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System Error

How to Back Up a Machine That Won’t Boot

The rescue or emergency disk provided by many backup programs is more useful than most people realize.

Back Up!

How Do I Back Up My WordPress Site?

If you’ve put a lot of effort into your website, you want to protect yourself from disaster. That protection? A good backup, of course.


How Long Should I Keep Windows 10 Backups After Major Updates?

Backing up around major updates is a good idea, but can also be a side effect of a routine backup strategy. Then the question becomes: how long to keep ’em?

Data storage

What’s the Best Long-Term Storage Media?

Choosing the right long-term storage media is part of protecting your data from degradation or other forms of loss. But there’s more to it than just media.


How Do YOU Back Up, Leo?

I talk about backing up a lot, and I do practice what I preach. I’ll explain what I do to back up my world.

Data Recovery

Why Can’t I Undelete these Files?

Deleting a file doesn’t necessarily remove the data from disk. It then becomes a race to recover it before it’s overwritten by something else.