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Why does only half of my email scroll?


I have Windows Vista. And when I’m reading my email and scroll down, only
half of the email moves. It only does this when it’s not in full screen. This
is not a web-based email like Gmail. If it isn’t the mouse, I don’t want to buy
a new mouse. Can you please help?

In this excerpt from
Answercast #60
, I look at a computer with difficulties drawing the screen
for an email program.

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Email not scrolling

Well, fortunately I can pretty much tell you that you don’t need a new
mouse. It has nothing to do with the mouse at all.

What you haven’t told me is exactly what email program it is.

Now in a case like this, two things come to mind.

Video Driver

One of all things is the video driver. Sometimes, video drivers have issues
that can in fact manifest in this way. They are specific to the way a
particular application might actually draw what you are trying to look at on
the screen. Different applications do that in different ways; and as a result,
different applications may only display this kind of a problem in certain

So, one of the first things that I would do is make sure that you have the
latest video drivers for your specific video card and specific computer.

Typically, that means starting back with the computer manufacturer and seeing
if they have any driver updates that would apply.

Software upgrades

Now, the other thing that comes to mind is in fact the email program itself.

Once again, you haven’t told me what email program that is; but whatever it
is, I’d also recommend you make sure you’re running the latest version of

Obviously, the email program itself could have a bug and that bug could be
manifesting only under certain situations: maybe only certain hardware that
does what you’ve described – only scrolling half the window.

Like I said, it’s less likely. My gut tells me it’s probably more related to
a video driver or a video card kind of issue. But while we’re at it, it’s a
simple thing to do to make sure you’re running the absolute latest version of
the email program that you are using.

Finally, obviously in the interim (until this gets solved), if it doesn’t do
this when it’s in full screen, you can continue to use your email without
problem by putting it in this full-screen mode.

Do this

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