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Ask Dave Taylor – More free tech support online

You might find it surprising that I’d be recommending what looks very much like competition to Ask Leo!. Well, the internet’s a big place and there’s room for all of us. I’m happy to point you to resources that I know might help you get your questions answered.

Dave Taylor’s Ask Dave Taylor is indeed very similar to Ask Leo! – in fact over the years we’ve occasionally acted as resources to each other and traded questions.

Dave’s a respected author of many books, and has a strong Macintosh background – something I lack. Dave tends to take on a wider range of topics than I do, ranging from business issues to Mac, the iPhone, Linux, Web design and much more.

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Like Ask Leo!, the Ask Dave Taylor web site contains a wealth of information … in fact, it’s one of the partner search sites you’ll find at the bottom of Ask Leo! search results – if you can’t find an answer here, it’s included in custom search engine that uses a network of tech sites that I’ve come to trust.

It’s another resource for getting your questions answered. If you do drop Dave a line, be sure and tell him that I said “Hi!”. Smile

But give him a visit.

I recommend it.

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6 comments on “Ask Dave Taylor – More free tech support online”

  1. i have this issue regards to xp , firstly on multi ip segment, my network has more then one ip segment with more than two servers…why doest connecting to
    another server the ip has to be the defaulty ip..
    eg if server A is seg 192.168.2.x and server B is segment 192.111.111.x….can only connect to server A if my ip default is 192.168.2.x segment.
    This also apply to those network ip base printer..
    it only print if the client is using default ip which be the same class with the printer…unless
    using tcp port printing then its not an issue.

  2. Can websites be listed as
    cached” or in the computer history and never have been accessed or clicked on? Can worms insert websites into a computer that have never been accessed?

  3. help! I disengaged McAfee(hated it) due to a virus prob: Geeks told me to install Tech ID- did. Prob= Spyware.IEMonster.d. Tech ID Security Pro is working furiously good vs. evil. Currently trying F8 to last good configuration before trying system restore. Problem concurrent with interchanged emails. Details MS01-028-RTF-DOC linked to template can run macros without warning.


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