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Can I Check a Download for Viruses before I Download It?

I’d like to prevent viruses from ever reaching my machine – can I test them before they’re downloaded? And if so, how?

In a word, no.

But there are definitely precautions you can, and should, take that will allow you to deal with downloads safely.

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The bottom line is that a download must be on your machine (or a machine on your local network) before you can check it for viruses. So, with that in mind, follow these steps to download safely:

  • Download only from sites you trust. I know this is kind of vague (how do I know what sites to trust?), but in general that means that downloads from major hardware and software vendors, major shareware site and other reputable companies. If you’re not sure, Google them to see if other people are experiencing trouble with downloads from that site.
  • Always download, and never run any download. For example many programs for Windows are provided as a downloadable “.EXE”, or executable file. The default action for a “.EXE” file is to run it … meaning that the program contained in the .EXE would be allowed to run and do whatever it might want. Instead, download the file to a directory on your computer first, so that you can take the next step.
  • Virus Scan the download for viruses before installing or running it. Most anti-virus packages have the ability to scan a single file, or perhaps a single directory. Use that to point at the file or the directory you’ve downloaded your file into, and do the scan. Make sure your anti-virus scanner’s data base is up to date. Consider an anti-spyware scan as well.
  • Assuming your anti-virus software reported no problems, install, run or otherwise use the download.
  • If you have reason to be paranoid, it often makes sense to re-run the anti-virus scan and the anti-spyware scan after you’ve installed your download.

The bottom line is that a download must be on your machine … before you can check it for viruses.

So what if your download shows up as being infected? First, delete the copy you just downloaded immediately, so that it doesn’t get run by accident. If you can, see if you can find the same download from another source – sometimes malware is present only in some of the downloads of a particular piece of software.

If you can’t find a clean download – please don’t fall to the temptation of installing it anyway – it’s not worth the risk unless you really know what you’re doing. Contact the supplier or manufacturer of whatever it is you’re downloading and report the issue to them. If they’re at all reputable, they’ll deal with the issue quickly.

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20 comments on “Can I Check a Download for Viruses before I Download It?”

  1. THE ANSWER IS YES! I’m shock you are unware of how to do this. You CAN! virus scan files (of reasonable size) before download. Dr Web offers a FREE Mozilla Firefox plugin that scans any file BEFORE downLoad it. Just Right CLick the link and wait for results. DrWeb is a good virus scan that I use before i Download any file Check it out at…

  2. “I’d like to prevent viruses from ever reaching my machine – can I test them before they’re downloaded?”
    In my opinion, this is what “on-access-scanning” means, as claimed by e.g. Avast Antivirus?

  3. Actually you can scan a file before downloading it. DrWeb is a program that scans the file at another location other than your PC. Meaning, you never have to download the file to scan it.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to download graphic design software from piratebay, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CS4 version (software from the “creative suite” from Adobe (for Windows).
    From your experience, have there been major complaints about bad viruses, malware etc regarding this software on piratebay?
    Can it really be scanned before downloading? I have the latest norton antivirus instaled, which I purchased from the shop just to be sure:)

    Thank you and best of luck with your good work.

    • Pirate software is not only illegal, it is often full of malware. It’s very easy to discover the IP addresses of people uploading via torrent files. (If you download, you are also uploading) as a list of the IP addresses are displayed by the torrent program which the owners of that software can check and get the courts to get the ISP to turn over your name and address. A friend of mine had to pay about $1200 for an illegal download.
      Why can’t the poor just pirate software?

  5. Leo,
    You recommend SAVing a downloaded file vs RUNning a downloaded file. I agree. Then you recommend running an AV scan on the downloaded file. Why do that when one’s default AV program does a scan as part of the download? Wouldn’t this be two identical scans? I do agree that post-download rescans would be beneficial if scanned with another program — kind of like a second opinion, or applying a different type scan (Malware scan vs AV scan).
    TIA, Dale….

  6. I second use of for suspect files – though that’s an UPload of a DOWNloaded file. VirusTotal scans uploaded files with 50 or more anti-virus programs and gives the results. It also tells if that file had been uploaded before. With so many scans the probabilty of false positives are increased, but better safe than sorry with unknown downloads.
    VirusTotal is also a good way to get new virus’ into AV databases, certainly upload the ‘receipt.pdf.exe’ file you received in spam!

  7. I am a low-tech computer user but I read Leo’s articles with interest. The word which springs to my mind in relation to this query is – sandbox. Does running a downloaded program in a sandbox help to protect my computer in the circumstances described? If not, what is a sandbox for?

  8. Re the scanning after download.

    Sure could use an ‘HOW TO’ – using Microsoft’s own – as securities Essential or Defender

    Most anti-virus packages have the ability to scan a single file, or perhaps a single directory

    • With Windows Defender/Essentials and most if not all AV programs you can right click on the file in Windows/File Explorer and have it scan that file for malware using whichever AV program you have.

    • Most virus scanners integrate with Windows Explorer to the extent of providing right-click pop-up-menu functionality.

      All that this means is that if you right-click on a file, one of the (perhaps great many) menu options which pop up as a result should be one that says, “Scan for viruses,” or something similar. Right-click the file you downloaded, peruse the right-click menu options, carefully, and see if there isn’t some such option listed. If there is… click on it! :o

      Hope this helps!

  9. Leo, what about VirusTotal?

    Just feed the URL of the program you want to scan into ViruTotal, and they (not you!) will scan it for viruses using (if remember correctly) some 70 different virus scanners (!) and then display the results.

    In this way, YES, it IS possible to virus-scan a file without downloading it.

    Hope this helps!

  10. I believe the service is provided by the all mighty Google. Acquired back in 2012, although the claims are VT remains independent.


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