the article) or by showing the item “in action”.

It won’t be the case for every article; some can stand on words alone. But I realize that for those cases where visuals are included, it makes for less than exciting audio-only.

My hope is that if the specific item is of interest to you, you’ll find it useful to visit the article page and watch the video if you can.

Ultimately, my goal here is to help more people. By re-tooling the videos, I can do so without further increasing my workload and cost.

Do this

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1 thought on “Changes to the Ask Leo! Podcast”

  1. I agree with the change you are describing. Since I have a physical disability, I completely understand how reading out a question on YouTube is helpful for the visually impaired. However, that defeats the purpose of having an ability to use visual media.


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