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Word Tips – Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks and Answers

I don’t know everything. I know that’s a shock to maybe one or two
of you, but it’s the truth. One of the techniques I use to make it look
like I know more than I really do is to know where to look for

Allen Wyatt’s Word Tips is one of these places. Yes, I’ve used Microsoft
Word for many, many years and know it very well … but Word Tips has more
answers and more suggestions than I could ever hope to have.

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If you’ve used Word for any length of time you’ll know that it’s an
incredibly powerful tool. And while it has competition, it’s still the
defacto standard for word processing in the work place.

But with that power comes complexity. And with complexity comes …
well, statements like “why did it do THAT?” or “how do I make it do

Word Tips to the

I regularly send people who’ve asked me about problems with
Microsoft Word over to Word Tips instead – not because I don’t
necessarily know the answer, but nine times out of 10 Word Tips already
has it, written up in easy to understand terms, ready for you to put to
use and whip Word into shape.

One of Word’s frustrations are the version-to-version changes. Word
Tips takes care to call out exactly what version(s) of Word each tip
relates to. Of course, if the solution is different for different
versions, that’s called out explicitly, and the solution for whatever
version you’re using is presented.

Did I mention there are over 2,800 tips on Word Tips? That’s nearly
3,000 ways to use Word to do what you need, nearly 3,000 answers to the
questions you might have.

There’s more – daily tips, a weekly newsletter, ebooks and more.

But if nothing else, if you use Word at all, check out all of the
free and ready to use information on Word Tips.

I recommend it.

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4 comments on “Word Tips – Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks and Answers”

  1. My computer is a DELL OptiPlex GX 100, I’m using MS Word 2000 and I’m not able to get my AUDIO nor DVD to work. Neither my printer. I even bought a new printer, HP Deskjet D1520, hoping this would help in that area, BUT no such luck. Could not even get my computer to install. This area was working just a few weeks back, BUT now I out of luck on my Audio and Printer. I MUST have done something WRONG in some area that stopped this action. I’m using SBCGLOBAL.NET with DSL for my e-mail; IT IS very slow but it does work. Just cant hear audio messages not print out. I used to have CD-Rom with DVD + Zip 100 plus plenty of sound. IF you can help me to get back in groove, I would greatly appreciate. I am a retired WW2 Vet with many medical problems and enjoy my computer work when I can.
    Johnnie Parrish

  2. Unfortunately Johnnie. so many WW2 Vets like me did our best to treat PC’s like a plague but, being in the Home Appliance Sales & Service Industry at the inception of GST, I decided that I couldn’t beat them so joined them. Fortunately I belong to an Electronics Group where members have greatly assisted with my Computer literacy.
    I had once approached the National Pres. of the RSL with the view to forming a similar group as a Free Service for financial members but was disappointed that it couldn’t be considered because members could easily raise controversial matters detrimental to the League…We could now be backing up Leos efforts of assistance to PC users but so much for my RSL Membership Drive…Keith McG.


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