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Belarc Advisor – Detailed information about your computer's hardware and software


Is there a way or a tool to tell me what the computer’s specs

Indeed there is.

There are various tools, including Windows itself, that will report
on various aspects of your computers configuration. Most focus on one
or two specific aspects, though, and make it difficult to form a
picture of your computer as a whole.

is a PC auditing program that examines your computer and
produces a one-page report of all the hardware and software installed
on it.

A very comprehensive report.

Here’s an image of just a portion of the report on my desktop

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Example Belarc Advisor Report

The report goes on to include all Users, Printers, Displays, Network
adapters and other hardware, as well as listing all installed software,
licenses (including product keys) and hotfixes.

It’s an impressive list.

Belarc Advisor also
provides a level of evaluation, letting you know whether or not you are
up to date on security fixes and the state of your virus protection.
There’s also an exhaustive benchmark of your overall security status.
(Quite frankly this last is overkill for the average user, but
highlights many additional things that can be done to “lock down” a
system to be used in a security conscious environment. Here at home, I
failed this benchmark. Smile)

Belarc Advisor is
free for personal use, and a great utility for auditing and recording
your comprehensive system state.

I recommend it.

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9 comments on “Belarc Advisor – Detailed information about your computer's hardware and software”

  1. this belarc advisor is great. told me everything i didnt have a clue about re. my pc. its great and so far ill be keeping it. im glad i saw it mentioned. regards and thanx

  2. I jsut used belarc to see my winxp COA code.. and it seems that the one listed by the program is infact not my product key and isn’t a valid code….. Hmmm weird, guess I’m glad I didn’t loose the original

  3. I LOVE Belarc Advisor!!! I have installed it on all of my PCs and those that I have repaired for family and friends. I inform all who use this wonderful FREE program, to print out the complete information for future reference. Plus, by printing out the information, the print out will give me all of the Product Key Codes numbers/letters, should I have to re-format and re-install Windows. Saves me LOTS of time and energy.

    No, it is not as thorough as other programs, but most of those are not FREE and most times, all you need is the basic information. Another great feature of Belarc Advisor is that it tells you whether or not your PC security updates from Microsoft is up to date. That in itself is a great assess, especially when I am trying to ‘trouble shoot’ someone else’s PC.

    I personally list Belarc Advisor as one of my definite programs that MUST be installed on any PC. Plus, it is FREE!!! It can’t get much better than that. }:o)

  4. I started using BA way back and I think it’s a nice app to have. But I wish there was simple information on how to correct benchmark failures. Those little red x marks bother me.

  5. Belarc is good. I like the fact that it even includes updates that aren’t installed. I really don’t know of another that does that. People that think their machines are completely up to date will probably be surprised.
    I also use SIW because it’s portable and Belarc has to be installed.
    You could carry around the Belarc.exe on a stick also. Don’t see a downside there either.

  6. Belarc Advisor produces a comprehensive Specification Report (mine runs 10 pages) of my computer and it’s FREE for personal use. The information is invaluable when you need Technical Support and you are asked for spec. data. I highly recommended this software program.

  7. I highly recommend Belarc Advisor, however, I have found that the Windows Serial keys and Microsoft Office keys they shown seem to never be the correct ones. All other data seems to be 100% correct and Belarc is an invaluable software program, my guess that Microsoft is somehow affecting what ‘keys’ can be read. I’ve used this on at least 20 PC’s over the years and the inaccuracy of the MS keys have been the only flaw.


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