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How Long Should I Keep Windows 10 Backups After Major Updates?

Backing up around major updates is a good idea, but can also be a side effect of a routine backup strategy. Then the question becomes: how long to keep ’em?

What’s the Best Long-Term Storage Media?

Choosing the right long-term storage media is part of protecting your data from degradation or other forms of loss. But there’s more to it than just media.

Macrium Reflect examining my disks

How Do YOU Back Up, Leo?

I talk about backing up a lot, and I do practice what I preach. I’ll explain what I do to back up my world.

Why Can’t I Undelete these Files?

Deleting a file doesn’t necessarily remove the data from disk. It then becomes a race to recover it before it’s overwritten by something else.

How to Back Up a Machine that Won’t Boot

The rescue or emergency disk provided by many backup programs is more useful than most people realize.